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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boobs Growth Diary #4: Business, Stress, and My Breast Size

Boobinhas, I'm still here and alive! It's been crazy hectic for almost two months!

At the end of July, my husband and I went to Washington D.C. for my best friend's wedding.

Right before going on the trip,  I suddenly had a *vision* for a perfect wedding reception for us. I was never a dream-of-my-wedding kind of gal, so we never had one. All this time, I think my husband really wanted to have a wedding celebration while I didn't really care...oops!

At our court wedding back in December 2014! :)
Not wearing a bra here but the dress has a pretty
thick padding there. I was about 110lbs/49.9kg,
approximately a B-cup in Victoria's Secret bras.
While I was getting bombarded with e-mails from my family, friends, and vendors about our wedding this coming December, I had a huge problem at work that lasted for about 3 weeks. I was under a major stress with sleepless nights.

I have a problem of forgetting to eat when under huge stress. Yes, I literally forget to eat, and I have a tendency to work through my hunger!

This hasn't happened for the past 2.5 years since I committed myself to growing bigger breasts naturally.

In my own natural breast growth method, the most important thing I focus on is my eating habits: high protein, lots of vitamins and minerals, a generous amount of fat and sugar to keep me happy but not in excess.

During my stressful 3 weeks, I ate almost nothing and lost 4 pounds (never do this if you want to grow your breasts!). I tried to at least maintain my minimum protein intake by eating Greek yogurt, drinking milk and soy milk, and eating extra firm tofu, shrimps, beef, whenever I found them and I remembered to eat.


I knew this would happen with skipping meals and stuff, but those 3 weeks were just too stressful to think about growing my breasts.

Breast massage? ONLY ONCE since the end of July!

Sleep 8 hours? Averaged 5 hours or less every night, waking up frequently because of nightmares.

I barely touched my water bottle to drink water, but I sure did finish bottles and bottles of wine and beer!

The result of my breasts "growth" since last Boobs Growth Diary back in April is as follows:

9/13/16: C-cup bra size

top bust (without a bra): 86.5cm/30.7in ---> 86.5cm/30.7in (no difference)
under bust: 72.5cm/28.5in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in
waist (around belly button): 73cm/28.7in ---> 72cm/28.3in
butt (fullest part): 91cm/35.8in ---> 89cm/35in
weight: 104lbs/47.2kg ---> 103lbs/46.7in

It's been 5 months and no difference in the measurements!

I can't leave you all without a great news though!


Despite 3 weeks of breast shrunkenness due to the unintentional starvation, I was able to save the fullness of my breasts as soon as I started eating again.

My breasts actually looked bigger on my frame than ever as I lost the excess fat around my belly. Since my last Boobs Growth Diary, I have been trying to eat slightly less every meal (no 3rd plate!!!), and trying to avoid double and triple carbs meals when I can...I LOVE carbs! :)

My 3-finger test still holds up against my breasts, I think I have finally developed that under part of my boobs, even my left boobie! I have a good feeling that they can still develop even more.

Last but not least...these days when I wash my hands at the sink without a bra, I can actually feel my boobs swaying back and forth! Holy crap!

I know, it may sound stupid or lame, but as a gal who used to have absolutely nothing there for most of her life, it's like a totally new life experience, and I'm super excited about it! :)

Oh, and it was my birthday last week. So now I'm 37! :) Happy birthday to me!

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