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Monday, July 18, 2016

Not Enough! (Drink More Water, PLEASE!!!)

I went to Los Angeles a couple of weekends ago for one of my best friend's bachelorette party. It was a crazy little thing with almost-37-year-olds running around, laughing loudly, drinking like a fish, and waving a pink fairy wand of a kind to the passerby...if you know what I mean!

It was super fun, except I was awe-stricken at how much water all my girlfriends did NOT drink!

As a general rule, when my husband and I travel, we make sure to have at least 2 gallons (~7.57L) of water at our hotel room on the day we get there. We drink more than that, of course, depending on the lengths of our stay.

The problem with this LA trip was that I thought I could get a gallon when I got to the hotel, but the celebration started from the minute I arrived at the room. We began with a bottle of white wine, then immediately went to a posh restaurant to drink up on many martinis. :)

There we were, out in the LA summer sun, eating salty restaurant foods, drinking bottles of wine, reaching for coffee throughout the day to combat all the partying...I was a piece of dried fruit during my 2 nights/3 days stay.

My main source of water included glasses of water at restaurants, 3 tiny water bottles (11.2 fl oz/330mL each) that came with the hotel room, and for goodness sake, I had to resort to drinking the hotel bathroom tap water because I was so thirsty!!! It was a 5-star hotel, and it's JUST water, but drinking the water from bathroom is not what I'm used to doing! But I couldn't sleep from dehydration (until I reached out to the bathroom water...).

My girlfriends went through the same activities with me, but they drank almost nothing besides coffee and alcohol. They each had about 2 bottles worth of water for the whole 3 days. That's less than 8oz of water per day!

Boobinhas, I don't care what you hear or read about how drinking coffee or caffeinated teas still count towards your required daily water intake...PLEASE DRINK WATER! I say this from my own experience because I used to never drink plain water: only coffee, tea, and alcohol.

I originally started drinking a lot of plain water, simply because my husband drinks an insane amount of water. But I had numerous, amazing results since I started this: smoother skin, no cracked heels or chapped lips, super short bathroom trips to drop off some poops, etc.

I realized the importance of truly hydrating yourself from inside out, as well as its necessity and function in natural breast growth. Yes, one of the 3 fundamental factors for breast growth, blood circulation, heavily relies on your bodily hydration!

I will share with you how you can drink lots of water in the next post. In the meantime, drink more water, please!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What the Woman Next Seat with Nice Breasts Said

I was sitting at a coffee shop, casually browsing through random things on my laptop.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a guy next to me blurt out to the woman sitting in front of him, "So when did your boobs grow so big? When you were 12?"

I'm sitting there thinking, MAJOR HARASSMENT ALERT!...at the same time almost bursting out in laughter.

Eavesdropping is not a polite thing. But how can I miss this opportunity to hear the truth from someone with a pair of nice, big breasts? (Which I later secretly confirmed as they were leaving...shame on me!)

She embarrassingly chuckled and the conversation followed:

Woman: What! I had really small breasts when I was 12!

Man: Really? Like how big?

Woman: I don't know, like A-cup.

Man: So when did they grow so big?

Woman: I don't know, sometime in my 20s.

Man: So you had small boobs before that?

Woman: It's not like they grow overnight!
Ladies, did you hear that? Well, read that?

Even for a girl going through puberty, at the peak of breast development in terms of the hormone abundance, their boobs don't grow overnight, or even in a week. It takes YEARS. It takes time!

Thankfully, you and I know a lot more about how to grow bigger breasts naturally, so we don't have to waste our time on pondering about breast growth methods. :)

The important thing to remember is that natural breast enhancement takes time, patience, and commitment. Just because your boobs are not growing super fast, don't get frustrated. Continue to eat nutritionally-balanced meals rich in protein, massage your breasts, exercise, sleep a lot, and drink lots of water.

Trust me, "years" sound like a lot, but they actually go by super fast, especially if you're paying attention to every detail of your own breast growth.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Massage Your Boobs to Promote Natural Growth

One of many things you constantly hear in natural breast enhancement is to massage your breasts.

Yeah, I know, I used to think it's stupid because if everyone's breasts grew bigger by just massaging them, no one would be complaining about their tiny breasts!

But I got an immediate result on the day I decided to be a little more trusting, and the rest is history. I'm a believer, an advocator, whatever you want to call me, but it means I think breast massage can truly help you in natural breast growth.

Notice my wording...*help* you. I say this because if you're only massaging your breasts but not getting enough nutrition, massage or not, your breasts are not going to grow! So this post assumes that you have already changed, or in the process of changing, your dietary habits to be a breast-growth-friendly one.

If you remember the 3 fundamental factors for natural breast enhancement, you would immediately know that breast massage is super important for good blood circulation. All the essential nutrients and hormones necessary for proper breast development are carried throughout your body in your blood.

Did you know that blood does not travel equally to every part of your body?

 Wikipedia: Circulatory System

As you can see, the majority of your blood supply goes to your internal organs. Only 8% labeled "Other" goes to...well, other parts of your body not listed above...which INCLUDES breasts.

Do you know what this means? It means less than 8% of your blood supply goes to your boobs!!!

No major arteries run down our breasts...only a branch of a branch of a major artery.

If your blood circulation is already good, you're still sending less than 8% to your boobies. Imagine having a stagnant circulation...you're not gonna get much blood going to your breasts!

Poor blood circulation=no food for breast growth gets delivered to your boobs=tiny boobs.

So massage your breasts! Touch them often to keep blood circulating! Move the nutrients along to grow beautiful breasts!

Check out my morning breast massage routine here. :)