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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poop All Out to Help Grow Bigger Breasts!

I wake up this morning, look in the mirror...my face is super swollen!!!

Then get on the scale...almost 2 pounds heavier than usual!!!

Today's blog post will be a poopie one (quite literally)!

I normally have a super constant bowel movement. I'm in and out of the bathroom in a minute or two, every single morning after a cup of coffee.


On Saturday mornings, things are different and could even throw off my poop routine from time to time.

I feel the knocks but I keep ignoring them as I'm always running out of the house to go to a dance class.

Then I come home after 5 hours of "holding", it just doesn't come out!

...Comes Sunday morning, and I miss several chances again, as I feel a bit embarrassed to sit in the bathroom with my beloved husband around the house....

Let me tell you, when I miss pooping out opportunities for 2 days in a row, the aftermath is serious constipation for the next 2~3 days.

Constipation can affect your surface beauty in the following ways:

-bad breath/bad body odor (I've smelled this on people before!)
-skin problems like rashes and breakouts
-swollen face/body (this happens to me)

The longer you hold in your poop, the tougher they get, causing more problems for them to come out as well as building up toxins within your body.

It's also said that constipation could be caused by poor blood circulation (you know what that does to our breast growth!) as this slows down the digestive process.

All the hardened poops you accumulate also put pressure on neighboring organs like uterus and kidney. This also causes poor blood circulation.

So it's a matter of chicken or eggs problem, but regardless of which came first, constipation and poor blood circulation are tightly connected. Constipation could even cause much more serious health problems than surface beauty, such as elongated colon and eventual colon cancer.

Immediate actions you can take to help solve constipation as well as growing your breasts:

-drink more water, not caffeinated drinks/alcohol
-eat more fruits and veggies with fiber
-exercise to strengthen muscles in the abdominal area

See how breast developments are always linked to a healthy lifestyle as well as your overall health and surface beauty? :)

Don't let poops sit inside you! Poop all out!

Clean yourself inside out and grow beautiful breasts naturally. :)

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