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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4-Minuet Breast Massage for Natural Breast Growth

Breast Massage for Natural Breast Growth

UPDATE: 5/16/2019

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I do not want to encourage or recommend any breast massage for anyone younger than 18 years old, as your breasts are still developing. Please let your body do its own thing! You do not want to interrupt or interfere with your natural development as it may cause some unknown adversary effects.

Breast massage increases blood circulation to the bust area, which is one of the 4 fundamental factors of natural breast growth.

Today I would like to share with you a 4-minute breast massage that I do every day. It will probably take a little longer in the beginning until you get used to the movements.

I want to make sure I point out that though massaging is extremely helpful in natural breast growth, nutrition is even more important. If you're not eating well-balanced meals every day, massage will only help you a little, if at all. So please keep this in mind!


-drink a glass of room temperature water to improve blood circulation
-warm up hands before the massage
-if possible, massage in front of a mirror
-use *enough* oil/lotion so your hands glide over your skin instead of causing friction (I like to use olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, but others will work as well)


Use gentle but enough pressure to massage your breasts; it should feel good, not hurt.

Massage #1:

-Take your right hand and put it on your left breast in an angle shown below
-Use your entire hand to push up and inward in the shown angle, as if to create a cleavage
-Take your left hand and put it on your *LEFT* breast in the same angle
-Use your entire left hand to do the same as right
-This completes one set: 20 sets, each breast

(0:40 seconds)

Massage #2:

-Using your entire hand, massage breasts with the opposite-side hand in a circular motion shown below
-Massage so that your hands are coming inward to the middle of your body (left breast in a counter-clockwise motion, right breast in a clockwise motion)
-20 times, each breast

(0:40 seconds)

Massage #3:

-Put both hands with fingers pointing down to the ground
-Use your fingers to scoop up from the base of your breast upward
-Going up with the right and left hand is considered a set: repeat 10 sets, each breast

*When I first started this, it felt weird like I was massaging some bumps and blood vessels, especially in my left breast as it used to be much smaller and had absolutely no fat. But as it grew and some fat accumulated, I now feel more resistance against my fingertips.

(0:20 seconds)

Massage #4:

-This is a pressure point known to enhance breast growth
-It is located in the middle of the chest, on the line connecting the nipples
-You will feel a slight dent in the sternum
-Take your thumb, press the dented area (indicated with the blue dot below) for about 3 seconds, slide your thumbs towards your nipples (right thumb goes outward on the left breast, left thumb on the right breast)
-repeat 5 sets

*The pressure point area hurt a lot for almost a week when I first started this. I kept pressing it very very lightly every day; now it feels good, no pain ever.

(0:25 seconds)

Massage #5:

-Take your right hand, place it under your left armpit, reach as far back as you can
-Bring your hand inward, across the top part of your breast, then down the middle of your chest
-repeat 10 times, each side

(0:20 seconds)

Massage #6:

-Place opposite-side hand to the collarbone, use your fingertips to rub inward
-repeat 5 times, each side

(0:10 seconds)

Massage #7:

-Make fists with both hands
-Open your chest widely and feel the shoulder blades moving towards each other
-Place the right fist under your right armpit, the left fist under your left armpit
-Move fists inward, simultaneously, as if collecting breasts fat to the middle
-Move from the top, middle, and bottom as the arrows are pointing in the diagram below
-Repeat 2 times at each location

(0:10 seconds)

Massage #8:

-Raise your left arm, take your right hand and massage downward from your wrist into the chest area
-Repeat 10 times, each arm

(0:20 seconds)


After this massage, I take the last minute to stretch my arms and chest area:

Side Stretch #1:

-Raise your left arm, grab the wrist with your right hand to pull up and to the side
-It's important that you are concentrating and feeling the stretch in the underarm area

Chest Stretch #2:

-Clasp hands behind your back
-Bend down 90 degrees, raise clasped hands straight up, perpendicular to the floor
-While maintaining this position, concentrate on keeping the shoulder blades close to each other

Originally published on 2/2/16.


  1. Hi
    Can you make a video on these massage techniques for better understanding. Thank you you are doing a great job by helping all the girls suffering from small breasts

    1. Give me some time while I figure out what is the best way to make a video on this! When I do, I will backlink it here! Thank you for your support, it makes me happy and motivated. :)

    2. Hi! Sorry I still haven't made the video I promised you a long time ago. If you're interested, I'm currently looking for volunteers to participate in my natural breast growth program where I will cover this massage, one on one. Please read my newest blog post, "Want to be Featured in a Success Story?"

    3. I've made a video but it's not a great quality that I don't want to post it for just anyone and everyone to see (I made it for the volunteers I've mentioned above). But if you're still interested, please either e-mail me to givemesomeboobs@gmail.com or write me through the Contact page at the top, and I can send you the link on YouTube where I posted it for private views.

  2. Hey Yumi! Did you ever made that massaging techniques video? I understand most of it but some parts leave me confused haha thank you for taking the time to write these blogs :)

    1. Hi Beautygirl! I haven't yet!!! I tried to back in July and realized my breasts were way too big to fit into any of my bikinis and sports bras (they were humongous being at the height of breastfeeding!), and since I've never done any videos, I also realized I have to research a lot about it (and therefore procrastinated...)! But it is still at the top of my list of things to do for this blog.

      If I can be of any help, which part in particular are you confused about? Maybe I can try to explain a little better?

    2. I've made a video but it's not a great quality that I don't want to post it for just anyone and everyone to see (I made it for the volunteers I was looking for in my recent post). But if you're still interested, please either e-mail me to givemesomeboobs@gmail.com or write me through the Contact page at the top, and I can send you the link on YouTube where I posted it for private views.

  3. Thank you for replying this fast! And excuse my cringy account name lol this is an old one.

    No problem though, I completely understand it :)
    Ehm I’m kinda confused with technique #3. Is this literally lifting it up with your hand nothing else? And how is technique #6 beneficial? Since you’re basically massaging your collarbone haha

    Also, are these the only techniques you do? Can I do it twice in a row? So an 8 minute massage in one time? I don’t have time in the morning lol

    Thank you in advance :)

    1. Yes, #3 is literally lifting your boobs up! If you're asking me that it means to "lift it up", then you already have some actual meat there. When I first started this massage, I had nothing to "lift up." There were just some bumps and veiny stuff, it felt really weird. But as your breasts develop more, then you will be able to lift your breasts up. Careful not to drop your boobs afterwards...be gentle....

      #6 has something to do with the lymphatic system. That's related to blood circulation, but I will have to understand it more myself to be able to explain to you why I think it's important. When I came up with this massage routine years ago, a lot of breast massage tutorials I watched/read always talked about this one, so I decided to put it into my own. :)

      These are the only techniques I do. I have done them twice a day, like in the morning and at night, but most of my breast growth journey was only once a day. If you don't have time in the morning, you can do them at night, after showering would be nice because your body is already warmed up! You can do it twice in a row, but if you do it once really well, I personally don't find the reason why you would have to do it twice (and longer). Not sure if you read my most recent (like over a month ago...) post, but the most important thing about this massage routine is that you improve the blood circulation to the bust area. If you do it well the first time around, there's no need to keep doing it. :) Like I always say, try to keep things simple that you can continue for a long time. It doesn't do anything when you get overly zealous for a week or two and quit because you can't keep it up!

      I don't have to ask probably, but you're eating well, right? :)

  4. Oh and I forgot to ask, did you ever post a blog about your diet? Stuff to eat to help increasing breast growth?

    1. No, I did not (omg, again!). But in part, because I don't believe in such things like "eat this and that and your breasts will grow" kind of thing. I believe in eating a well-balanced diet. But I do believe in the consumption of quality and adequate amount of protein, like meat, Greek yogurt, dairy, eggs, beans, soy products is essential. However, you still need vitamins to synthesize these protein you consume...hence my belief in eating well, not just a handful of food items!

  5. I currently have a bigger B cup but I would like them to be like a C/D. Thank you so much for all the information, I completely get it now :) and yes I do eat well! I’m trying to avoid dairy though since it isn’t really good for your body, for example I replaced cow’s milk with oat milk (tastes so much better!). And indeed, it’s all about eating a well-balanced diet. Thanks again, I will start my journey from tomorrow on and hopefully I’ll achieve the same results you eventually got ^^

    1. Yes, eat well! That is a cure for a lot of things, not just growing breasts. I think in this modern-day, busy era filled with quick, ready-to-eat processed foods, the idea of eating well just gets pushed behind. Do keep me updated on your breast growth journey...don't forget to take lots of photos and measure yourself beforehand. But the best "measurement" of growth for me was to study my breasts in the mirror from different angles to know how every part looked. This helped me to notice the first signs of growth even before anything looked different in photos!

  6. hey! i think my breasts are too small. do you really think these massages twice a day alone and a normal diet habit would help me achieve a bigger b or smaller c cup? :)
    i am really anxious about this. and will be very happy if you replied :*

    1. Hi! Of course I believe that these massages and good dietary habits will grow our breasts!!! :) My breasts have grown from AA/A to D-cup through this, pre-pregnancy. After I got pregnant, they became even bigger (as expected?), and then shrunk back a bit, but I'm currently around 32DD/32E, I suspect. This could change when I'm done with breastfeeding (no longer at the height of breastfeeding when my breasts were humongous...), but I'm planning to go back to daily breast massage in a while to un-sag my breasts now. :P

      I want to point out that what's considered a "normal" diet to one person could be sufficient/deficient in terms of breast growth. It's so easy to think that you're eating well when in reality you're only consuming carbs/fat/fibers and not enough protein. So do look over your diet to make sure that you are eating enough protein! A sprinkle of beans in your soup, for example, is not enough!

      Good luck, and let me know your progress. :) Oh, and there was only about a month where I massaged twice a day, but for the most part, I only did once a day. The important thing is that you can continue with this habit, not get super zealous and burn out after a month!

  7. Hi Yumi first of all thanks a lot for these informations am having a question related to breast massage should we massage our breast when we are on periods?

    1. Hi! Only if it makes you and your breasts feel better. When I'm on my period, my breasts get really tight, swollen, and super painful. I used to massage only with the tips of my fingers, very lightly, because it actually helped with the pain. Sometimes they were just too painful to even the slightest of the touch, in which case I just let them be without massage.

      Please remember that everything I talk about in my blog needs to be done in moderation. It's not about massaging every single day, rain or shine (or in this case period pain or not). It's about improving the areas of your life as a whole that need improvement so that you have an excellent foundation for natural breast growth! If you haven't already, please read my post "3 Fundamental Factors for Natural Breast Growth." :)

      However, I found that when I did not massage my breasts for months from laziness/boredom, they remained at the same size for a long time. When I started massaging again, they finally grew to the next cup size within a month. So to answer your question after this lengthy writing: if they're too painful to massage, don't massage, but if you're not massaging because you are too busy/lazy/bored, then you need to massage. :)

  8. Hi,

    I am going to give this a try. I also have breast cream that I can use when I massage. I know that I will not see results the second that I start this. But when should I start seeing some results or difference?



    1. Hi, Ashley! I think this depends on how your body/lifestyle foundation is before you start the natural breast growth process. For instance, if you're almost, always skipping meals and not eating healthily, drinking and partying till wee hours, not sleeping for whatever reason (basically how I was!), it's going to take you a lot longer than compared to someone who leads a pretty good lifestyle and just needs an extra boost of good circulation to the bust area.

      Make sure to study your breasts from every possible angle, and know exactly how they feel in your hands!!! The physical changes are so small day by day that you're not going to see them unless you really know your own body.

      I mentioned in my old blog post that I saw an immediate result when I massaged my breasts for the first time (please refer to https://www.givemesomeboobs.com/2015/11/can-breast-massage-help-your-boobs-to.html). However, that is from a temporary improvement of blood circulation to the bust area. The important thing here is whether you can continue this temporary occurrence long enough for your breasts to actually start growing. If we compare this to weightlifting...your muscles feel tired almost immediately after the lifting sessions and maybe even painful the next day. Now, you're not going to see the muscles growing all of a sudden the next day...you need to lift weights continuously over weeks and months and years...can you have that patience to keep lifting until your muscles grow? Natural breast growth is exactly the same as this. :)

    2. Hi Yumi,

      Thank you for your reply! I try to lead a good lifestyle. I have a set bed time schedule (I try to get to sleep by 9pm since I have to be up for work by 4:30am.) I do not skip meals since I know I will feel crappy if I do. I will admit that I sometimes enjoy a cheat day in which I will enjoy a glass of wine or something I really want to have; but I do not overdo it. Moderation is the key!

      I will to continue the massage. It felt wonderful and my breasts felt heavy afterwards. I also know that massaging them is a great way to remove toxins and has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. These are even more reasons for me to continue with the massage besides trying to grow them out.

      I also enjoy yoga, pilates, and meditiation! As I feel that trying to live as stress-free as possible is one of the most important part of a healthy lifestyle; besides diet and other factors.

      Just a question and call me a skeptic, is the for real? Can you really make your breasts grow besides plastic surgery? If I can not grow my breast, I at least want to keep them firm and perky.

      Thank you!



    3. Hi Ashley! I don't blame you for asking me if this is for real. I was a skeptic until I personally experienced it myself. I can now tell you with confidence, from my experiences, which "methods" out there could possibly work and which are just a bunch of BS. Please remember though that my natural breast growth regimen is NOT *ONLY* about breast massage. Breast massage will definitely help you. However, that is not the only ingredient to the growth. If you haven't already, please go read my other post, "3 Fundamental Factors for Natural Breast Growth." One of the trickiest factor is nutrition, as people often think they're eating "healthy" but often times it's just a bunch of carbs and fibers and not enough of what makes up your breasts!

      Everything you wrote is great, those are the keys to your breasts growing! I whole-heartedly agree with "moderation is the key." I always make sure I say that in various posts as natural breast growth is a marathon, not a sprint, and requires moderation on every aspect of it.

      If your breasts felt heavy afterward, then you have successfully massaged correctly and that you've improved blood circulation to the bust area! Great job! :)

      In a day or two, I am planning to post a new blog post which asks for volunteers to participate in my natural breast growth program to personally work with me. If you're interested, please keep a lookout!

    4. Hi Yumi,

      Thank you for your reply to my comment! I have a quick question. I am noticing that my breasts are starting to feel somewhat tender and sore. What does this mean? Is this normal?

      Thank you!

    5. Hi Ashley,

      Is it tender and sore, sort of like from PMS? When I first started massaging, my breasts also got tender and sore, similar to PMS, but much more intense. My breasts felt like they were going to burst and pop. I couldn't wear my regular bras because of this. I remember thinking that maybe there's something wrong with them and that I need to go see a doctor if the pain doesn't get better.

      I think they were like that for about 2 months. However, I never went to a doctor, and I kept massaging anyway...but very lightly. It eventually went away on its own. In hindsight, I would like to think that all the toxins were clearing out, and that my breast tissues were getting so excited that all of sudden, fresh blood supply was getting delivered every single day. But I'm not a doctor or anything, so I can't confirm!

      I would not recommend doing this though, only because I have no idea how much people are in touch with their own bodies, and it could potentially hurt you. What I would suggest you do is to take a break from massaging altogether until the tenderness and soreness subsides, then pick it up once again at a later time.

      Do not over massage your breasts. Once a day is more than enough. You need enough pressure, but again, not too hard and rough. It should feel good and not hurt!

  9. Hey. Got another quest. You said it is good to do the massage at night after a shower. And we do it with some oil, say coconut oil. Is it advisable to soap or wash the oil off after the massage? Or
    should I just leave it there to let the heat stay? :)
    I am confused about it. And it's better to sleep braless right?

    1. In my opinion, whether to keep it on or to wash it off will not affect your breast growth. You can wipe off with a warm towel or leave it on, whichever you wish. I used to wipe off because I liked how the oil made my skin feel moisturized. I would not leave on, only because the amount of oil you'd ideally use to massage would probably be a little too much to leave it on (especially coconut oil, which is quite oily!). I now massage right before a shower to wash off because I'm still breastfeeding and I'm sure my baby wouldn't care for that extra oil....

      There are both sides of arguments on sleeping with or without a bra, but I always sleep braless. I wear a very fitted bra daily, which I'm sure is not letting my blood flow freely in and out of my breasts. :) However, I urge everyone to wear a fitted bra during the day.

  10. Dear Yumi, may I ask for the suitable exercises that come with this set of massages? By far, I have been doing the wall presses for 15 times (2reps) per day as I feel extremely uncomfortable for my knees if I were to do bent-knee push ups.

    And for the food intake, does chia seed help in gaining protein? If so, I could just mix it in my drinking water.
    My current daily food intake list:
    chicken/pork, low-fat milk, a handful of nuts and Greek yogurt(not really on a daily basis) while maintaining roughly same quantity of carbs and the greens.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi D! Wall pressed are good. I personally always included the chest workouts in my regular, free weights routines. Some of my favorites are bench presses and flys (both standing and laying down). Now that you mention this, I just realized that I have not worked out my chest muscles for almost a year. I've just started to "un-sag" my breasts from breastfeeding, so maybe I should get back to them!!!

      Chia seeds are a good *addition* of protein, but you should not count on them as the main source. An ounce of chia seeds (approximately 2 tablespoons, according to a Google search) will give you about 4-5g of protein. They're a great source of fiber, so if you like them, mix it in your water!

      The foods you listed look nice. Obviously, it depends on how much/frequently you're eating in relation to your body and activity levels, but it's still a nice list. Don't forget to eat veggies and fruits as vitamin C is necessary for protein metabolism (and synthesis)!

    2. Oh dear, thanks for your suggestion and goodluck to you! Haven't been through the process of being a lovely mother yet, but I can imagine what it does to our breasts!

      But to my concern, sorry for me being skeptical, is it possible to have positive results in half a year perhaps if I stick to these healthy meals and massages? I'm kinda less confident when it comes to clothes and body curves...

    3. It's okay, a lot of people are skeptical because right now I only have myself to prove it! Volunteers are working hard at it right now though!

      Recently, I have been asked similar questions many times, so I will actually have to make a post soon. Having positive results in half a year is possible. However, what you consider to be positive could significantly differ from what I consider to be positive. Please remember that for me, it took 4 years to go from A to D, though I took a year off from "breast-growing" activities when I reached a C-cup. I was also sort of beating around the bush, in the beginning, to test out my theory...which you will not have to do because I already tested out for you!!!

      I would need to actually see what you consider to be healthy meals because often times, people tend to eat much higher carb/fat (which I do *NOT* support cutting them out of your diet!!!) compared to protein without realizing it. If you want, you can send me a couple photos of your typical lunch/dinner you eat.

      What I have been telling everyone these days though...it's not easy, I will not lie. It's not *just* about changing to/being on a healthy diet and *just* massaging your breasts. Because one day, you're going to get so demotivated at the slowness of this process that these "just" changes will stress you out. You will get sick of thinking about what you're eating at every meal, and you'll feel stupid from time to time that these massages are just a waste of time. I can guarantee it.

      But that's why I have added the 4th fundamental factor of perseverance recently, so yes, if you can just change your diet and just massage your breasts with perseverance, then your breasts will grow and you'll be able to fill out your clothes! :)

    4. Thank you Yumi! To be honest, its not that I do not trust you. I'm being skeptical whether it works wonder on my body as my mother or grandmother does not seem to have big boobs. I'm worried genes restrained me from getting this dream come true!

      The meals I'm having now are considered balanced since I took no greens at all when I was young! There will be at least a meat and some veggies/tofu/egg for lunch and dinner.

      I do have the perseverance to do the massages continuously. But yeah, that worry of genetic factor really hits me hard...

    5. I can't deny the fact that there are certainly genetic factors that play a huge role in breast development, just like the other parts of our bodies.

      There are so many people out there who have really nice, big and round butts that I always dreamt of without ever working out. Does that mean I can't get them? No, it means that I have to work my butt off to build and keep a nice-looking butt! When I did not work out for a couple of months because of my newborn, my nicely-shaped butt that it took me years to build up and keep up, went back super flat, super fast. This does not happen to those people that I just mentioned!!!

      So my point here is...there is definitely a lot of environmental factors involving breast growth, not just genetics!!! :)

  11. Hi Yumi,
    I am following your suggestions and massaging breasts accordingly.The only problem i am facing is i see difference in breasts but same time my belly also becoming bigger is it something related to breast massage i am confused.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi LaCascata! No, your belly should not be getting bigger as a result of the massage! Are you also trying to follow my other suggestions on eating? If you are, it could be related to that (let me know if you are because we'll need to talk in that case!). If you're not following what I talk about besides the breast massage, have you recently changed your diet?

  12. what could be an ideal daily protein intake in terms of daily food we take in?

    1. Hi! Please take some time to read this: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/how-much-protein-do-you-need-every-day-201506188096 and make sure to quickly check the daily recommended protein intake for your body here: https://fnic.nal.usda.gov/fnic/dri-calculator/ This is the minimum amount that's recommended.

      You should also take a look at this calculator, even if you're leading a sedentary life (which you shouldn't!) to understand that there's no one-number-fits-all: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/calpro.htm.

      While I was trying to grow my breasts, I personally aimed anywhere between 80-100g of protein daily, solely from natural food. Now I don't do protein-counting very much, but I continue to eat pretty much the similar way as I did during this time. I still do look at the protein (and other nutrients) to calories ratio when I pick up a new food item to see if it's something good for me to eat all the time, or if it's just a food "luxury." (You know, like potato chips and chocolate chip cookies!!!)

  13. Could this work for saggy, deflated, small boobs after extreme weight loss? Also, how do i subscribe to get the video?

    1. Hi! Yes, but how fast depends on how you lost your weight, as well as how developed your breast tissues were before your weight loss. Did you lose it by leading a healthy lifestyle and diet (eat nutritionally-balanced meals, portion control, and exercising), or in an unhealthy manner? Were you a chronic junk food/carbs/fat eater before losing weight? All of these questions are relevant to answer your question.

      I have recently started my breast "un-sag" journey after pregnancy/breastfeeding (my newest post, if you're interested!). They have gotten much better after 2 months, but still a long way to go. This is a long journey, not something it'll happen in 2 weeks. You need to think in the long term and be very consistent and persistent with your healthy lifestyle habits and the daily breast massage. Being consistent and persistent are probably the most challenging parts of this natural breast growth method.

      When you come to my blog, there should be a pop-up asking you to subscribe for the video. If for some reason it's not working for you, e-mail me to givemesomeboobs at gmail.com and I can send it to you!

    2. I used to eat very unhealthy and did yoyo dieting. My weight fluctuation was severe and so is my sagging. But what bothers me the most is how empty they feel (empty B cups that used to be full Ds when i was fat😢)

      Ok, i'll try reloading a few times and if that wont work, i will email you

      Thank you for your time

  14. Do you might know why when I massage my sternum, only my left breast feel slightly pain, and my right breast doesn’t feel anything? Fyi my left breast is bigger than my right breast

    1. Unfortunately, I do not know. I'm sorry. :( If it's painful, don't do it. Listen to your body and don't force anything. There are other massages that you can do, and skipping one will not be detrimental to the entire process. You can try to come back to this particular one at a later time if you want. The most important thing is that you're consistent with the massage, not which particular one you've completed or skipped!

  15. Hi Yumi, I recently started massaging my breasts using your guide here and I plan to continue doing so! :) thank you for the tips!

    Just wondering, did you happen to be on contraceptives during the period where you were growing your breasts? I'm wondering if the hormones from oral contraceptives also helps to grow the breasts too!

    1. Awesome! Let me know how the massaging goes! It sounds easy to just massage every day, but it's actually difficult to do it every day for a long long stretch of time. But keep it up...you need to make a habit out of it like brushing your teeth.

      No, I have never taken any contraceptive pills in my life. However, *do not quote me on this*, I read somewhere once, which I'm still trying to find now, that when they first came out with the contraceptive pills in the 60s, the estrogen level in the pills were like 5 or 6 times higher (or something like that? Again, do not quote me on this as I have yet to locate that info I read once). And because of this, a lot of women's breasts grew so much.

      So if you're thinking along this line, I do think that the pills can play some kind of roll in the growth. But I would not take them for the sake of growing your breasts. Why would you play with your natural body hormones when you can grow your breasts with healthier options and hard work? (Sure, I get it, it will be really hard work and people don't like hard work.......)

  16. Hi thanks for this amazing blog. Can i ask you if its ok just to take protein supplement ? Or protein powder like the one bodybuilder use ? I ve never been a person that eat much or healthy as a matter of fact. Would it help ? Thanks

    1. I do not recommend taking protein supplements for various reasons. I get asked this question a lot, I should make a post sometime. But in a nutshell, first of all, the supplements in the US are not regulated by the FDA (you can search what this means...I will sometime write a post but probably not soon!).

      Secondly, your breast growth, as well as your whole well-being, is not just about the "protein." It's about eating the *REAL* food. Various foods have various nutritions that work together to build a healthier body. If you are only drinking beer all day and consume protein powder every day, does that sound like a healthy environment for your body to grow? (Sure, your beer belly!) You need vitamins, minerals, fat, carbs, protein, all of these macro- and micronutrients to act and react together for your body.

      So...no, it is not okay to just take protein supplements, and I am highly against this for health reasons. Supplements are called "supplements" for a reason. They are not supposed to replace the actual foods. If you know you've never been a healthy person, this is a great opportunity for you to turn around your bad habits so that you'll have healthier eating and lifestyle habits!!!

  17. Yes, deep inside i know youre right. Ill try my best to change to a better diet routine and replace those unhealthy snacks that i crave so much by a healthy diet. Thanks for your answer Yumi.

    1. I don't know what you mean by "big eater," but if you're able to munch on junk food, then you can definitely eat for your body and your breasts! You don't need to eat a lot. You just need to make healthier choices. See if you can switch junk food to healthier and protein-packed options. For instance, you can eat hard-boiled eggs/beef jerky/roasted beans/nuts/a piece of chicken wings/tofu chunks/etc. There are many options out there where you can take small bites with healthier options while nourishing your body!

      Just a quick note...once you start to eat real food on a regular basis, you're going to notice that you actually crave real food. Also, I never said you can't eat those unhealthy snacks. You can still eat them, but you still need to eat food food, you know? When you eat both these snacks AND start eating more, you will definitely gain more chubbiness all around . If you don't like that, then you need to eat real food first and limit the unhealthy snacks. Does that make sense?