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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Deceit of Overnight Breast Enlargement, and The Disappointment Thereafter

My boobs grew a size bigger, overnight! Whoo! :D

...Happy April Fool's Day, everyone... :(

But in all honesty, this happens every month...yes, yes, when the Lady aka menstruation arrives!

I wake up, put on my bra, and scream...holy moly, my boobs don't just fit inside my bra...they're popping out of it!!!

As the Lady leaves, the disappointment follows with my boobs "shrinking" back to their normal size.

It's funny though, I always get fooled by this deceitful breast growth, every month!

One thing I know for sure is that when this happens, my hormones are working, and that my breasts shrink back to a slightly bigger size.

I started testing my 3 fundamental factors for natural breast enhancement in the late April of 2014.

At the time, the fullest part my boobs (without wearing a bra, standing up straight) measured at 79cm (~31.1 in).

These days my boobs measure at 85.5cm (~33.7 in).

When I was having a difficult time growing the bottom part of my breasts, they were at 83.5cm (~32.9 in) for a couple of months...this was towards the end of 2015.

There are days I measure above and below. Sometimes it comes out to 84cm, sometimes 86.5cm. The slightest variance of where I put the measuring tape creates this difference.

I no longer, EVER, measure anything below 84cm, certainly not 79cm. I would be squishing my boobs if I tried to measure my breasts at 79cm!

And the exciting part? :D

When the Deceit of Overnight Breast Enlargement kicks in, my boobs have recently measured up to 89cm (~35 in)!

Which means it's still possible for my boobs to grow to at least that much! Wheee~!

I'm totally psyched, and would happily be fooled every month as it gives me more breast growth to look forward to in the future. :) 

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