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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dietary Changes that Naturally Grew My Breasts

At the end of my previous post, Boobs Growth Diary: Intro, I asked you to think about what life changes I've had that directly affected my boobs to grow. Did you think about it? Ready for the answers? :)

Two major changes: I started living with my husband (then my fiance), and I started a new job. WAIT! Don't roll your eyes, just keep reading!

Why living with my husband contributed:

I was a vegetarian for many years, but a really bad one in terms of keeping track of what I ate. Hardly ever thought about getting enough nutrition, especially protein.

My husband was not a big meat-eater, certainly not red meat. But he loves cheese...I've always avoided dairy products, just not my favorite. After we started living together, I was responsible for cooking dinner until I found a new job. I figured out that he loves cheesy stuff and chicken, so the dinner revolved around these until one day, we both found ourselves eating a lot more red meat than we ever did in our entire lives. Don't know how that happened. Now I eat some kind of meat a couple of times a week and dairy products every single day.

Why starting a new job contributed:

When I have something on my mind, a project I'm working on, a job I'm passionate about, I FORGET to eat. For years, I ate a single meal a day, only because I was too busy to eat. I ate a lot of junk food, easily a bar of my favorite chocolate in one sitting, every single day. No joke.

Then I got a new job, I love my job! I can also eat all three meals there if I wanted (though I don't). Pretty awesome, right? So now that the food is right across the street from where I sit, I take a little break to go eat. I eat two full meals a day and doses of healthy snacks. Huge dietary improvement.


Low-nutrient/low-protein diet suddenly turned into a high-nutrient/protein-rich diet through an addition of meat and dairy products, as well as an increase in number of meals I eat per day.

So what did you eat today? :)

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