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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Push-Ups: A Classic Breast-Enhancing Exercise...Does It Work?

They always say this:

Do push-ups, work those chest muscles, if you want bigger breasts.

Does it really work? Has it worked for you?

The answer probably depends on how you look at things, but my short answer would be no. My long answer...yes.

Remember my athletic trainer boyfriend I had years ago? We used to joke all the time how his "boobs" are bigger than mine. His chest muscles were so big, he could hold a pen between his "cleavage"! I also trained my pectoral muscles in hopes to grow my boobs bigger.

Did they grow bigger? No.

Did they get shapely? Yes! (Till this day, I thank my perky, round boobies to my well-developed pectoral muscles!)

Do you know how your breasts look inside? 

Image borrowed from Wikipedia: Breast

See where it says #2 with an arrow pointing...that's your pectoral muscles. Do you see how your actual breast sits on top of the muscles, with lots of fatty tissues and stuff?

Push-ups will help you grow those muscles labeled #2, underneath the breast tissues, however, they will not directly work on increasing the mass of breast tissues. We want soft, womanly boobs, not just hard muscles!

Having said this, exercising your pectoral muscles will help your breasts to keep their shapeliness (did you know that your boobs can sag, even if they're tiny?). It also helps to increase the blood flow to the chest area, which we want for our breast growth!

As always, push-up alone *does not* grow our breasts. But push-up *does help* in the breast growth. Besides, they will also give us nice arms, belly, butt...!

So go ahead and work your pectoral muscles by doing some push-ups. In moderation.

Always in moderation!

By the way, I actually don't like push-ups because I have a bit of wrist problems (I know, I know, all after this post....). If you do too, don't do push-ups but opt for other exercises that work your pecs! :)

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