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Monday, November 23, 2015

Boobs Greetings from Brazil!

Oi! Tudo bem?

Yes, yes, I'm on a vacation, and currently in Brazil! :) That is the extent of my Portuguese and also the reason why I haven't updated my blog for a while. I'm sorry!

As a proud (?) owner of grapies aka tiny boobs, my eyes tend to drift to every woman's chest all the time. Probably more than men! :P

One thing I noticed while in Brazil is that I hardly ever see small boobs. Most of the women actually have breasts...omg! So far, I've only noticed a couple of women with tiny grapies. Even then, they're not totally *flat*. The most important thing that I noticed probably, is that the breast size is somewhat proportionate to individual's body size, if that makes sense.

The following is some observations from a tourist's point of view, who eats out quite often and not much of home-cooked meals while staying in Brazil (so this may be biased).

Things I see frequently when I go out to eat:

-fried food
-some type of carbs (complex carbs)
-LOTS of sugar!!!

I feel like I haven't seen much of "blessed body" women as I have imagined I would. Maybe the workout regimen in Brazil isn't as popular or have yet to penetrate throughout the country as much as it has been around where I'm from. It could also be that it's even more difficult to stay fit while having nice, natural breasts with lots of above-mentioned foods being sold on the streets.

By the way, these are my observations around Sao Paulo, San Carlos, and Rio Preto areas, which may make this post totally irrelevant and/or completely wrong from other parts of Brazil.

In the end though, the conclusion I drew was...

You want boobs but flat abs? Then you need to work for them!

It was an interesting experience for me to realize that nothing great comes easily.

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