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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Two-Year Anniversary at Growing Boobs!

April 24th, 2016 marked two years since the day I decided to challenge myself to consciously growing bigger breasts by all natural means.

I wish to upload my photos of before and after, but I promised my husband not to upload any of my boobs when I started this blog for obvious reasons...sorry.... :( Maybe one of these days, wearing clothes.

The following is the differences in my body measurements back then and today (5/5/2016):

height: 5 ft/152 cm

top bust (WITHOUT a bra): 78cm/30.7in ---> 86.5cm/34.1in  TOTAL +7cm/2.8in

under bust: 71cm/28in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in

waist (around belly button): 70cm/27.6in ---> 73cm/28.7in

butt (fullest part): 84.5 cm/33.3in ---> 91cm/35.8in

weight: ??? (probably around 98lbs/44.5kg) --->104lbs/47.2kg

*I measure my height in inches, weigh myself in pounds; I mea
sure everywhere else using the metric system as it can measure smaller units, and I can see the slightest changes in size!

I have been through multiple phases in weight/body shape/boob size throughout my life. I've weighed up to around 117lbs/53kg during my beer-belly period in the early 20s...and let me just say, I had a huge belly, absolutely zero boobs!

Before you conclude that my breast growth in the past 2 years was simply the result of weight gain, let me tell you how my body has changed in its appearance.


-more "meat" overall

-much more well-defined, forming outer, circular lines that clearly separate both breasts from my body

-small A-cup to small C-cup in VS Body by Victoria*

-more cleavage on 5/5/2016 when wearing the new bras I bought on Japan trip, 1/2016.

* I think their bras are guilty of vanity sizing. I'm more of a full B-cup in most other brands. I no longer buy bras from VS, but I like to use their same line as a point of reference for my breast growth.


-okay...I can work on taking that extra off


-more muscular and rounder, overall

-more well-defined, especially in the part where it connects to my thighs

-I love my butt! :)

Things I've done for the past 2 years:

-eat more in general, and of nutritionally-balanced meals

-drink a lot of water

-sleep earlier (around 11:15pm-ish), 8 hours

-exercise consistently and moderately

-breast massage on most days

-wear bras that fit me

Things I should have done:

-take frequent baths and not just shower

-eat more protein (currently barely hitting the daily recommended amount as I've stopped eating meat on most days...more to follow)

-eat less junk food/drink less alcohol to minimize waist fat

-drink more soy milk/eat more Greek yogurt

Things I'm planning on doing in the future:

-leg massage


-improving the quality of my sleep

-increase the amount of exercising

-reduce junk food/alcohol intake

I'm still smaller at the top. I used to be super skinny, bony, like a stick, whatever you want to call it. Now I'm a little more "meaty."

Every brand and lines vary greatly in bra sizes. My goal is to be able to pick any C-cup bra (US size) and feel full in them. But what I imagine "perfect" for myself can't be expressed by a cup size alone.
I'm maybe about half way there. I feel that this second half will probably be a rougher and tougher one than the first half, which sort of came easily and naturally by fixing my food intake, at least in the beginning.

I'm slowly getting there though. Thank you for your constant support. :)

As a thank you, I'm planning something fun (I hope!) for some of you soon, so stay tuned!

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