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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Boobinha Q & A: #1

Today, I wanted to share with you some questions sent to me by Boobinha A! I'm sure there are plenty of you out there in a similar situation, which directly affects your "thick waist and thighs but tiny boobs" problem. I certainly was one of them until a few years ago!

Q: ...my boobs are really small. Read your blog and you said to include lots of protein in the diet. What would you recommend for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Usually for breakfast I'll have toast, or some junk food lying around. How should I change my diet? And does adding protein in my diet mean gaining weight?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Breast Growth and the Major Problem of Being a Vegetarian/Vegan

Let me start off by saying, don't worry, your breasts will grow even if you're a vegetarian/vegan! But you must make sure that you're not making a common mistake by being one!

I was annoyed at my first vegetarian friend I've ever had (and I'm talking about 18 years ago, that itself says something!). I'd be inviting my friends over to these delish dinner parties that I put all my time and effort into, and he couldn't eat anything because he was a vegetarian.

For goodness sake, he only ate some fried wonton wrappers by itself!!! Are you freakin' kidding me???

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Challenge Yourself to Grow Bigger Breasts Naturally! (with Me!)

In my post on 2-year anniversary at naturally growing bigger breasts, I mentioned at the end that I have something fun planned for some of you. I never followed up with it, and I ran out of excuses on why in my last post!

So here it is...finally...ta-da!

I'm looking for some of you Boobinhas to challenge and commit yourselves along with me to growing bigger boobs naturally.

What this means:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boobs Growth Diary: Business, Stress, and My Breast Size

Boobinhas, I'm still here and alive! It's been crazy hectic for almost two months!

At the end of July, my husband and I went to Washington D.C. for my best friend's wedding.

Right before going on the trip,  I suddenly had a *vision* for a perfect wedding reception for us. I was never a dream-of-my-wedding kind of gal, so we never had one. All this time, I think my husband really wanted to have a wedding celebration while I didn't really care...oops!

At our court wedding back in December 2014! :)
Not wearing a bra here but the dress has a pretty
thick padding there. I was about 110lbs/49.9kg,
approximately a B-cup in Victoria's Secret bras.
While I was getting bombarded with e-mails from my family, friends, and vendors about our wedding this coming December, I had a huge problem at work that lasted for about 3 weeks. I was under a major stress with sleepless nights.

I have a problem of forgetting to eat when under huge stress. Yes, I literally forget to eat, and I have a tendency to work through my hunger!

This hasn't happened for the past 2.5 years since I committed myself to growing bigger breasts naturally.

In my own natural breast growth method, the most important thing I focus on is my eating habits: high protein, lots of vitamins and minerals, a generous amount of fat and sugar to keep me happy but not in excess.

During my stressful 3 weeks, I ate almost nothing and lost 4 pounds (never do this if you want to grow your breasts!). I tried to at least maintain my minimum protein intake by eating Greek yogurt, drinking milk and soy milk, and eating extra firm tofu, shrimps, beef, whenever I found them and I remembered to eat.


I knew this would happen with skipping meals and stuff, but those 3 weeks were just too stressful to think about growing my breasts.

Breast massage? ONLY ONCE since the end of July!

Sleep 8 hours? Averaged 5 hours or less every night, waking up frequently because of nightmares.

I barely touched my water bottle to drink water, but I sure did finish bottles and bottles of wine and beer!

The result of my breasts "growth" since last Boobs Growth Diary back in April is as follows:

9/13/16: C-cup bra size

top bust (without a bra): 86.5cm/30.7in ---> 86.5cm/30.7in (no difference)
under bust: 72.5cm/28.5in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in
waist (around belly button): 73cm/28.7in ---> 72cm/28.3in
butt (fullest part): 91cm/35.8in ---> 89cm/35in
weight: 104lbs/47.2kg ---> 103lbs/46.7in

It's been 5 months and no difference in the measurements!

I can't leave you all without a great news though!


Despite 3 weeks of breast shrunkenness due to the unintentional starvation, I was able to save the fullness of my breasts as soon as I started eating again.

My breasts actually looked bigger on my frame than ever as I lost the excess fat around my belly. Since my last Boobs Growth Diary, I have been trying to eat slightly less every meal (no 3rd plate!!!), and trying to avoid double and triple carbs meals when I can...I LOVE carbs! :)

My 3-finger test still holds up against my breasts, I think I have finally developed that under part of my boobs, even my left boobie! I have a good feeling that they can still develop even more.

Last but not least...these days when I wash my hands at the sink without a bra, I can actually feel my boobs swaying back and forth! Holy crap!

I know, it may sound stupid or lame, but as a gal who used to have absolutely nothing there for most of her life, it's like a totally new life experience, and I'm super excited about it! :)

Oh, and it was my birthday last week. So now I'm 37! :) Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Drink Water Properly to Help with Your Breast Growth

It's everywhere nowadays that you need to "drink more water." In fact, on my trip to Los Angeles in June, that was exactly what I said to my girlfriends after the horrific revelation on how little water they drank.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know right away that hydration is a key to our breast growth, as it helps our blood to move throughout our bodies smoothly. Good blood circulation is one of the 3 fundamental factors for natural breast growth.

The typical answers I get when I confront the dehydrated individuals, who are unaware of their situations are:

-I rarely feel thirsty.
-I can't drink that much liquid.
-I don't want to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

If you rarely feel thirsty, you have inadvertently turned off your thirst mechanism, ironically, by not drinking enough water!

Secondly, Boobinhas, if you're able to drink a glass or two of martini, a can of Coke, or whatever your choice of drink, you CAN drink that much liquid.

Last but not least, if you're having to run to the bathroom immediately after drinking water, then you're simply not drinking water properly!

So how DO you drink water properly?

When you gulp down a glass or two of water to drink "more water", you will end up rushing to the bathroom, and your body will not retain the water you just drank.

Instead, imagine your entire body slowly soaking with dripping water at all times.

Drink a little, frequently.

Here are some effective tips to help you drink more water:

  • Keep a glass or bottle of water with you at all times (easy access will help you!)
  • Sip a little bit of water every 20 minutes or so, even if you're not feeling thirsty
  • Drink an extra sip after you've quenched your thirst
  • Sip on water during meals; take a few bites, take a single sip
  • Add a squeeze of lemon if you don't like plain water, or drink some carbonated water (not sweetened)
  • Room temperature recommended

Once you get in the habit of drinking water frequently, you will start to notice that your mouth is dry and you feel thirsty more often than you ever thought possible!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Not Enough! (Drink More Water, PLEASE!!!)

I went to Los Angeles a couple of weekends ago for one of my best friend's bachelorette party. It was a crazy little thing with almost-37-year-olds running around, laughing loudly, drinking like a fish, and waving a pink fairy wand of a kind to the passerby...if you know what I mean!

It was super fun, except I was awe-stricken at how much water all my girlfriends did NOT drink!

As a general rule, when my husband and I travel, we make sure to have at least 2 gallons (~7.57L) of water at our hotel room on the day we get there. We drink more than that, of course, depending on the lengths of our stay.

The problem with this LA trip was that I thought I could get a gallon when I got to the hotel, but the celebration started from the minute I arrived at the room. We began with a bottle of white wine, then immediately went to a posh restaurant to drink up on many martinis. :)

There we were, out in the LA summer sun, eating salty restaurant foods, drinking bottles of wine, reaching for coffee throughout the day to combat all the partying...I was a piece of dried fruit during my 2 nights/3 days stay.

My main source of water included glasses of water at restaurants, 3 tiny water bottles (11.2 fl oz/330mL each) that came with the hotel room, and for goodness sake, I had to resort to drinking the hotel bathroom tap water because I was so thirsty!!! It was a 5-star hotel, and it's JUST water, but drinking the water from bathroom is not what I'm used to doing! But I couldn't sleep from dehydration (until I reached out to the bathroom water...).

My girlfriends went through the same activities with me, but they drank almost nothing besides coffee and alcohol. They each had about 2 bottles worth of water for the whole 3 days. That's less than 8oz of water per day!

Boobinhas, I don't care what you hear or read about how drinking coffee or caffeinated teas still count towards your required daily water intake...PLEASE DRINK WATER! I say this from my own experience because I used to never drink plain water: only coffee, tea, and alcohol.

I originally started drinking a lot of plain water, simply because my husband drinks an insane amount of water. But I had numerous, amazing results since I started this: smoother skin, no cracked heels or chapped lips, super short bathroom trips to drop off some poops, etc.

I realized the importance of truly hydrating yourself from inside out, as well as its necessity and function in natural breast growth. Yes, one of the 3 fundamental factors for breast growth, blood circulation, heavily relies on your bodily hydration!

I will share with you how you can drink lots of water in the next post. In the meantime, drink more water, please!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What the Woman Next Seat with Nice Breasts Said

I was sitting at a coffee shop, casually browsing through random things on my laptop.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a guy next to me blurt out to the woman sitting in front of him, "So when did your boobs grow so big? When you were 12?"

I'm sitting there thinking, MAJOR HARASSMENT ALERT!...at the same time almost bursting out in laughter.

Eavesdropping is not a polite thing. But how can I miss this opportunity to hear the truth from someone with a pair of nice, big breasts? (Which I later secretly confirmed as they were leaving...shame on me!)

She embarrassingly chuckled and the conversation followed:

Woman: What! I had really small breasts when I was 12!

Man: Really? Like how big?

Woman: I don't know, like A-cup.

Man: So when did they grow so big?

Woman: I don't know, sometime in my 20s.

Man: So you had small boobs before that?

Woman: It's not like they grow overnight!
Ladies, did you hear that? Well, read that?

Even for a girl going through puberty, at the peak of breast development in terms of the hormone abundance, their boobs don't grow overnight, or even in a week. It takes YEARS. It takes time!

Thankfully, you and I know a lot more about how to grow bigger breasts naturally, so we don't have to waste our time on pondering about breast growth methods. :)

The important thing to remember is that natural breast enhancement takes time, patience, and commitment. Just because your boobs are not growing super fast, don't get frustrated. Continue to eat nutritionally-balanced meals rich in protein, massage your breasts, exercise, sleep a lot, and drink lots of water.

Trust me, "years" sound like a lot, but they actually go by super fast, especially if you're paying attention to every detail of your own breast growth.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Massage Your Boobs to Promote Natural Growth

One of many things you constantly hear in natural breast enhancement is to massage your breasts.

Yeah, I know, I used to think it's stupid because if everyone's breasts grew bigger by just massaging them, no one would be complaining about their tiny breasts!

But I got an immediate result on the day I decided to be a little more trusting, and the rest is history. I'm a believer, an advocator, whatever you want to call me, but it means I think breast massage can truly help you in natural breast growth.

Notice my wording...*help* you. I say this because if you're only massaging your breasts but not getting enough nutrition, massage or not, your breasts are not going to grow! So this post assumes that you have already changed, or in the process of changing, your dietary habits to be a breast-growth-friendly one.

If you remember the 3 fundamental factors for natural breast enhancement, you would immediately know that breast massage is super important for good blood circulation. All the essential nutrients and hormones necessary for proper breast development are carried throughout your body in your blood.

Did you know that blood does not travel equally to every part of your body?

 Wikipedia: Circulatory System

As you can see, the majority of your blood supply goes to your internal organs. Only 8% labeled "Other" goes to...well, other parts of your body not listed above...which INCLUDES breasts.

Do you know what this means? It means less than 8% of your blood supply goes to your boobs!!!

No major arteries run down our breasts...only a branch of a branch of a major artery.

If your blood circulation is already good, you're still sending less than 8% to your boobies. Imagine having a stagnant circulation...you're not gonna get much blood going to your breasts!

Poor blood circulation=no food for breast growth gets delivered to your boobs=tiny boobs.

So massage your breasts! Touch them often to keep blood circulating! Move the nutrients along to grow beautiful breasts!

Check out my morning breast massage routine here. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Personal Challenge I Face in Naturally Growing Bigger Breasts

I always loved to eat, never been on any kind of diet, but managed to stay thin and somewhat in shape most of my life...okay, except for the beer-belly period!

On a side note, you do know the difference of being "thin" and being "in shape," correct?

One of many reasons why I believe this to be true is because, despite my love for good food, I rarely ate. 

What does this mean???

If I went out with family and friends, I ate. If I got invited to a dinner, I ate. If I invited friends over, I ate. A LOT.

You would not believe how much food I eat on these occasions...I can outeat a normal man, easily.

I never liked cooking just for myself though. Often times, I would end up eating junk food here and there and would skip a meal or two. 

I also love to drink wine and beer, so my "meals" would be something like an entire bag of potato chips, a bar of my favorite chocolate, and a couple glasses of wine/bottles of beer (don't judge me!).

I was still thin though (but not shapely!), because that would be my only caloric intake of the day unless I were going out with friends.

Then one day, a couple of years ago, I had an epiphany as I was reading about breast development:

If I want to grow bigger breasts, I need to eat more, consistently, and of nutritionally-balanced and high-protein meals.

This was the start of my personal challenge.

As my realization turned into somewhat of a passion/obsession, I ate 3 meals a day, nutritionally well-balanced and high-protein.

I'd forgotten how much I love to eat food though!

So I would eat a huge breakfast, a huge lunch, and a huge dinner, every single day. My daily calorie intake shot up and beyond any chart!

I also didn't know exactly how much food I should eat in order to consume "enough" protein for the breast growth. I blindly ate a lot of meat, dairy, and beans as much as I could.


How could I let go of my potato chips, chocolate bars, and nightly glasses of alcohol to keep me happy, right? Without saying, I kept eating a huge amount of all that as well.

I gained weight each day, and the total of 16 pounds in less than a month, peaking at 110 lbs!!! 

Sure, my boobs grew. But so did my waist!

That is when I realized...I'm trying to grow my breasts in a totally wrong way!!!

I was eating all the right kinds of food to grow bigger breasts. I was enjoying desserts and junk food and alcohol like a happy individual.

But I was simply overeating and overdoing everything like a maniac in an effort to grow bigger breasts fast!!! (But there is no shortcut, boobinha!)

Now I constantly remind myself...keep eating and drinking, but in moderation. My husband assures me from time to time that I'm consuming more than enough protein, so I don't need to try to eat so much, or that I shouldn't eat until I'm totally stuffed (but he does not know why I'm so adamant about eating enough protein)....

All in all, this is working, but not without a constant reminder at every single meal to EAT LESS!


Any comments, questions, concerns? Please e-mail me: givemesomeboobs@gmail.com or use the Contact Form to the left of the blog! I will try to respond within 72 hours. :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Stick 'Em Boobs Up and Out!

Are you sitting up tall, shoulders rolled back, your boobs up and out as you read this? :)

Or are you hunched over, your neck in front of your body, shoulders rolled forward, boobs nowhere to be seen?

I used to get annoyed reading about "How to Make Your Boobs Look Bigger". Without fail, they will mention fixing your posture, standing and sitting up straight, because this will instantaneously give you a "bigger boobs appearance."

Why do they never understand??? I don't care about how to make them look bigger, I want them to BE bigger!

I completely dismissed this posture-fixing method to grow bigger breasts...until very recently!

I was doing some research on muscles and how to train certain parts of my body, as I'm starting to get flabby arms and I don't like that!

While reading about these, I came across some interesting facts about bad posture.

Bad posture can cause practically everything bad for you, like pains in the neck/shoulders/back, headaches, spinal degeneration, nerve damage, constipation, and even bad breath (but you already knew that from my Poop All Out post)! Oh, also lower self-esteem and self-image from a psychological point-of-view.

And so what, how is that related to growing bigger boobs, you may ask?

Bad posture also causes poor blood circulation, especially in the chest area and all the surrounding muscles and tissues!

Rule number one and only one for breast development: nutrition, blood circulation, and hormones, remember?

After all, maybe fixing your bad posture isn't bad advice. Not only a good posture can make your boobs look bigger, but it will also help you to actually grow bigger breasts. You'll also look and feel confident, as an added bonus. :)

So come on ladies, stand up tall and straight, stick those boobies up and out at all times! Soon enough, you'll have even more to stick out in front of you! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Two-Year Anniversary at Growing Boobs!

April 24th, 2016 marked two years since the day I decided to challenge myself to consciously growing bigger breasts by all natural means.

I wish to upload my photos of before and after, but I promised my husband not to upload any of my boobs when I started this blog for obvious reasons...sorry.... :( Maybe one of these days, wearing clothes.

The following is the differences in my body measurements back then and today (5/5/2016):

height: 5 ft/152 cm

top bust (WITHOUT a bra): 78cm/30.7in ---> 86.5cm/34.1in  TOTAL +7cm/2.8in

under bust: 71cm/28in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in

waist (around belly button): 70cm/27.6in ---> 73cm/28.7in

butt (fullest part): 84.5 cm/33.3in ---> 91cm/35.8in

weight: ??? (probably around 98lbs/44.5kg) --->104lbs/47.2kg

*I measure my height in inches, weigh myself in pounds; I mea
sure everywhere else using the metric system as it can measure smaller units, and I can see the slightest changes in size!

I have been through multiple phases in weight/body shape/boob size throughout my life. I've weighed up to around 117lbs/53kg during my beer-belly period in the early 20s...and let me just say, I had a huge belly, absolutely zero boobs!

Before you conclude that my breast growth in the past 2 years was simply the result of weight gain, let me tell you how my body has changed in its appearance.


-more "meat" overall

-much more well-defined, forming outer, circular lines that clearly separate both breasts from my body

-small A-cup to small C-cup in VS Body by Victoria*

-more cleavage on 5/5/2016 when wearing the new bras I bought on Japan trip, 1/2016.

* I think their bras are guilty of vanity sizing. I'm more of a full B-cup in most other brands. I no longer buy bras from VS, but I like to use their same line as a point of reference for my breast growth.


-okay...I can work on taking that extra off


-more muscular and rounder, overall

-more well-defined, especially in the part where it connects to my thighs

-I love my butt! :)

Things I've done for the past 2 years:

-eat more in general, and of nutritionally-balanced meals

-drink a lot of water

-sleep earlier (around 11:15pm-ish), 8 hours

-exercise consistently and moderately

-breast massage on most days

-wear bras that fit me

Things I should have done:

-take frequent baths and not just shower

-eat more protein (currently barely hitting the daily recommended amount as I've stopped eating meat on most days...more to follow)

-eat less junk food/drink less alcohol to minimize waist fat

-drink more soy milk/eat more Greek yogurt

Things I'm planning on doing in the future:

-leg massage


-improving the quality of my sleep

-increase the amount of exercising

-reduce junk food/alcohol intake

I'm still smaller at the top. I used to be super skinny, bony, like a stick, whatever you want to call it. Now I'm a little more "meaty."

Every brand and lines vary greatly in bra sizes. My goal is to be able to pick any C-cup bra (US size) and feel full in them. But what I imagine "perfect" for myself can't be expressed by a cup size alone.
I'm maybe about half way there. I feel that this second half will probably be a rougher and tougher one than the first half, which sort of came easily and naturally by fixing my food intake, at least in the beginning.

I'm slowly getting there though. Thank you for your constant support. :)

As a thank you, I'm planning something fun (I hope!) for some of you soon, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Single Lifestyle Change for Natural Breast Growth

There are so many lifestyle changes you can make to help grow your breasts to their maximum size.

Not only will these changes grow your breasts, but they can also improve your overall health as well as getting beautiful skin.

But what if your daily habits are so far from being ideal for breast growth, and you can't make sudden drastic changes?

Maybe you're too busy. Maybe you're too stressed.

It can be too overwhelming to change everything all at once. (Though eventually, you do want to change all of that!)

If you had to make only one consistent change, that would be your eating habits.

Our bodies are made up of all the foods we consume. We need good nutrition, not only for the basic bodily functions but also for growing and rejuvenating as we age.

If you have small boobs, chances are, you're not eating enough.

What I mean by that is you're just plain not eating enough food, consuming enough calories, whatever you want to call it.


If you have small boobs but lots of fat around your waist and your body overall, you're probably consuming too many empty calories and not enough nutrition.


When I first realized my breast growth around age 33, I've had a major life change: I started dating my now-husband.

My eating habits drastically changed because of him.

I used to be a BAD vegetarian (only cared about not eating meat and not caring to eat enough protein of any other kind), I avoided dairy products because I didn't like them, skipped a lot of meals, and ate lots of junk food to "just get by".

I was a no-boobs, waist-chubby gal.

I naturally started eating more food as we went out on lunch/dinner dates and cooked together to spend more time with each other. I also started eating more nutritionally-balanced meals including some meat and lots of cheese (more protein)!!!

I didn't do anything else consciously to grow my breasts. It wasn't even on my life agenda at the time to try to grow my breasts bigger!

If you have to make one and only lifestyle change to start growing your breasts today:

Eat more and of nutritionally-balanced meals.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Get Your Boobs Fitted! (A Special Note for Those in the Boston Area)

When was the last time you got fitted for your bra?

Last month? A couple of years ago? Maybe NEVER???

Ideally, you should get your breasts fitted every 6 months. They can change in shapes and sizes with every lifestyle change you make for better or worse, as with weight gain/loss you experience.

Did you also know that over 80% of the women are wearing the wrong-sized bra?

The tendency is for the women to wear bigger band sizes and smaller cup sizes (i.e. wearing 36B instead of 32D).

Do you remember my friend who has a pair of really nice breasts on her small frame?

When we got to talking about bra sizes, she told us that she's wearing 36B. I was like...WHAT???

She and I are about the same height, and we're pretty much built similarly. There is NO way she is a 36 band when I'm 32! And definitely not a B-cup. I'm a B-cup...32B (70C)!

I did not tell her this at the time, but I'm fairly certain that she is actually a 32D!!!

Wearing the correct size will give you comfort as well as shape and support your breasts.

Just because you think your breasts are tiny, don't assume that you're an A/AA-cup. Get them fitted properly.

One of my first bra-fitting experience was in October 2014 when I visited New York for the first time in my life for my brother's wedding. I went to Bradelis NY because I have heard so much about their bra-fitting procedures and amazing results.

I will talk more about Bradelis NY bras some other time, but let me just say that it really was amazing, and I can no longer wear just any bra or size, for that matter. My boobs look really nice in them! :)

So obviously, if you're in New York, do pay them a visit. I think they have lots of stores in Japan and Taiwan as well, so if you're ever visiting those countries, do pay them a visit.

The Special Note for Those in the Boston Area:

Bradelis NY pop-up shop is coming to your area May 14th and 15th! Don't feel obligated to buy anything, but I highly recommend you to go get your boobs fitted! :) (And the fitting is FREE!)

And for those of us not in the convenient reach of their professional help, stay tuned because I believe they had pop-up shops in Texas somewhere, Chicago, and San Francisco in the recent past.

You can even write to ask them to come to your town...that's what it said in the e-mail I received.

Not within any reach of Bradelis? It's not the end of the world.

(I'm sure you noticed their online shop...refrain from buying one without properly getting fit by them in person...that will totally ruin the point of this post!)

Just do your part and get your boobs fitted!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poop All Out to Help Grow Bigger Breasts!

I wake up this morning, look in the mirror...my face is super swollen!!!

Then get on the scale...almost 2 pounds heavier than usual!!!

Today's blog post will be a poopie one (quite literally)!

I normally have a super constant bowel movement. I'm in and out of the bathroom in a minute or two, every single morning after a cup of coffee.


On Saturday mornings, things are different and could even throw off my poop routine from time to time.

I feel the knocks but I keep ignoring them as I'm always running out of the house to go to a dance class.

Then I come home after 5 hours of "holding", it just doesn't come out!

...Comes Sunday morning, and I miss several chances again, as I feel a bit embarrassed to sit in the bathroom with my beloved husband around the house....

Let me tell you, when I miss pooping out opportunities for 2 days in a row, the aftermath is serious constipation for the next 2~3 days.

Constipation can affect your surface beauty in the following ways:

-bad breath/bad body odor (I've smelled this on people before!)
-skin problems like rashes and breakouts
-swollen face/body (this happens to me)

The longer you hold in your poop, the tougher they get, causing more problems for them to come out as well as building up toxins within your body.

It's also said that constipation could be caused by poor blood circulation (you know what that does to our breast growth!) as this slows down the digestive process.

All the hardened poops you accumulate also put pressure on neighboring organs like uterus and kidney. This also causes poor blood circulation.

So it's a matter of chicken or eggs problem, but regardless of which came first, constipation and poor blood circulation are tightly connected. Constipation could even cause much more serious health problems than surface beauty, such as elongated colon and eventual colon cancer.

Immediate actions you can take to help solve constipation as well as growing your breasts:

-drink more water, not caffeinated drinks/alcohol
-eat more fruits and veggies with fiber
-exercise to strengthen muscles in the abdominal area

See how breast developments are always linked to a healthy lifestyle as well as your overall health and surface beauty? :)

Don't let poops sit inside you! Poop all out!

Clean yourself inside out and grow beautiful breasts naturally. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Feeling Too Lazy for Breast Massage Today!

I know I always say that breast massage is one of the most important things we need to continue growing bigger breasts.

But once in a while (like today), I feel super lazy.

So I'm just not going to do it, period.

I have a general rule in my life: work hard, play hard, but everything in moderation.

I know that makes no sense to some, but I have a tendency to get really obsessed, and whatever the target of my obsession is, is the only thing I can think about day and night.

I realized a while ago that I can't obsess over trying to grow bigger breasts.

Do you know why?

It's because when you obsess over something, there's a higher chance that you will drop everything in the middle one day, completely.

It's like when you used to be "obsessed with that guy" and one day you wake up and think..."Why was I so crazy over him?" and find another someone to obsess right away without giving any thought to the first guy.

Don't make "growing bigger breasts" an obsession.

Trying to grow bigger breasts and keeping them nice and perky is a lifetime commitment, remember?

So today, if you don't feel like massaging your boobs, take a day off. If you don't feel like exercising, take a day off. If you want to stay up late, go out to party.

The most important thing is that everything has an upward trajectory. If you're working hard to growing your breasts bigger in most days, it's okay to take a day off.

Just chillax and enjoy life! :)

Your boobs will grow sooner or later, I promise.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Deceit of Overnight Breast Enlargement, and The Disappointment Thereafter

My boobs grew a size bigger, overnight! Whoo! :D

...Happy April Fool's Day, everyone... :(

But in all honesty, this happens every month...yes, yes, when the Lady aka menstruation arrives!

I wake up, put on my bra, and scream...holy moly, my boobs don't just fit inside my bra...they're popping out of it!!!

As the Lady leaves, the disappointment follows with my boobs "shrinking" back to their normal size.

It's funny though, I always get fooled by this deceitful breast growth, every month!

One thing I know for sure is that when this happens, my hormones are working, and that my breasts shrink back to a slightly bigger size.

I started testing my 3 fundamental factors for natural breast enhancement in the late April of 2014.

At the time, the fullest part my boobs (without wearing a bra, standing up straight) measured at 79cm (~31.1 in).

These days my boobs measure at 85.5cm (~33.7 in).

When I was having a difficult time growing the bottom part of my breasts, they were at 83.5cm (~32.9 in) for a couple of months...this was towards the end of 2015.

There are days I measure above and below. Sometimes it comes out to 84cm, sometimes 86.5cm. The slightest variance of where I put the measuring tape creates this difference.

I no longer, EVER, measure anything below 84cm, certainly not 79cm. I would be squishing my boobs if I tried to measure my breasts at 79cm!

And the exciting part? :D

When the Deceit of Overnight Breast Enlargement kicks in, my boobs have recently measured up to 89cm (~35 in)!

Which means it's still possible for my boobs to grow to at least that much! Wheee~!

I'm totally psyched, and would happily be fooled every month as it gives me more breast growth to look forward to in the future. :) 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Ordering of My Breasts Growth

I was looking at my boobs last night and noticed that the bottom part of my right boob may have slightly gotten bigger.

Hmmm...could be a bit swollen because my period?

When your breasts grow, did you think that they kind of...grow bigger, overall, like a balloon?

That's what I first thought but then realized that both of my breasts grew bigger with a particular ordering. And let me tell you...trying to grow that bottom part of my (especially) left breast was difficult and took some time!!!

Breasts Growth Order:

1. sides of my boobs

How I know this: I used to hate looking at my left boob in the mirror from the side because it always looked "painful" like it's being pulled. I think it's because I had a very little fat on the side, maybe a finger-width amount. As my breasts grew, the fatty part grew both vertically and horizontally, no longer making it look "painful".

2. cleavage (inner sides of my boobs)

How I know this: one day as I was looking into the mirror, AFTER the sides of my boobs have grown, I noticed a very faint line that separates what-would-be my cleavage and my actual boobs. Now I have a small, but a natural cleavage without trying to create one with a bra...like, you can tell that I have 2 separate boobs.

3. DIFFICULT! the bottom part of my boobs

How I know this: every day I take 3 fingers, place them nicely so that the bottom finger would line up with the very base of my boobs (the line that separates your body and your boobs), and check where my fingers would come up to. Right hand against my left breast, left hand against my right breast.

This was interesting as my right breast started out with my top finger barely touching my nipple, while my left breast started out with my fingers completely covering my nipple. My left breast used to be quite a bit smaller than my right.

Now when I place my 3 fingers, they do not cover my nipples on either side. They even come *below* the areola on both breasts!!! :)

Trying to grow the bottom part of my left breast took quite a while...maybe a few months since I started this 3-finger test?

I'm quite optimistic for their continuous growth as the bottom part of my right breast seems to be growing a little by little still...so should my left breast!

Tonight when you look at your boobs in a mirror, try this 3-finger test!!! If you don't see any lines that separate your body from your boobs yet, don't worry, you will start seeing them as your breasts start to grow bigger. :) Kind of like how my line started showing on the cleavage side!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Future of Give Me Some Boobs! Blog

When I first started this blog back in October 2015, all I had in mind was that I wanted to share my own personal breasts growth experience with everyone who wants bigger breasts naturally for one reason or another.

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning (thank you for your constant support!), you probably know that I went through a couple of different writing styles in the past few months.

There were times when I felt that I must write posts in a serious, organized style, or that everything I say and write must have a solid, scientific proof that convinces everyone that my method works.

What I gathered from this recently, is that this is not what I originally intended for my blog. You probably also noticed a significant decrease in the number of posts as my motivation has dropped...it simply was not fun for me anymore. :(

I have been thinking for a while how I can continue this blog that is both entertaining as well as helpful for both you and me.

I came to the conclusion that I will write about my own lifestyle, diet, exercise routines, daily thoughts, boob size changes in a journal style...whatever else I feel will help you "see" the growth of my breasts as well as to motivate you in your own journey of natural breast enhancement!

With this change, you should be seeing more posts. :) And please remember...the 3 fundamentals of natural breast enhancement do not change, just because I decided to change my writing style!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Natural Breast Enhancement: a Lifetime Commitment

My boobs shrunk!!! But don't worry, they're now back at their normal size!

I haven't updated my blog in 2 weeks. My shrunken boobs have something to do with it! OMG!

In the past 2 weeks, I got sick, then my husband got sick, then my husband's friend visited for almost a week on last minute notice, then I got sick again.

While my husband and I were sick, our persistent coughs kept us up at nights. Then our visitor...visitors always throw off your daily routines, whether it's your best friend or an acquaintance.

My natural breast enhancement routines that got thrown off:

  • ZERO breast massage for two weeks
  • no breakfast, not even a piece of fruit (also skipped some meals)
  • daily outing for fatty, junky food
  • going to bed super late (what sleep deprivation does to our boobs)
  • drinking lots of alcohol but not enough water

I felt my breasts feeling small against my hands, not as perky as usual....

Sure enough, they went down in size to my pre-Japan visit in December!!!

But I'm happy to report that my boobs regained their size and perkiness in the past couple of days as a result of bringing back my daily habits.

This experience made me realize the importance of persistence and commitment to our healthy lifestyles for a lifetime, if we want to grow AND keep our beautiful breasts!

So Boobinhas, keep up the good work! Here's to our lifetime commitment to natural breast enhancement! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Reasons Sleep Deprivation is Stunting Breasts Growth

Ever heard anyone say to you that "Lack of sleep can stunt your growth"? It turns out, this is true!

How many hours did you sleep last night?

Did you possibly sleep for under 8 hours because you:

-went out for coffee with your best friend to gossip about others?
-watched several episodes of a TV show to see what happens next, then next, then next again?
-went out to a party, only to come home totally trashed with no recollections of the night?
-were stressed and depressed, and wanted to relax by doing nothing...by not going to bed early?
-were studying until wee hours for an exam as a result of procrastination during the day?
-let me guess...procrastinated by surfing the web on "How to Grow Bigger Breasts Fast"?

Did you know that by not sleeping for 8 hours, you are keeping your breasts from growing?

Sleep deprivation throws off the 3 fundamental factors needed for breasts growth out of balance in the following manners:

1. nutrition: When you lack sleep, you are more likely to crave sugar and fat (not to mention caffeine). Ever eaten an entire bag of potato chips, or a large mocha from a coffee shop to quickly boost your energy during the day? Yes, by doing that, you are missing out on an opportunity to consume a proper amount of nutrition required for your breasts growth, and giving a go at storing more fat around your waist!

2. blood circulation: Sleep deprivation indirectly affects the blood flow. Lack of sleep leaves you more susceptible to heat loss as well as difficulty to increase one's body temperature on its own, causing a constant low body temperature. Low body temperature in return causes thickening of blood which slows down the flow. The slower the blood flow, the less oxygen, nutrients, and hormones get carried to the cells needed for breasts growth.

3. hormones: Growth hormone, which is one of the main hormones needed for breasts development, is secreted the most while we sleep. This hormone is produced less and less as we age. The only way to keep producing more is through exercising and sleeping. No sleep, less growth hormone, small boobs.

Is gossiping, drinking, and watching TV really necessary in your life, to constantly lose your sleep over? I admit, I used to do everything I wrote up there...I still procrastinate though. They're not worth it.

Lack of sleep can cause much more serious physical and mental problems than having tiny breasts. Sleeping can improve or even fix many of those problems, including your tiny breasts.

So tonight before you engage yourself in any nightly activity, think to yourself...is what I'm about to do more important and necessary compared to the amount of sleep I'm losing over it?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Are You Ready to Grow Bigger Breasts Naturally?

Let me share my recent experience in Japan that made me think of this question.

If you've ever been there, you know that people are trendy and though there are some "interesting" personal fashion going on, they also have a lot of pretty stuff everywhere you go. It's also easy to tell what is currently in fashion as the similar-looking style of clothing is at every store.

It was apparent that fluffy sweaters were in fashion this past winter. I wanted one. I tried on a bunch. Didn't get any. You know why?

Because I looked like an overly-padded, chubby football player ready to be tackled.

As the owners of small boobs, we can (or I used to be able to) pretty much look sexy and slender in most types of clothing without much effort. Fluffy sweaters? No problem! Fluff it up even more, and we could look cute and cuddly!

You can probably imagine my devastation when none of those sweaters looked good on me as a result of my breasts growth.

What I realized from this is that when we finally get those big boobs we always longed for, we will be faced with a whole new set of problems and concerns that we've never imagined.

Will you be ready to solve these problems then?

The answer to this lies in how you are currently dealing with your small breasts, and what you are doing to grow bigger breasts.

Stay positive? Definitely!

Love your own body? ALWAYS!

Neither positive nor love your body? Sorry to say this, but you're not ready to have bigger breasts yet, because even when you do, you will still be unhappy with who and how you are for different reasons. :(

But I'm happy to say that the solution to this is super easy: stay positive and love your own body. Nothing else!