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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have a Happy Boobs-Friendly Holiday Season!

It's now a holiday season at where I am! With all the celebrations and partying happening all around the clock, I wanted to give you all some boobs-friendly reminders for those also celebrating. :) If you're not celebrating, you can still remember for the next time you go to a party anyway. :D

I love spending good times with my family and friends, drinking wine and eating yummy foods.


If you've started acting on some of my breasts-growing tips and ideas already, don't forget to apply your knowledge of growing boobs while having a great time!

Parties are filled with alcohol, sodas, candies, sweets, everything else that tastes yummy but packed with empty calories. Nothing much for our boobs to grow!

So what can you do?

If you are taking a dish or two to share with everyone, you can take control and prepare something with meat, fish, tofu, cheese, or beans. Something with lots of protein...cook with nutrition in mind.

Don't have much time to prepare? Sometimes I take some berries salad (or any fruits salad). This is super easy, but may be a bit pricey depending on the season. Put different berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry), squeeze some lemon juice, mix in brown sugar, wait 10-15 minutes before eating. Use some mint leaves for garnishing (or mixing in) if you have some.

I also like to make a 6-layer salad (put beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, chopped lettuce, cheese in that order, garnish with cilantro). Want it vegan, or less fatty? Easy-peasy, take out that sour cream and cheese, still tastes delish! :D

If you absolutely don't want to make anything because you are super lazy like how I used to be (and still am…), you can go buy something similar at supermarkets. Just don't take bags of potato chips, don't worry, someone else will!!! You can even get some olives from a salad bar, and that's much better and healthier than bags of potato chips for your boobs!

As for drinks…always remember to stay hydrated! Don't drink a bottle after bottle, or a glass after glass of alcohol. Remember to have plenty of water in the middle to replenish the water being taken away from your body by alcohol. This also keeps you from getting too drunk. Hydration is important for good blood circulation, which in turn is good for breasts growth, remember?

What to do with cakes and other sweets? No problem in eating them! Do try to resist the urge to make them the main and the only thing you eat at the party. Look for things to eat that are a little more nutritious/healthier than the others, and have those before you enjoy the rest!

That is it for now, on how to enjoy holiday parties while being boobs-conscious.

I'm off to somewhere for a vacation. I hope to be able to write a Boobs Greetings from there, but am not sure as I won't have much alone time as I did back in Brazil! But I will try my best!

Until then… Happy Holidays, and enjoy all the parties and celebrations!!! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Varying Breast Size to Weight Ratio, Different Lifestyles

If I were to categorize my boobs to weight ratio throughout my life so far, it would look something like this:

1. No Nothing Period (before age 21): no boobs, no waist, but small and tiny frame
2. No Boobs/Beer-Belly Period (age 21-25): no boobs, huge belly and chubbiness all over
3. No Boobs/Super Fit Period (age 26-29): no boobs, super-toned body
4. No Boobs/Super Skinny Period (age 30-33): no boobs, skin and bones but still flabby
5. GROWING BOOBS/Semi-Fit Period (age 34 to now at 36): CURVES!!! :D

This is a follow-up post to the previous post on how to get bigger breasts while staying thin at the waist. I really wanted to share this with you all to show that your daily habits and lifestyles can make a huge difference in your breasts growth and your overall body shape.

It is a little long, but I hope this will help you make better and smarter choices for what you eat and drink every day.

As you read on and look at my weight, please remember that I am a very tiny person (barely 5'1'') with an average frame, so a little weight gain/loss actually affects me a lot more than someone who is much taller than me. Here we go!

During my beer-belly period, I fell in love with drinking beer (and other alcohol, but mainly beer, I love the taste!). I kid you not, I gained close to 25 pounds in less than 6 months! I visited my grandparents in the summer, then in the winter, and I'm sure you can guess their reactions! I was...ahem, round...being nice to myself...all over. One of my best friends, till this day tells me from time to time, "I still remember looking at your huuuge arms out from your sleeveless shirt...." Despite my roundness and that enormous weight gain, my boobs were still quite small, definitely smaller than what they are now. Average weight at the time: ~117 lbs (~53kg)

Then I dated a Kinesiology major who later became an athletic trainer for one of the NFL teams. We spent 3-4 hours almost every day at the gym. I ate food (not very nutrition-conscious) but not enough for my size, and definitely not enough for the amount of exercising I was doing. I did not cook at the time so we always went out to eat together and he kept eating half of my food! I was super fit, no fat, only muscles. Hope to get those arms and abs back some day again. Average weight at the time: ~94 lbs (~42.5kg)

I was a vegetarian in my super skinny period, my mom thought I had a serious illness when she saw me a few months later because I lost so much weight in such a short time. I was just skin and bones and no muscles. It was also one of the most stressful and depressing periods in my life because of work, and I barely ate anything as I was too busy to eat. I ate a bar of chocolate every single day though, sometimes even two. The only "real" food I ate was a veggie bowl from Chipotle for lunch, which I sometimes ate the leftover for dinner (again, no time to eat). Average weight at the time: ~90lbs (~41kg)

Now I'm no longer a vegetarian, am certainly not a meat-eater, but I try to eat well-balanced meals every day. I also try my best to not skip any meals, look for protein-rich food sources as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don't worry, I still eat a good bit of junk food every day, I'm not saying you can't have those! I'm not as fit as I would like to be because I'm too lazy to hit the gym 3~4 times a week after work, but I am definitely not chubby or flabby, my stomach is flat, and my boobs even grew! I now actually have a curve!!! Sure, maybe still a bit smaller at the top, but definitely have that curve. Average weight these days: ~103 lbs (~47kg)

With a little more exercising, I'm currently aiming to trim down my weight to a little under 100 lbs as I can't forget my abs and arms in my super-fit period. But by still eating a lot, definitely.

By sharing with you the various shapes my body has gone through due to different lifestyles I had and have now, I wanted to point out that if you can make a conscious effort to having a healthier diet for your body, it will answer you and will grow your breasts as they're supposed to while keeping your waist thin.

I was not sure if I was clear enough in my last post about having underdeveloped breast glands and fat tissues surrounding them. In a nutshell, my beer-belly period that consisted of only empty calories (beer, fried foods, potato chips, whatever went well with drinking) vs. now where I eat nutrient-rich diet with moderate exercising has developed my breast glands more, resulting in the natural breasts growth.

***You can not change your bone structure or probably never achieve that Barbie's boobs to waist ratio naturally, but I want you to know that it is possible to maximize your breasts growth and get a nice waistline with some lifestyle changes.***

Friday, December 18, 2015

How to Grow Bigger Breasts While Maintaining a Thin Waist

UPDATED on 7/19/16:

The short answer to this is: consistently eat a nutritionally well-balanced meals rich in protein, but be mindful of the daily total caloric intake.

When I was in high school, my older brother who was a pre-med student told me something that he learned in his first semester in college:

Body fat spreads out uniformly throughout your entire body. Therefore, it is not possible to have super skinny abs while keeping big breasts. (That is how I understood him at the time.)

What this means is if you have a lot of body fat, you will have lots of fat on your boobs, making them bigger. However, it also means you will have a bigger waist...and vice versa.

For the next 20 years or so, I held on to this belief, and it seemed to be pretty consistent with what most women believed: fat never goes to where you want it to go, but goes away first from the places you want it to stay.

But what about those "lucky" women out there who actually have nice, big breasts with tiny waists?

Well, I have great news for you! From my personal experience, I can tell you now that though it may still be true about body fat spreading out uniformly, we can have bigger breasts and thinner waists simultaneously!

It's highly possible that women with small breasts or women whose breasts sizes are immensely affected by weight changes have underdeveloped breast glands.

Breast glands development occurs most rapidly during puberty under the influence of estrogen and growth hormone but also affected by the nutritional intake that is often overlooked.

First, you will need to develop the breast tissues fully by properly consuming nutrients. This means you will need to be consistently on a well-balanced diet.

Then, to downsize your waist, you will need to cut down on your total caloric intake and exercise to burn the extra fat in your body.

The less caloric intake does not mean barely eating food. It means picking and choosing the food items that are high in nutritional values but low in overall fat and sugar content.

You need to consume enough nutrition that is rich in protein to develop your breast tissues. This development, in turn, will keep/grow your breasts size while being minimally affected by the weight changes, especially for those aiming to have a thinner waist.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Want Bigger Breasts? Drink! Drink! Drink! (Part 2)

...Continuing from Part 1...so how much is "more water" and "enough water"?

There seems to be no exact amount scientifically proven, however, the most common saying is to "drink 8 glasses of water a day".

This is just a general guideline, and the amount could change depending on your weight, physical activities, the place of your residence (sweat more/less), your sodium intake, the size of your drinking glass, etc.

One important factor that indicates you're not drinking enough water: the color of your urine.

(Hey, this is important, don't say Ewww! and make a face!!!)

If it's pale yellowish, it means you're drinking enough. But if it's darker yellow to even orange-ish...you need to drink more water!

You can read more about your urine color here (from WebMD).

Towards the end of this post, it says to not "feel as though you have to adhere to the eight-glasses-a-day recommendation" and to only "drink whenever you're thirsty".

If I may say something about that...if you really listened to your body, you will end up drinking at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water! Also, whenever I felt thirsty years ago, I drank everything but water. Reach for water!

I now carry around a water bottle to track my daily intake of water.

When I first started this, I thought there was no way I could finish a bottle of water. No matter how much I drank, it seemed endless. Now I can easily finish a bottle, usually a bottle and a half, and sometimes even two bottles! And this is on top of drinking sparkling water during meals, milk here and there, a bit of coconut juice from time to time.

After some time, I started noticing that I'm actually thirsty quite frequently, and that I used to ignore my bodily cues for wanting more water.

Going back to your dry skin from Part 1...once you start drinking more water, in a month or two time, you will start to notice that you are less dry all over your body, and that you are moisturized from inside out! I am no longer itchy or cracked, and my skin care is down to very minimum and yet the make-up goes on smoothly. :)

Ample water, good blood circulation, smooth skin, BOOBS! :D

A single tip on drinking water: drink little by little throughout the day, instead of gulping down a glass or two at once.

A trivial fact about drinking lots of water: my husband who drinks an insane amount of water every day (like at least 3 of the bottles I am using for myself, as well as multiple cups of herbal tea and sparkling water) has the softest skin and lips without any moisturizer. To my amazement, he also has the smoothest and prettiest feet I have ever seen or touched, even though he runs around and plays soccer!

Want Bigger Breasts? Drink! Drink! Drink! (Part 1)

Drink what? I'll get to it! Let me ask you some questions first, then tell you my story second, and finally you will find out...!

It's winter time for half of us now. Is your skin well-hydrated? Do you have to itch your body, if it wasn't for that ultra-hydrating body cream, heavier than whipped cream? Are your lips chapped and your heels cracked? Does your face seem to always have some dry patches in an hour or two, even though you splash on moisturizers and serums and oils and all of that in the morning?

If yes to any or all of the above, then this post is totally for you!

Now my story.

I was also a super-dehydrated woman most of my life! No matter how much cream I put on my entire body, I was always itching or had cracks here and there. Not a beautiful woman at all during the winter time!

I used to drink a lot of coffee, green and black tea, beer (I LOVE LOVE LOVE beer...IPA all the way!), wine...in general lots of alcohol...yup, that's about it. Never cared too much for milk, juice, sodas, water...but lots of what I just mentioned.

You know what they all have in common?

Alcohol and caffeine that dehydrate your body!

If you read my last post, Cold Boobs, No Boobs!, you would know that good blood circulation is super important in growing your boobs as all the nutrients and hormones necessary for growth travel in your blood.

Dehydration means you are going to be suffering from poor blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation = NO BOOBS!

So how can we fix dehydration? Easy peasy fix...DRINK MORE WATER!

You think you're drinking "enough" water? Carefully observe yourself and determine...what are you really drinking every day? I thought I was drinking enough water myself, but then realized that I barely drink any water, and every fluid intake was actually draining water from my body!!!

Part 2 to follow about drinking water in a day or two! :)

In the meantime, try drinking a glass of water when you wake up and before going to bed!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cold Boobs, No Boobs!

Naturally Increase Breast Size

UPDATED on 11/4/2017

This post was originally written on 12/11/15 when my breasts have just gotten to a small 32C only 2 months prior. I have reached 32D by March 2017. Currently, due to pregnancy, they are a small 34D (a sister-size to a small 32E).

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a night to use the restroom or get a glass of water, then happened to touch your boobs, only to find out that they're super cold and super tiny??? It's like they've gotten even smaller than usual!

When my breasts were still at 32A/32B, they were always very cold to my touch, no matter what

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Will Consuming Soy Products Grow Your Breasts?

A quick answer to this question would be...NO!

But if the question was asked a little differently, like:

Will consuming soy products HELP grow your breasts?

Then the answer is a definite YES!

Legumes contain the naturally-occurring compounds known as isoflavones.

Isoflavones are particularly rich in soybeans.

They are known to have similar effects as estrogens, therefore, classified as phytoestrogens (plant-derived compounds with estrogenic effects). If you read my previous post, you would know the importance of estrogen in a natural breast growth!

Aside from isoflavones, soybeans as well as other beans are rich in protein.

YUP! YOU GOT IT GIRL! :) You've been reading my blog, so you know what "rich in protein" means! BOOBS!

For the above reasons, the shortened version of "eat soy products to grow your breasts" come from.

I write "shortened version" because so many sources for "natural breast enhancement methods" tell you to eat this and that to grow your boobs. It is important to realize that while these items may help in their growth, it does not mean that your breasts will grow by ONLY consuming a single item.

Naturally growing breasts larger takes a total body makeover and changes/improvements in your dietary/lifestyle habits, and that is not something you accomplish by simply eating a food item or two, night and day!

Having said that, soy products are definitely something you would like to add to your menu for both growing your boobs and for multiple other health benefits. So go out and get some! :)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Befriend the Queen of Breast Growth Hormone, Estrogen!

Estrogen is an important hormone for both women and men, but mostly so for women in terms of developing everything...womanly...like boobs!

It is mainly produced in your ovary, but also by your body fat tissue. It naturally increases during puberty and pregnancy, decreases after a childbirth and menopause. Regardless of its increase/decrease, it is always there!

But did you know that you may be unconsciously leading an unhealthy life for your breast growth by decreasing estrogen in your system???

Estrogen levels can drop with some of the following reasons:

-extreme exercising/no exercising
-anorexia (any eating disorders)
-not enough body fat (21~24% is ideal for healthy estrogen secretion)
-unhealthy diet (i.e. too much carbs, not enough fat, etc)

When I think back in my earlier years, all of the above (except smoking) fits me! I was obsessed with exercising and staying "fit"...more like super skinny, barely ate anything but had a horrible diet when I did eat.

If you are wondering why you have grapies instead of big, round boobs, does any or all of the above sound familiar to you?

Estrogen in collaboration with growth hormone will naturally grow your breasts (you can read my previous post on how to increase GH here).

Balanced diet, moderate exercising, massaging boobs...everything in moderation as always, and please, don't mess with your hormones in any unnatural ways!!!