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Friday, September 23, 2016

Breast Growth and the Major Problem of Being a Vegetarian/Vegan

Let me start off by saying, don't worry, your breasts will grow even if you're a vegetarian/vegan! But you must make sure that you're not making a common mistake by being one!

I was annoyed at my first vegetarian friend I've ever had (and I'm talking about 18 years ago, that itself says something!). I'd be inviting my friends over to these delish dinner parties that I put all my time and effort into, and he couldn't eat anything because he was a vegetarian.

For goodness sake, he only ate some fried wonton wrappers by itself!!! Are you freakin' kidding me???

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Challenge Yourself to Grow Bigger Breasts Naturally! (with Me!)

In my post on 2-year anniversary at naturally growing bigger breasts, I mentioned at the end that I have something fun planned for some of you. I never followed up with it, and I ran out of excuses on why in my last post!

So here it is...finally...ta-da!

I'm looking for some of you Boobinhas to challenge and commit yourselves along with me to growing bigger boobs naturally.

What this means:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boobs Growth Diary #4: Business, Stress, and My Breast Size

Boobinhas, I'm still here and alive! It's been crazy hectic for almost two months!

At the end of July, my husband and I went to Washington D.C. for my best friend's wedding.

Right before going on the trip,  I suddenly had a *vision* for a perfect wedding reception for us. I was never a dream-of-my-wedding kind of gal, so we never had one. All this time, I think my husband really wanted to have a wedding celebration while I didn't really care...oops!

At our court wedding back in December 2014! :)
Not wearing a bra here but the dress has a pretty
thick padding there. I was about 110lbs/49.9kg,
approximately a B-cup in Victoria's Secret bras.
While I was getting bombarded with e-mails from my family, friends, and vendors about our wedding this coming December, I had a huge problem at work that lasted for about 3 weeks. I was under a major stress with sleepless nights.

I have a problem of forgetting to eat when under huge stress. Yes, I literally forget to eat, and I have a tendency to work through my hunger!

This hasn't happened for the past 2.5 years since I committed myself to growing bigger breasts naturally.

In my own natural breast growth method, the most important thing I focus on is my eating habits: high protein, lots of vitamins and minerals, a generous amount of fat and sugar to keep me happy but not in excess.

During my stressful 3 weeks, I ate almost nothing and lost 4 pounds (never do this if you want to grow your breasts!). I tried to at least maintain my minimum protein intake by eating Greek yogurt, drinking milk and soy milk, and eating extra firm tofu, shrimps, beef, whenever I found them and I remembered to eat.


I knew this would happen with skipping meals and stuff, but those 3 weeks were just too stressful to think about growing my breasts.

Breast massage? ONLY ONCE since the end of July!

Sleep 8 hours? Averaged 5 hours or less every night, waking up frequently because of nightmares.

I barely touched my water bottle to drink water, but I sure did finish bottles and bottles of wine and beer!

The result of my breasts "growth" since last Boobs Growth Diary back in April is as follows:

9/13/16: C-cup bra size

top bust (without a bra): 86.5cm/30.7in ---> 86.5cm/30.7in (no difference)
under bust: 72.5cm/28.5in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in
waist (around belly button): 73cm/28.7in ---> 72cm/28.3in
butt (fullest part): 91cm/35.8in ---> 89cm/35in
weight: 104lbs/47.2kg ---> 103lbs/46.7in

It's been 5 months and no difference in the measurements!

I can't leave you all without a great news though!


Despite 3 weeks of breast shrunkenness due to the unintentional starvation, I was able to save the fullness of my breasts as soon as I started eating again.

My breasts actually looked bigger on my frame than ever as I lost the excess fat around my belly. Since my last Boobs Growth Diary, I have been trying to eat slightly less every meal (no 3rd plate!!!), and trying to avoid double and triple carbs meals when I can...I LOVE carbs! :)

My 3-finger test still holds up against my breasts, I think I have finally developed that under part of my boobs, even my left boobie! I have a good feeling that they can still develop even more.

Last but not least...these days when I wash my hands at the sink without a bra, I can actually feel my boobs swaying back and forth! Holy crap!

I know, it may sound stupid or lame, but as a gal who used to have absolutely nothing there for most of her life, it's like a totally new life experience, and I'm super excited about it! :)

Oh, and it was my birthday last week. So now I'm 37! :) Happy birthday to me!