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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have a Happy Breasts-Friendly Holiday Season!

It's now a holiday season at where I am! With all the celebrations and partying happening all around the clock, I wanted to give you all some breasts-friendly reminders for those also celebrating. :) If you're not celebrating, you can still remember for the next time you go to a party anyway. :D

I love spending good times with my family and friends, drinking wine and eating yummy foods.


If you've started acting on some of my breasts-growing tips and ideas already, don't forget to apply your knowledge of growing boobs while having a great time!

Parties are filled with alcohol, sodas, candies, sweets, everything else that tastes yummy but packed with empty calories. Nothing much for our boobs to grow!

So what can you do?

If you are taking a dish or two to share with everyone, you can take control and prepare something with meat, fish, tofu, cheese, or beans. Something with lots of protein...cook with nutrition in mind.

Don't have much time to prepare? Sometimes I take some berries salad (or any fruits salad). This is super easy, but may be a bit pricey depending on the season. Put different berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry), squeeze some lemon juice, mix in brown sugar, wait 10-15 minutes before eating. Use some mint leaves for garnishing (or mixing in) if you have some.

I also like to make a 6-layer salad (put beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, chopped lettuce, cheese in that order, garnish with cilantro). Want it vegan, or less fatty? Easy-peasy, take out that sour cream and cheese, still tastes delish! :D

If you absolutely don't want to make anything because you are super lazy like how I used to be (and still am…), you can go buy something similar at supermarkets. Just don't take bags of potato chips, don't worry, someone else will!!! You can even get some olives from a salad bar, and that's much better and healthier than bags of potato chips for your boobs!

As for drinks…always remember to stay hydrated! Don't drink a bottle after bottle, or a glass after glass of alcohol. Remember to have plenty of water in the middle to replenish the water being taken away from your body by alcohol. This also keeps you from getting too drunk. Hydration is important for good blood circulation, which in turn is good for breasts growth, remember?

What to do with cakes and other sweets? No problem in eating them! Do try to resist the urge to make them the main and the only thing you eat at the party. Look for things to eat that are a little more nutritious/healthier than the others, and have those before you enjoy the rest!

That is it for now, on how to enjoy holiday parties while being boobs-conscious.

I'm off to somewhere for a vacation. I hope to be able to write a Boobs Greetings from there, but am not sure as I won't have much alone time as I did back in Brazil! But I will try my best!

Until then… Happy Holidays, and enjoy all the parties and celebrations!!! :)

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