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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Reasons Sleep Deprivation is Stunting Breasts Growth

Ever heard anyone say to you that "Lack of sleep can stunt your growth"? It turns out, this is true!

How many hours did you sleep last night?

Did you possibly sleep for under 8 hours because you:

-went out for coffee with your best friend to gossip about others?
-watched several episodes of a TV show to see what happens next, then next, then next again?
-went out to a party, only to come home totally trashed with no recollections of the night?
-were stressed and depressed, and wanted to relax by doing nothing...by not going to bed early?
-were studying until wee hours for an exam as a result of procrastination during the day?
-let me guess...procrastinated by surfing the web on "How to Grow Bigger Breasts Fast"?

Did you know that by not sleeping for 8 hours, you are keeping your breasts from growing?

Sleep deprivation throws off the 3 fundamental factors needed for breasts growth out of balance in the following manners:

1. nutrition: When you lack sleep, you are more likely to crave sugar and fat (not to mention caffeine). Ever eaten an entire bag of potato chips, or a large mocha from a coffee shop to quickly boost your energy during the day? Yes, by doing that, you are missing out on an opportunity to consume a proper amount of nutrition required for your breasts growth, and giving a go at storing more fat around your waist!

2. blood circulation: Sleep deprivation indirectly affects the blood flow. Lack of sleep leaves you more susceptible to heat loss as well as difficulty to increase one's body temperature on its own, causing a constant low body temperature. Low body temperature in return causes thickening of blood which slows down the flow. The slower the blood flow, the less oxygen, nutrients, and hormones get carried to the cells needed for breasts growth.

3. hormones: Growth hormone, which is one of the main hormones needed for breasts development, is secreted the most while we sleep. This hormone is produced less and less as we age. The only way to keep producing more is through exercising and sleeping. No sleep, less growth hormone, small boobs.

Is gossiping, drinking, and watching TV really necessary in your life, to constantly lose your sleep over? I admit, I used to do everything I wrote up there but not anymore...I still procrastinate.... They're not worth it.

Lack of sleep can cause much more serious physical and mental problems than having tiny breasts. Sleeping can improve or even fix many of those problems, including your tiny breasts.

So tonight before you engage yourself in any nightly activity, think to yourself...is what I'm about to do more important and necessary compared to the amount of sleep I'm losing over it?

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