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Friday, February 19, 2016

Stop Being Envious of Women with Curves (If You Want Your Own)!

Every time I saw a woman with nice curves, I thought to myself, "She probably got fake boobs, how else could she have such big breasts and tight abs? Faker!"

Sounds familiar? Ever thought that? Not just for someone's nice curves, but for anything else someone else has that you don't?
During my Super Fit Period (if you don't know what I'm talking about, refer to my previous post), people constantly told me how "lucky" I am that I stayed thin while I ate and drank whatever I wanted.


I was tiny because I worked out for HOURS almost every day.

What did they do?

They complained about their weight nonstop as they munched on candy bars, drank sodas, and never exercised!
So one day while I was working out, a girl with nice curves walked by me. I immediately thought my usual, envious thought. Fake boobs!!!

Then something hit me.... Really? Are there really that many people getting easy fix on their boobs? Every single one of the sexy-body women working out at the one single gym that I happened to go got a boob job done?

I don't think so!!!

It is then that I realized I had become one of those who complains but never does anything to work on the problems.

Consciously or unconsciously, those girls were working on getting those great curves by taking care of their bodies and trying to stay healthy.

They were not complaining or being envious, they were proactive about getting and maintaining what they wanted and already have.

If you want those curves yourself, you need to stop being envious, stop being doubtful, stop meaningless complaints.

Instead, find out what you're doing/not doing that's keeping your breasts from growing to their potential size, and work on fixing the problems.

You know what you have to do: eat well, drink lots of water, exercise, sleep, stop complaining, TAKE ACTIONS!

As always, start with whatever you can, and you're a step closer to growing bigger breasts naturally...and getting the perks of beautiful skin and better health that come with this!

You can do it! We can do this together!!! :)

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