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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Have You Ever Googled, "How To Get Bigger Breasts FAST"?

You're guilty, I'm guilty. We need to talk, girl!

I'm sure everyone reading this has at some point in time, looked up for answers to fast and quick ways to grow our breasts naturally. Then we were told that we should eat/drink this and that, do chest exercises, massage boobies, yada yada yada...and even how to make them *look* bigger. I don't care about them looking bigger, I want them to *actually be bigger*!

All in a week or two, at the longest in a month! Whoo! Big breasts right around the corner!

Breasts development is one of the first signs of puberty for girls. Puberty lasts for a few years. It is during this time that the growth hormone needed for breasts development (as well as other bodily parts) reaches its peak.

So let's think this over...unless you're currently going through puberty, your growth hormone is being secreted less and less as we are getting farther away from puberty. If you're in your mid-20s, you're probably secreting much more growth hormone than me, as I'm currently 36 (though I do exercise a lot!). And if you're older than me, then probably even less than me.

Now, please remember that even the girls going through their puberty with the growth hormone at its peak, do not grow big breasts in a week or two, or even in a month!

Sorry my boobinha, but there are no fast and quick ways to grow your boobies. :(

But it's all about perspectives, right? :) Let's look on the bright side!

I've had tiny boobs for most of my life, let's say like 21 years, assuming my puberty started around 12 (and since my breasts started re-growing around 33). I met my current husband, unconsciously changed my diet because of him (and only my diet!), and I noticed my A-cup bra squishing my boobies a year and a half later.

Then I randomly started massaging my boobs, which gave me a result that same day (read my old post on breast massage). I consciously started eating better, and exercising/stretching my chest area frequently. Now my upgraded B-cup bra sometimes squish my boobies a year and a half later, especially when my breasts are swollen before and during my period.

So all in all...after "suffering" for 21 years being flat-chested, in ONLY 3 years, way beyond puberty, my boobs went from totally flat and tiny like grapes to a full B-cup. To this, I say:

My boobs grew fast! Whoo!

Next time you search how to grow your breasts fast, and your boobies don't respond in a week or two, or even in a month, please don't get discouraged!

Always remember, even the girls during their puberty take years to grow breasts. But we know and have something that they don't. We have a knowledge of how to properly take care of our bodies and also to grow breasts, as well as patience and persistence gained as we age.

If you have time to google about how to grow your boobs in a week, go and have some well-balanced dinner, exercise, and massage your breasts!

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