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Friday, December 11, 2015

Cold Boobs, No Boobs!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a night to go use restroom or get a cup of water, touched your boobs, only to find out that they're super cold and super tiny???

If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe you don't touch your boobs enough! Or maybe I touch mine way too often!

But the point here is, are your boobs ever cold to your touch?

If yes, then that's a BIG NO-NO! That is why your grapies are still tiny grapies!

Cold hands and feet are generally known to be caused by poor circulation. So are your boobs!

Good blood circulation is not only important for your health, but also important for natural breast growth, as oxygen, nutrients (!), and hormones (!) are carried throughout your body in blood.


How are all the goodies in your blood supposed to get to your boobs and help them grow, if there's not enough blood going to them! Get working on improving your blood circulation!

I remember last year around this time, I would touch my boobs when I woke up at night and they were always very cold. On top of that, my left boob (which was a good bit smaller than my right, not anymore!) shrunk during the night, every night! I swore it was bigger during the day, but somehow during the night it would shrink and would barely fill up my right hand.

Some ways to improve circulation:

-drink warm water, tea, milk, anything non-caffeinated
-massage your breasts (gently!), legs, and arms
-increase daily physical activities (even stretching can warm you up)
-take a warm bath
-eat something, and eat well

As it gets colder and colder, at least where I'm at, it is very important to keep ourselves warm to continue growing our breasts!

Now when I wake up at nights, I'm proud to say that my boobs are growing, and they are neither cold to my touch nor feel shrunken in my hands!!! :)

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