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Friday, September 23, 2016

Breast Growth and the Major Problem of Being a Vegetarian/Vegan

Let me start off by saying, don't worry, your breasts will grow even if you're a vegetarian/vegan! But you must make sure that you're not making a common mistake by being one!

I was annoyed at my first vegetarian friend I've ever had (and I'm talking about 18 years ago, that itself says something!). I'd be inviting my friends over to these delish dinner parties that I put all my time and effort into, and he couldn't eat anything because he was a vegetarian.

For goodness sake, he only ate some fried wonton wrappers by itself!!! Are you freakin' kidding me???

...Then I became a HARDCORE vegetarian years later.... 

I lost lots of weight in the first 2 months or so to the point my mom thought I was seriously ill. I've talked about the different lifestyles and boob sizes I've gone through my life. During my vegetarian period, I weighed about 90lbs (~41kg). I'm currently 103lbs (~46.7kg).

I was skin and bones, no fat, no muscles, no boobs, of course!

There are various reasons why a person would be a vegetarian/vegan, from religious to environmental to economical reasons and much more. The most common one amongst my friends these days are for ethical (love animals!) reasons.

Here is the biggest problem I see in my vegetarian/vegan friends as I also took a part in this in the past:

the main focus is to avoid the consumption of animal products

Too cute! I'm a sucker for cute animals, especially birds! :)

No meat in my pasta? Great! Soup made out of vegetable stock? Yes! Garlic eggplants for Chinese take out? Yum!

I know, I've been there, done that.

All they care about is that there are no meat in their food. They don't care about any alternate sources of protein!

The only exception to the above are those vegetarian/vegan friends who are such because of health reasons. Oh, they really care about what they eat, and their meals look amazing!

Did you know that there is a minimum daily amount of protein you need just to sustain your health? It is currently said to be around ~46g per day for women. That, of course, changes with your height, weight, pregnancy, and activity levels, but keep in mind that the minimum is only for your well-being. There is the amount on top of that minimum to grow any parts of your body (and that means your boobs too!).

You can not be satisfied that there were crumbles of feta cheese on your vegetarian pasta, or that there was a tablespoonful of beans in your veggie soup, or that simply there was no meat in that garlic eggplant Chinese takeout!

If you want to grow your breasts, and especially if you're a vegetarian/vegan, you need to be proactive about eating food sources rich in protein.

More protein does not mean "eat more meat."

However, if you are a non-meat-eater, it's easy to consume protein only at the minimum unless you're looking out for some, or even worse, below the requirement. Eat more yogurt, beans, tofu, whatever your choice of high protein!

I'm no longer a vegetarian for various reasons, but I sure am super accommodating to all of my vegetarian/vegan friends now. :)

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