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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Personal Challenge I Face in Naturally Growing Bigger Breasts

I always loved to eat, never been on any kind of diet, but managed to stay thin and somewhat in shape most of my life...okay, except for the beer-belly period!

On a side note, you do know the difference of being "thin" and being "in shape," correct?

One of many reasons why I believe this to be true is because, despite my love for good food, I rarely ate. 

What does this mean???

If I went out with family and friends, I ate. If I got invited to a dinner, I ate. If I invited friends over, I ate. A LOT.

You would not believe how much food I eat on these occasions...I can outeat a normal man, easily.

I never liked cooking just for myself though. Often times, I would end up eating junk food here and there and would skip a meal or two. 

I also love to drink wine and beer, so my "meals" would be something like an entire bag of potato chips, a bar of my favorite chocolate, and a couple glasses of wine/bottles of beer (don't judge me!).

I was still thin though (but not shapely!), because that would be my only caloric intake of the day unless I were going out with friends.

Then one day, a couple of years ago, I had an epiphany as I was reading about breast development:

If I want to grow bigger breasts, I need to eat more, consistently, and of nutritionally-balanced and high-protein meals.

This was the start of my personal challenge.

As my realization turned into somewhat of a passion/obsession, I ate 3 meals a day, nutritionally well-balanced and high-protein.

I'd forgotten how much I love to eat food though!

So I would eat a huge breakfast, a huge lunch, and a huge dinner, every single day. My daily calorie intake shot up and beyond any chart!

I also didn't know exactly how much food I should eat in order to consume "enough" protein for the breast growth. I blindly ate a lot of meat, dairy, and beans as much as I could.


How could I let go of my potato chips, chocolate bars, and nightly glasses of alcohol to keep me happy, right? Without saying, I kept eating a huge amount of all that as well.

I gained weight each day, and the total of 16 pounds in less than a month, peaking at 110 lbs!!! 

Sure, my boobs grew. But so did my waist!

That is when I realized...I'm trying to grow my breasts in a totally wrong way!!!

I was eating all the right kinds of food to grow bigger breasts. I was enjoying desserts and junk food and alcohol like a happy individual.

But I was simply overeating and overdoing everything like a maniac in an effort to grow bigger breasts fast!!! (But there is no shortcut, boobinha!)

Now I constantly remind myself...keep eating and drinking, but in moderation. My husband assures me from time to time that I'm consuming more than enough protein, so I don't need to try to eat so much, or that I shouldn't eat until I'm totally stuffed (but he does not know why I'm so adamant about eating enough protein)....

All in all, this is working, but not without a constant reminder at every single meal to EAT LESS!


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