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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Recommended Food Item to Grow Bigger Breasts and to Keep a Thin Waist

Today I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite food items I consistently eat to continue growing my breasts while keeping calories in check!

Now remember...I did not, and will never say, that you have to eat this, otherwise, your boobs will not grow. Or that this is the only food item you need to consume to boost your boobies. It's always important to be on a well-balanced diet, not just to grow bigger breasts but for your overall health! And this item is just another one I think will *help* in doing so.


Yes! It's Greek Yogurt! :D

If you don't know what Greek yogurt is, imagine regular yogurt but a lot thicker consistency and more sour, which results from being strained and removing whey.

I remember seeing it a few years ago from a single brand. But everywhere you go, every yogurt company has their own Greek yogurt on the market these days. It's gotten quite popular with a growing number of health-conscious people!

Take a look at the amount of protein packed in this Greek yogurt...23g for 130 calories! 23g of protein is like a good serving of 3-ounce meat, which could easily come close to doubling the amount of calories (of course, depending on the type of meat, not double, but definitely not at 130).

I recommend you to opt for a nonfat or 2%, as I found out that a regular Greek yogurt can also pack its calories and fat content quite high. It also has less protein, typically 2-5g less per serving.

I do not particularly favor this brand, it just happened to be what was on sale at Whole Foods Market last week. They usually have 4 to 5 different Greek yogurt brands there, including their own. There is always one single brand that's on sale, and I typically just buy a sale item. I like some brands over others for a couple of reasons such as: more protein per calories, organic or non-organic (I try to buy organic as much as and whenever possible), and sourness...last one is kind of important to me. Some brands are way too sour for my taste, I just don't like them as much.

I like: Wallaby, Stoneyfield, Whole Foods Market brand (last one is cheaper than the rest but still quite good). Sometimes I buy Fage, again, depending on what's on sale (though not as excited when this is on sale as it's not organic...). I don't really like Chobani because it's way too sour and also quite expensive.

These are just my personal preferences, and it doesn't mean you'll also like them. But when you go out to buy one tonight, don't forget to check the labels for the actual protein/fat/sugar content! Just because it says "Greek yogurt" doesn't mean the benefits of high protein, low calories I just wrote above come in every container!

You can use Greek yogurt not just for the sake of eating yogurt, but for making smoothies, dips, soups, spreads, etc.

It's a great source of protein for everyone, but especially if you're a vegetarian!

Are you a vegan and can't eat this? Worry not, I will share with you something else that's good for all of us including yourself in the next post! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Have You Ever Googled, "How To Get Bigger Breasts FAST"?

You're guilty, I'm guilty. We need to talk, girl!

I'm sure everyone reading this has at some point in time, looked up for answers to fast and quick ways to grow our breasts naturally. Then we were told that we should eat/drink this and that, do chest exercises, massage boobies, yada yada yada...and even how to make them *look* bigger. I don't care about them looking bigger, I want them to *actually be bigger*!

All in a week or two, at the longest in a month! Whoo! Big breasts right around the corner!

Breasts development is one of the first signs of puberty for girls. Puberty lasts for a few years. It is during this time that the growth hormone needed for breasts development (as well as other bodily parts) reaches its peak.

So let's think this over...unless you're currently going through puberty, your growth hormone is being secreted less and less as we are getting farther away from puberty. If you're in your mid-20s, you're probably secreting much more growth hormone than me, as I'm currently 36 (though I do exercise a lot!). And if you're older than me, then probably even less than me.

Now, please remember that even the girls going through their puberty with the growth hormone at its peak, do not grow big breasts in a week or two, or even in a month!

Sorry my boobinha, but there are no fast and quick ways to grow your boobies. :(

But it's all about perspectives, right? :) Let's look on the bright side!

I've had tiny boobs for most of my life, let's say like 21 years, assuming my puberty started around 12 (and since my breasts started re-growing around 33). I met my current husband, unconsciously changed my diet because of him (and only my diet!), and I noticed my A-cup bra squishing my boobies a year and a half later.

Then I randomly started massaging my boobs, which gave me a result that same day (read my old post on breast massage). I consciously started eating better, and exercising/stretching my chest area frequently. Now my upgraded B-cup bra sometimes squish my boobies a year and a half later, especially when my breasts are swollen before and during my period.

So all in all...after "suffering" for 21 years being flat-chested, in ONLY 3 years, way beyond puberty, my boobs went from totally flat and tiny like grapes to a full B-cup. To this, I say:

My boobs grew fast! Whoo!

Next time you search how to grow your breasts fast, and your boobies don't respond in a week or two, or even in a month, please don't get discouraged!

Always remember, even the girls during their puberty take years to grow breasts. But we know and have something that they don't. We have a knowledge of how to properly take care of our bodies and also to grow breasts, as well as patience and persistence gained as we age.

If you have time to google about how to grow your boobs in a week, go and have some well-balanced dinner, exercise, and massage your breasts!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Push-Ups: A Classic Breast-Enhancing Exercise...Does It Work?

They always say this:

Do push-ups, work those chest muscles, if you want bigger breasts.

Does it really work? Has it worked for you?

The answer probably depends on how you look at things, but my short answer would be no. My long answer...yes.

Remember my athletic trainer boyfriend I had years ago? We used to joke all the time how his "boobs" are bigger than mine. His chest muscles were so big, he could hold a pen between his "cleavage"! I also trained my pectoral muscles in hopes to grow my boobs bigger.

Did they grow bigger? No.

Did they get shapely? Yes! (Till this day, I thank my perky, round boobies to my well-developed pectoral muscles!)

Do you know how your breasts look inside? 

Image borrowed from Wikipedia: Breast

See where it says #2 with an arrow pointing...that's your pectoral muscles. Do you see how your actual breast sits on top of the muscles, with lots of fatty tissues and stuff?

Push-ups will help you grow those muscles labeled #2, underneath the breast tissues, however, they will not directly work on increasing the mass of breast tissues. We want soft, womanly boobs, not just hard muscles!

Having said this, exercising your pectoral muscles will help your breasts to keep their shapeliness (did you know that your boobs can sag, even if they're tiny?). It also helps to increase the blood flow to the chest area, which we want for our breast growth!

As always, push-up alone *does not* grow our breasts. But push-up *does help* in the breast growth. Besides, they will also give us nice arms, belly, butt...!

So go ahead and work your pectoral muscles by doing some push-ups. In moderation.

Always in moderation!

By the way, I actually don't like push-ups because I have a bit of wrist problems (I know, I know, all after this post....). If you do too, don't do push-ups but opt for other exercises that work your pecs! :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Women With Breasts Eat a Hearty Breakfast

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? :)

A piece of fruit, some yogurt, a slice of pizza...maybe nothing???

When I was in Japan, I went outside of Tokyo to take a short trip to onsen, the hot springs. Besides all the great benefits of being immersed in hot water that has been naturally heated by Earth (which dramatically improves blood circulation), I saw something interesting in terms of breakfast food.

Both young and old, at 7AM, everyone was eating a whole fish!!!

Okay, I get it, they eat a lot of fish in Japan, but to me, it's like eating a piece of chicken at 7am!

I was so shocked by this, but I decided to try it anyway. I got a whole fish to myself, as well as rice, veggie salads, yogurt, sausages, basically everything else that women with boobs were eating there.... Their plates were LOADED with nutritious foods from 7am....

The funny thing was, I could actually eat all of them despite my initial doubts about my morning hunger, and having eaten that much food first thing in the morning has gotten me in the spiral of being hungry as soon as I wake up these days. I've also realized that I'm actually more hungry in the mornings than I thought I was, just like what happened with drinking water. Until you start drinking more water, you don't realize how thirsty you actually are.

Right after coming back from Japan, I went to a Latin dance congress in Reno, Nevada. I love dancing! :D

I went with a couple of my friends, one of them who has a pair of really nice boobies on her tiny frame. When we got there around 11am, she takes out a big container and said, "I'm so tired because I didn't eat breakfast this morning, and I should have eaten these earlier."

She opens the container...there they were, her "breakfast" of THREE hard-boiled eggs and a HUGE piece of chicken!!! Sure enough, she finished eating all of that in one sitting.

During our entire trip, she would wake up early enough to go eat some breakfast before the workshops started, no matter how late she was out dancing (one night, until 6am!!!). She also told me that she rarely eats junk food because she likes to eat a real meal when she gets hungry. In case you're wondering...she also did go have a full lunch and a full dinner every single day we were there. Simply amazing.

Both the Japan and Reno trips made me realize how important it is to start out your day with food abundant in nutrition.

Check out the importance of breakfast from John Hopkins' website.

See how these relate to growing a pair of nice boobs while having a thin waist? ;)

(If you still don't get it, you need to e-mail me in person and ask, because you really need to understand this basic concept to grow your boobs!!!)

If you're like me and have no prior habit of having a hearty breakfast, start by eating a piece of fruit, a bowl of cereal, a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt...whatever you can think of that is full of nutrition!

I did have a hearty breakfast this morning! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Post-Boobs Greetings from Japan!

Konnichiwa! Yes, I went to Japan for a bit under two weeks!

I get off a train in front of the hotel I was staying, and BAM!

What did I see? A tall, slender Japanese woman dressed nicely, slightly running, and her boobs were going up and down like a bouncing basketball!!!

What I remember about Japanese women and their boobs from my visit years ago, is that they were short, super skinny, and had no boobs. I was skinny and had no boobs back then, but I looked chubby next to them. So you get the idea.

But this time, things were different. Women were taller, had boobs, like nice boobs, and super skinny abs! ...but absolutely no butt... You may ask why I know this...well here is why......

I went to "onsen"...a term used for hot springs. In Japan, you go into onsen totally naked. No bikinis, no towels, thankfully not coed. Even through my embarrassment, I looked at everyone's boobies so I can tell you all about it. :D I was such a creep!

Japanese people seemed to love eating fried foods, carbs, and meats like everyone else in the world (change in their diet...more Westernized, less traditional). However, the food portions that came out in restaurants were like...super duper tiny!!! When my husband and I got our food for the first time, we were like..."What? Are we gonna starve?" It's like a third of what we normally eat! However, the plates were interestingly quite satisfying.

Food platters always came with various and multiple sides, like if I had a deep fried pork (which again, is like a third of what we would normally get in the states), I would also get a bowl of rice, some miso soup, pickled veggies, and a MOUNTAIN of thinly sliced cabbage which you're supposed to eat.

On top of this tiny food portions which were amazingly packed with nutrients, people walk a lot! The first day out, I seriously thought my entire lower body was going to crumble down from all the walking despite the fact I was wearing a pair of super comfy shoes.

So that is why they have nice boobs and super flat abs!

A well-balanced diet in small but satisfying quantities, while "exercising" a lot by walking everywhere. 

Sometimes we'd have to walk up flights of stairs at subway stations where they had no escalators!!! Imagine doing that every day!

Despite eating out every single meal and having all the yummy desserts we ate every single day...like crepes loaded with whipped cream and all...I did not gain any weight, and my husband lost 5 pounds in 12 days!!!

It was an amazing experience for me in terms of boobs-growing and super flat abs. I ate slightly less at work today, as you can probably imagine why...

In my next post, I want to share more with you about my onsen experience. My boobs grew quite a bit in two days while at onsen. Super excited to share with you!!! :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Happy New Year, Boobinhas!

It's a new year!!! Happy 2016!!!

Do you have some natural and healthy boobs-growing plans as a part of your new year's resolutions? :)

Here are some of my own:

1. Be more consistent with boobs massage, and try to add an evening massage whenever possible.
2. Eat an actual breakfast, not just a fruit or cereal (though eating something in the morning was already a huge improvement for me).
3. Eat more veggies and fruits.
4. Try to take a bath at least once a week.
5. Make a better website for Give Me Some Boobs!

I just got back from my trip yesterday morning...super jet-lagged. But I can't wait to share with you all about my trip and boobs-observation in my next post!

AND...my boobs actually grew quite a bit during this trip!!! My boobs-growing new year's resolution #4, to take a bath, is related to this.

The growth I felt during my trip was a huge deal for me, as I have struggled with minimum breasts growth for the past couple of months, even though I have been careful with my protein intake, exercising, and boobs massage.

Can you guess what/how taking a bath could contribute to natural breasts growth? :)

If you haven't started acting on growing your breasts naturally, here are a couple of things I can suggest as a part of your new year's resolutions to help you grow your boobs:

-try to not skip any meals
-drink less alcohol/drink more water
-exercise frequently
-eat more protein
-try to sleep 8 hours
-quit smoking
-make better choices on what you eat
-spend some time and money on some new and better bras...get fitted properly!
-massage your breasts at least 5 times a week (I say 5, because it was and still is difficult and awkward for me to massage my boobs when my husband is around the house...I try to do it when he is not around, like when he's left for work and before I go to work....)
-love your own boobs, no matter what size/shape they hold right now

Don't try to do everything at once. As always, the most important thing is for you to be patient and persistent on anything and everything you do for your boobs. Pick one or two things that you know you can continue. Once those things have become a daily habit, try adding more.

Happy boobs-growing in 2016! :)