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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Varying Breast Size to Weight Ratio, Different Lifestyles

If I were to categorize my boobs to weight ratio throughout my life so far, it would look something like this:

1. No Nothing Period (before age 21): no boobs, no waist, but small and tiny frame
2. No Boobs/Beer-Belly Period (age 21-25): no boobs, huge belly and chubbiness all over
3. No Boobs/Super Fit Period (age 26-29): no boobs, super-toned body
4. No Boobs/Super Skinny Period (age 30-33): no boobs, skin and bones but still flabby
5. GROWING BOOBS/Semi-Fit Period (age 34 to now at 36): CURVES!!! :D

This is a follow-up post to the previous post on how to get bigger breasts while staying thin at the waist. I really wanted to share this with you all to show that your daily habits and lifestyles can make a huge difference in your breasts growth and your overall body shape.

It is a little long, but I hope this will help you make better and smarter choices for what you eat and drink every day.

As you read on and look at my weight, please remember that I am a very tiny person (barely 5'1'') with an average frame, so a little weight gain/loss actually affects me a lot more than someone who is much taller than me. Here we go!

During my beer-belly period, I fell in love with drinking beer (and other alcohol, but mainly beer, I love the taste!). I kid you not, I gained close to 25 pounds in less than 6 months! I visited my grandparents in the summer, then in the winter, and I'm sure you can guess their reactions! I was...ahem, round...being nice to myself...all over. One of my best friends, till this day tells me from time to time, "I still remember looking at your huuuge arms out from your sleeveless shirt...." Despite my roundness and that enormous weight gain, my boobs were still quite small, definitely smaller than what they are now. Average weight at the time: ~117 lbs (~53kg)

Then I dated a Kinesiology major who later became an athletic trainer for one of the NFL teams. We spent 3-4 hours almost every day at the gym. I ate food (not very nutrition-conscious) but not enough for my size, and definitely not enough for the amount of exercising I was doing. I did not cook at the time so we always went out to eat together and he kept eating half of my food! I was super fit, no fat, only muscles. Hope to get those arms and abs back some day again. Average weight at the time: ~94 lbs (~42.5kg)

I was a vegetarian in my super skinny period, my mom thought I had a serious illness when she saw me a few months later because I lost so much weight in such a short time. I was just skin and bones and no muscles. It was also one of the most stressful and depressing periods in my life because of work, and I barely ate anything as I was too busy to eat. I ate a bar of chocolate every single day though, sometimes even two. The only "real" food I ate was a veggie bowl from Chipotle for lunch, which I sometimes ate the leftover for dinner (again, no time to eat). Average weight at the time: ~90lbs (~41kg)

Now I'm no longer a vegetarian, am certainly not a meat-eater, but I try to eat well-balanced meals every day. I also try my best to not skip any meals, look for protein-rich food sources as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don't worry, I still eat a good bit of junk food every day, I'm not saying you can't have those! I'm not as fit as I would like to be because I'm too lazy to hit the gym 3~4 times a week after work, but I am definitely not chubby or flabby, my stomach is flat, and my boobs even grew! I now actually have a curve!!! Sure, maybe still a bit smaller at the top, but definitely have that curve. Average weight these days: ~103 lbs (~47kg)

With a little more exercising, I'm currently aiming to trim down my weight to a little under 100 lbs as I can't forget my abs and arms in my super-fit period. But by still eating a lot, definitely.

By sharing with you the various shapes my body has gone through due to different lifestyles I had and have now, I wanted to point out that if you can make a conscious effort to having a healthier diet for your body, it will answer you and will grow your breasts as they're supposed to while keeping your waist thin.

I was not sure if I was clear enough in my last post about having underdeveloped breast glands and fat tissues surrounding them. In a nutshell, my beer-belly period that consisted of only empty calories (beer, fried foods, potato chips, whatever went well with drinking) vs. now where I eat nutrient-rich diet with moderate exercising has developed my breast glands more, resulting in the natural breasts growth.

***You can not change your bone structure or probably never achieve that Barbie's boobs to waist ratio naturally, but I want you to know that it is possible to maximize your breasts growth and get a nice waistline with some lifestyle changes.***

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