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Friday, January 15, 2016

Women With Breasts Eat a Hearty Breakfast

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? :)

A piece of fruit, some yogurt, a slice of pizza...maybe nothing???

When I was in Japan, I went outside of Tokyo to take a short trip to onsen, the hot springs. Besides all the great benefits of being immersed in hot water that has been naturally heated by Earth (which dramatically improves blood circulation), I saw something interesting in terms of breakfast food.

Both young and old, at 7AM, everyone was eating a whole fish!!!

Okay, I get it, they eat a lot of fish in Japan, but to me, it's like eating a piece of chicken at 7am!

I was so shocked by this, but I decided to try it anyway. I got a whole fish to myself, as well as rice, veggie salads, yogurt, sausages, basically everything else that women with boobs were eating there.... Their plates were LOADED with nutritious foods from 7am....

The funny thing was, I could actually eat all of them despite my initial doubts about my morning hunger, and having eaten that much food first thing in the morning has gotten me in the spiral of being hungry as soon as I wake up these days. I've also realized that I'm actually more hungry in the mornings than I thought I was, just like what happened with drinking water. Until you start drinking more water, you don't realize how thirsty you actually are.

Right after coming back from Japan, I went to a Latin dance congress in Reno, Nevada. I love dancing! :D

I went with a couple of my friends, one of them who has a pair of really nice boobies on her tiny frame. When we got there around 11am, she takes out a big container and said, "I'm so tired because I didn't eat breakfast this morning, and I should have eaten these earlier."

She opens the container...there they were, her "breakfast" of THREE hard-boiled eggs and a HUGE piece of chicken!!! Sure enough, she finished eating all of that in one sitting.

During our entire trip, she would wake up early enough to go eat some breakfast before the workshops started, no matter how late she was out dancing (one night, until 6am!!!). She also told me that she rarely eats junk food because she likes to eat a real meal when she gets hungry. In case you're wondering...she also did go have a full lunch and a full dinner every single day we were there. Simply amazing.

Both the Japan and Reno trips made me realize how important it is to start out your day with food abundant in nutrition.

Check out the importance of breakfast from John Hopkins' website.

See how these relate to growing a pair of nice boobs while having a thin waist? ;)

(If you still don't get it, you need to e-mail me in person and ask, because you really need to understand this basic concept to grow your boobs!!!)

If you're like me and have no prior habit of having a hearty breakfast, start by eating a piece of fruit, a bowl of cereal, a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt...whatever you can think of that is full of nutrition!

I did have a hearty breakfast this morning! :)

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