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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Recommended Food Item to Grow Bigger Breasts and to Keep a Thin Waist

Today I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite food items I consistently eat to continue growing my breasts while keeping calories in check!

Now remember...I did not, and will never say, that you have to eat this, otherwise, your boobs will not grow. Or that this is the only food item you need to consume to boost your boobies. It's always important to be on a well-balanced diet, not just to grow bigger breasts but for your overall health! And this item is just another one I think will *help* in doing so.


Yes! It's Greek Yogurt! :D

If you don't know what Greek yogurt is, imagine regular yogurt but a lot thicker consistency and more sour, which results from being strained and removing whey.

I remember seeing it a few years ago from a single brand. But everywhere you go, every yogurt company has their own Greek yogurt on the market these days. It's gotten quite popular with a growing number of health-conscious people!

Take a look at the amount of protein packed in this Greek yogurt...23g for 130 calories! 23g of protein is like a good serving of 3-ounce meat, which could easily come close to doubling the amount of calories (of course, depending on the type of meat, not double, but definitely not at 130).

I recommend you to opt for a nonfat or 2%, as I found out that a regular Greek yogurt can also pack its calories and fat content quite high. It also has less protein, typically 2-5g less per serving.

I do not particularly favor this brand, it just happened to be what was on sale at Whole Foods Market last week. They usually have 4 to 5 different Greek yogurt brands there, including their own. There is always one single brand that's on sale, and I typically just buy a sale item. I like some brands over others for a couple of reasons such as: more protein per calories, organic or non-organic (I try to buy organic as much as and whenever possible), and sourness...last one is kind of important to me. Some brands are way too sour for my taste, I just don't like them as much.

I like: Wallaby, Stoneyfield, Whole Foods Market brand (last one is cheaper than the rest but still quite good). Sometimes I buy Fage, again, depending on what's on sale (though not as excited when this is on sale as it's not organic...). I don't really like Chobani because it's way too sour and also quite expensive.

These are just my personal preferences, and it doesn't mean you'll also like them. But when you go out to buy one tonight, don't forget to check the labels for the actual protein/fat/sugar content! Just because it says "Greek yogurt" doesn't mean the benefits of high protein, low calories I just wrote above come in every container!

You can use Greek yogurt not just for the sake of eating yogurt, but for making smoothies, dips, soups, spreads, etc.

It's a great source of protein for everyone, but especially if you're a vegetarian!

Are you a vegan and can't eat this? Worry not, I will share with you something else that's good for all of us including yourself in the next post! :)

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