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Friday, November 6, 2015

Boobs Growth Diary: Intro

In this and the future diaries, I would like to update from time to time on the growth of my boobs!

This is an introduction as I have been working on growing them on and off for about a year and a half as I've mentioned in my previous post, so I would like to give you an idea of their growth during that time. They are not as tiny grapies as they used to be! Whoo!!! :)

Ever since my best friend introduced me to Body by Victoria's Secret in my early 20s (I'm currently in my mid-30s), I have been wearing their demi bras in the size of 32A. Demi bras made my grapies look a little better than a full-cup bra.... I always wanted 32AAs, but they don't carry those in stores, and rarely even have 32As...and when they do, only in ugly colors! I didn't care how tiny my boobs were, I always wanted some pink and polka dots and frills and laces on all my bras (though super difficult to find in my size)!

There was so much space to stuff, even with that 32A. One time, a guy I was dating at the time accidentally saw me scooping and swooping as I read somewhere that this will help you grow your boobs, and he said..."What are you doing? You don't even have anything to scoop!" Yeah, okay, forget about what kind of guy I was dating, but the point here is...yup, he was right, I had absolutely zero anything to scoop and swoop!!! But I did it anyway, every single time I went to the restroom. I highly suggest this, by the way.

A year and a half ago, I realized that my 32A bras were no longer spacious and empty, but looked like the cups were actually squishing my grapies! Omg! So I bought a couple of new Body by VS demi bras in 32B. They felt a little spacious, no cleavage or anything. And guess what, yup, a year and a half later, my grapies are now snugly fit, even can create a slight but nonetheless, a cleavage!!! Super excited!!! I no longer buy any VS bras though. More to follow in the future about that.

So in this time...what do you think majorly changed in my life that directly affected my boobs to grow? :)

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