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Friday, December 11, 2015

Cold Boobs, No Boobs!

Naturally Increase Breast Size

UPDATED on 11/4/2017

This post was originally written on 12/11/15 when my breasts have just gotten to a small 32C only 2 months prior. I have reached 32D by March 2017. Currently, due to pregnancy, they are a small 34D (a sister-size to a small 32E).

Have you ever woken up in the middle of a night to use the restroom or get a glass of water, then happened to touch your boobs, only to find out that they're super cold and super tiny??? It's like they've gotten even smaller than usual!

When my breasts were still at 32A/32B, they were always very cold to my touch, no matter what
season. My left breast, which was a good bit smaller than my right, especially seemed to shrink even more during the night. I swore it was bigger during the day, but somehow it managed to downsize, barely filling up my hand.

Cold hands and feet are known to be caused by poor circulation. So are your boobs!

If this is happening to you, then you're not creating the best possible bodily environment to increase breast size naturally.

My blog readers would know by now that a good blood circulation is one of the 4 fundamental factors for naturally growing breasts. It's necessary for your overall health as most people know it, but also for your proper breast development as oxygen, nutrients (!), and hormones (!) are carried throughout your body by the blood.

Wikipedia: Circulatory System
It's also important to point out that your blood does not circulate equally throughout your body. The majority of your blood supply goes to your vital organs. Your breasts only get less than 8% of your total blood supply!!! If your boobs are cold, chances are, they're getting even less blood supply than this.

How are all the nutrients and hormones in your blood supposed to get to your boobs and promote natural breast growth, if there's not enough blood going to them?

What this means is that...

Cold boobs = Poor circulation = NO BOOBS!

If you want to grow bigger breasts naturally, you need to start improving your blood circulation.

Some ways you can boost circulation:

-drink non-caffeinated warm drinks, such as hot water, herbal teas, milk
-massage your breasts, legs, and arms on a regular basis
-increase daily physical activities (even a light stretching can warm you up)
-take a warm bath
-sleep 8 hours a day
-eat a healthy snack or a meal, not junk food

As it gets colder and colder in the Northern Hemisphere, it is crucial to keep ourselves warm to continue growing our breasts! And if you're in the Southern Hemisphere as well as in the Tropical region, keep in mind that the air conditioning inside the buildings can cool down your body, more than you realize. Don't be fooled by the heat outside...touch your boobs often to make sure they're always warm!

Now when I wake up at nights, I'm proud to say that my boobs are still growing, and they are never cold to my touch or feel shrunken in my hands!!!

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