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Friday, December 4, 2015

Befriend the Queen of Breast Growth Hormone, Estrogen!

Estrogen is an important hormone for both women and men, but mostly so for women in terms of developing everything...womanly...like boobs!

It is mainly produced in your ovary, but also by your body fat tissue. It naturally increases during puberty and pregnancy, decreases after a childbirth and menopause. Regardless of its increase/decrease, it is always there!

But did you know that you may be unconsciously leading an unhealthy life for your breast growth by decreasing estrogen in your system???

Estrogen levels can drop with some of the following reasons:

-extreme exercising/no exercising
-anorexia (any eating disorders)
-not enough body fat (21~24% is ideal for healthy estrogen secretion)
-unhealthy diet (i.e. too much carbs, not enough fat, etc)

When I think back in my earlier years, all of the above (except smoking) fits me! I was obsessed with exercising and staying "fit"...more like super skinny, barely ate anything but had a horrible diet when I did eat.

If you are wondering why you have grapies instead of big, round boobs, does any or all of the above sound familiar to you?

Estrogen in collaboration with growth hormone will naturally grow your breasts (you can read my previous post on how to increase GH here).

Balanced diet, moderate exercising, massaging boobs...everything in moderation as always, and please, don't mess with your hormones in any unnatural ways!!!

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