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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Post-Boobs Greetings from Japan!

Konnichiwa! Yes, I went to Japan for a bit under two weeks!

I get off a train in front of the hotel I was staying, and BAM!

What did I see? A tall, slender Japanese woman dressed nicely, slightly running, and her boobs were going up and down like a bouncing basketball!!!

What I remember about Japanese women and their boobs from my visit years ago, is that they were short, super skinny, and had no boobs. I was skinny and had no boobs back then, but I looked chubby next to them. So you get the idea.

But this time, things were different. Women were taller, had boobs, like nice boobs, and super skinny abs! ...but absolutely no butt... You may ask why I know this...well here is why......

I went to "onsen"...a term used for hot springs. In Japan, you go into onsen totally naked. No bikinis, no towels, thankfully not coed. Even through my embarrassment, I looked at everyone's boobies so I can tell you all about it. :D I was such a creep!

Japanese people seemed to love eating fried foods, carbs, and meats like everyone else in the world (change in their diet...more Westernized, less traditional). However, the food portions that came out in restaurants were like...super duper tiny!!! When my husband and I got our food for the first time, we were like..."What? Are we gonna starve?" It's like a third of what we normally eat! However, the plates were interestingly quite satisfying.

Food platters always came with various and multiple sides, like if I had a deep fried pork (which again, is like a third of what we would normally get in the states), I would also get a bowl of rice, some miso soup, pickled veggies, and a MOUNTAIN of thinly sliced cabbage which you're supposed to eat.

On top of this tiny food portions which were amazingly packed with nutrients, people walk a lot! The first day out, I seriously thought my entire lower body was going to crumble down from all the walking despite the fact I was wearing a pair of super comfy shoes.

So that is why they have nice boobs and super flat abs!

A well-balanced diet in small but satisfying quantities, while "exercising" a lot by walking everywhere. 

Sometimes we'd have to walk up flights of stairs at subway stations where they had no escalators!!! Imagine doing that every day!

Despite eating out every single meal and having all the yummy desserts we ate every single day...like crepes loaded with whipped cream and all...I did not gain any weight, and my husband lost 5 pounds in 12 days!!!

It was an amazing experience for me in terms of boobs-growing and super flat abs. I ate slightly less at work today, as you can probably imagine why...

In my next post, I want to share more with you about my onsen experience. My boobs grew quite a bit in two days while at onsen. Super excited to share with you!!! :D

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