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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boobs Growth Diary: How to Keep Track of Your Natural Breasts Growth

UPDATED on 9/15/16:

If you have decided to join me in my journey to growing my boobs (and yours!), I highly recommend you to keep track of how your breasts are growing!

What I did when I realized my breasts had grown:

  • weigh myself
  • took measurements of the bust (fullest part of my chest and right below the breasts), waist, and butt
  • took photos of my naked breasts from the front

What I wish I had done:

  • measure my thighs
  • photos of my breasts from different angles
  • photos of my breasts in a bra

Besides the physical evidence, I:

  • constantly touched my breasts to know how they feel in size against my hands
  • observed my breasts against two mirrors (put two mirrors in front of each other and see your reflection in one of them by looking through the other), daily, from multiple directions to know exactly how they look

Some tips and cautions:

  • don't take your photos on your phone, just in case, you know!
  • always try to take photos from the same distance/lighting for easier comparison later
  • measure in centimeters for more precise measurements instead of in inches
  • measure the fullest part of your chest while standing up straight
  • measure the fullest part of you chest while bowing down in a 90-degree angle, as if collecting all the boobs fat hanging down
  • try to use the same measuring tape as there are slight variances
  • don't measure or take photos of yourself every single day...I have done this myself for a while, and it discouraged me from time to time!

Important things to remember:

  • trying to naturally grow your breasts take a lot of time and patience, there is no overnight magic
  • even for girls going through puberty, at the peak of women's breast growth, take years to develop their breasts
  • from my experience, the way my breasts grew was most prominent in their shapes and feeling against my hands, rather than through tape measurements/photos
  • if you get discouraged, you can always write to me as I have been through it myself! :)


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