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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Happy New Year, Boobinhas!

It's a new year!!! Happy 2016!!!

Do you have some natural and healthy boobs-growing plans as a part of your new year's resolutions? :)

Here are some of my own:

1. Be more consistent with boobs massage, and try to add an evening massage whenever possible.
2. Eat an actual breakfast, not just a fruit or cereal (though eating something in the morning was already a huge improvement for me).
3. Eat more veggies and fruits.
4. Try to take a bath at least once a week.
5. Make a better website for Give Me Some Boobs!

I just got back from my trip yesterday morning...super jet-lagged. But I can't wait to share with you all about my trip and boobs-observation in my next post!

AND...my boobs actually grew quite a bit during this trip!!! My boobs-growing new year's resolution #4, to take a bath, is related to this.

The growth I felt during my trip was a huge deal for me, as I have struggled with minimum breasts growth for the past couple of months, even though I have been careful with my protein intake, exercising, and boobs massage.

Can you guess what/how taking a bath could contribute to natural breasts growth? :)

If you haven't started acting on growing your breasts naturally, here are a couple of things I can suggest as a part of your new year's resolutions to help you grow your boobs:

-try to not skip any meals
-drink less alcohol/drink more water
-exercise frequently
-eat more protein
-try to sleep 8 hours
-quit smoking
-make better choices on what you eat
-spend some time and money on some new and better bras...get fitted properly!
-massage your breasts at least 5 times a week (I say 5, because it was and still is difficult and awkward for me to massage my boobs when my husband is around the house...I try to do it when he is not around, like when he's left for work and before I go to work....)
-love your own boobs, no matter what size/shape they hold right now

Don't try to do everything at once. As always, the most important thing is for you to be patient and persistent on anything and everything you do for your boobs. Pick one or two things that you know you can continue. Once those things have become a daily habit, try adding more.

Happy boobs-growing in 2016! :)

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