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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Ordering of My Breasts Growth

I was looking at my boobs last night and noticed that the bottom part of my right boob may have slightly gotten bigger.

Hmmm...could be a bit swollen because my period?

When your breasts grow, did you think that they kind of...grow bigger, overall, like a balloon?

That's what I first thought but then realized that both of my breasts grew bigger with a particular ordering. And let me tell you...trying to grow that bottom part of my (especially) left breast was difficult and took some time!!!

Breasts Growth Order:

1. sides of my boobs

How I know this: I used to hate looking at my left boob in the mirror from the side because it always looked "painful" like it's being pulled. I think it's because I had a very little fat on the side, maybe a finger-width amount. As my breasts grew, the fatty part grew both vertically and horizontally, no longer making it look "painful".

2. cleavage (inner sides of my boobs)

How I know this: one day as I was looking into the mirror, AFTER the sides of my boobs have grown, I noticed a very faint line that separates what-would-be my cleavage and my actual boobs. Now I have a small, but a natural cleavage without trying to create one with a bra...like, you can tell that I have 2 separate boobs.

3. DIFFICULT! the bottom part of my boobs

How I know this: every day I take 3 fingers, place them nicely so that the bottom finger would line up with the very base of my boobs (the line that separates your body and your boobs), and check where my fingers would come up to. Right hand against my left breast, left hand against my right breast.

This was interesting as my right breast started out with my top finger barely touching my nipple, while my left breast started out with my fingers completely covering my nipple. My left breast used to be quite a bit smaller than my right.

Now when I place my 3 fingers, they do not cover my nipples on either side. They even come *below* the areola on both breasts!!! :)

Trying to grow the bottom part of my left breast took quite a while...maybe a few months since I started this 3-finger test?

I'm quite optimistic for their continuous growth as the bottom part of my right breast seems to be growing a little by little still...so should my left breast!

Tonight when you look at your boobs in a mirror, try this 3-finger test!!! If you don't see any lines that separate your body from your boobs yet, don't worry, you will start seeing them as your breasts start to grow bigger. :) Kind of like how my line started showing on the cleavage side!

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