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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Can Breast Massage Help Your Breasts to Grow Naturally?

I was quite skeptical when I first heard about massaging your boobs to grow them naturally. But now, I would say, YES! Massage them!

What changed my mind? One day, I decided to be more trusting and actually took some serious time (about 10 minutes...) to put a generous amount of oil in my hands and massaged them gently like I've seen on YouTube videos. It felt good, I felt better, nothing to lose.

Later that day, my husband and I were walking through a door together, and his arm accidentally bumped into my grapies. OUCH!...was my reaction. It's not like he elbowed me right in the middle of my boobies, it was like a gentle nudge from the side, it would not hurt normally.

I went to the restroom to check up on them. And guess what? Even though it was not even close to my period, my grapies were tender, sore, and somewhat swelling like they do right before the Lady's visit! At that point, I knew it had to be because of the breast massage I did earlier that day.

After this incident, I thought for months and months about why massaging your breasts can help your boobs to grow. In a nutshell, massaging breasts can improve blood circulation, which in turn helps carry all the nutrients necessary for the cell growth. Improved blood circulation also stimulates the growth of new capillaries...spread those areas to take all the goodness for growth!

I started massaging my grapies every day, along with dietary changes (lots of protein!) and exercises since then. For the first two months, my boobs were constantly super swollen and painful, like they were going to explode! I'm being very serious, I thought there was something wrong with them.

Do massage your boobs. Gently. But as always, everything in moderation, and the point here is, massaging "helps" your breasts to grow naturally. It's not the only thing.

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