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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Are You Ready to Grow Bigger Breasts Naturally?

Let me share my recent experience in Japan that made me think of this question.

If you've ever been there, you know that people are trendy and though there are some "interesting" personal fashion going on, they also have a lot of pretty stuff everywhere you go. It's also easy to tell what is currently in fashion as the similar-looking style of clothing is at every store.

It was apparent that fluffy sweaters were in fashion this past winter. I wanted one. I tried on a bunch. Didn't get any. You know why?

Because I looked like an overly-padded, chubby football player ready to be tackled.

As the owners of small boobs, we can (or I used to be able to) pretty much look sexy and slender in most types of clothing without much effort. Fluffy sweaters? No problem! Fluff it up even more, and we could look cute and cuddly!

You can probably imagine my devastation when none of those sweaters looked good on me as a result of my breasts growth.

What I realized from this is that when we finally get those big boobs we always longed for, we will be faced with a whole new set of problems and concerns that we've never imagined.

Will you be ready to solve these problems then?

The answer to this lies in how you are currently dealing with your small breasts, and what you are doing to grow bigger breasts.

Stay positive? Definitely!

Love your own body? ALWAYS!

Neither positive nor love your body? Sorry to say this, but you're not ready to have bigger breasts yet, because even when you do, you will still be unhappy with who and how you are for different reasons. :(

But I'm happy to say that the solution to this is super easy: stay positive and love your own body. Nothing else!

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