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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Will Consuming Soy Products Grow Your Breasts?

A quick answer to this question would be...NO!

But if the question was asked a little differently, like:

Will consuming soy products HELP grow your breasts?

Then the answer is a definite YES!

Legumes contain the naturally-occurring compounds known as isoflavones.

Isoflavones are particularly rich in soybeans.

They are known to have similar effects as estrogens, therefore, classified as phytoestrogens (plant-derived compounds with estrogenic effects). If you read my previous post, you would know the importance of estrogen in a natural breast growth!

Aside from isoflavones, soybeans as well as other beans are rich in protein.

YUP! YOU GOT IT GIRL! :) You've been reading my blog, so you know what "rich in protein" means! BOOBS!

For the above reasons, the shortened version of "eat soy products to grow your breasts" come from.

I write "shortened version" because so many sources for "natural breast enhancement methods" tell you to eat this and that to grow your boobs. It is important to realize that while these items may help in their growth, it does not mean that your breasts will grow by ONLY consuming a single item.

Naturally growing breasts larger takes a total body makeover and changes/improvements in your dietary/lifestyle habits, and that is not something you accomplish by simply eating a food item or two, night and day!

Having said that, soy products are definitely something you would like to add to your menu for both growing your boobs and for multiple other health benefits. So go out and get some! :)

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