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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Boobs Growth Diary #6: My Breasts Grew!

Hello, Boobinhas! I've been meaning to update you all for the past 3 months!!! And what happened?

Well, I got a new role at my job starting in April that literally made me work all day and night, through the weekends. I developed eye problems recently, only to be told that it's from too much use of a laptop (which got better as I settled a bit more at my new job). Then I injured my back really badly...then I got really lazy...okay, you get the idea....

So my exciting news that is almost 3 months late is that my boobs grew!!!

I'm now a proud owner of a pair of:

32D boobs(Woot! Woot!)

I went to New York for a week on a semi-vacation at the end of March. It was semi- because my husband was there for work, and I was just tagging along. I got to see one of my brothers who lives there, as well as having a 25-year reunion with my elementary school friend! And my goodness, New York really has some great restaurants! Lucky you, you New Yorker Boobinhas!

My first destination in New York, of course, was Bradelis New York! I was long due for a bra fitting.

I was scolded by the same lady with beautiful breasts (we'll call her Lady A) for multiple things:

  • I wash my bras in a washer, which resulted in the underwire deformation. This prevents my boobs from keeping a beautiful round shape that faces forward.

  • My bra bands are way too loose from overuse (super embarrassed!), causing my armpit and back fat to swim around freely. Those little fat bumps are some big and fat missed opportunities to pushing them into my bra cups as boobs!

  • I'm wearing my bra a little too low. I have a bad habit of pulling my bra down (a bad sign that they were not fitting my body correctly!), causing my boobs/armpit/back fat to move out of the bra cups. But I swear I thought I was wearing them way above where most women do!

After feeling guilty of all charges and very embarrassed, I immediately felt super excited when Lady A came back with Jasmine bra in the new, bigger size of 32D!

One thing I love about their bras is that the inner pads are removable. I hate padded bras, Boobinhas!

So I told Lady A that I absolutely despise having that extra padding. She assured me that they are *not* there to make your breasts look bigger, but to push my boobs fat facing forward and gathered toward the center, eventually making them remember where they should be at. Yes, my boobs are currently facing outward, more noticeable as they grew in size!

I still took out the paddings though, when I got home. I don't know, I just really don't like them!!!

The great news is that 3 months later, they rest quite comfortably without paddings, despite originally having a bit of gap in both cups (more on the left side) when I first got the 32D Jasmine.

Here are my body measurements in comparison to my last Boobs Growth Diary #5 back on January 4th, 2017:

6/16/17: D-cup (!) bra size

height: 5ft/152cm

top bust (without a bra): 86.5cm/30.7in ---> 90 cm/35.2in (+3.5cm/1.38in)

under bust: 72.5cm/28.5in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in (no difference)

natural waist: 66cm/26in ---> 68cm/26.4in (+2cm/0.79in)

waist (around belly button): 72cm/28.3in ---> 74cm/28.7in (+2cm/0.79in)

butt (fullest part) 88cm/34.6in ---> 89.5cm/35in (+1.5cm/0.59in)

right thigh: 49cm/19.2in ---> 49.5cm/19.5in (+0.5cm/0.2in)

weight: 100lbs/45.4kg ---> 103.6lbs/47kg (+3.6lbs/1.6kg)

Well, goodbye my wedding celebration weight loss!

But here, you can see that even with all the other areas growing as a result of my weight gain, my boobs experienced the most growth by 4%, compared to the rest of my body parts.

Taken on 3/31/17: Jasmine 32D *without* the inner paddings

It's probably very important to mention that it has been a little over 3 years that I've been trying to grow my breasts by all natural means. April 24th, 2017 marked the third year since I decided to consciously grow my breasts!

Here are my body measurements comparison between 4/24/14 and today!

B-cup ---> D-cup bra size (until a year or so before 4/24/14, for the most part of my adulthood, I was always an AA/A-cup; please read my Quora answer on how it originally grew to a B-cup!):

height: 5ft/152cm

top bust (without a bra): 78cm/30.7in ---> 90 cm/35.2in (+12cm/4.72in)

under bust: 71cm/28in ---> 72.5cm/28.5in (+1.5cm/0.59in)

waist (around belly button) 70cm/27.6in ---> 74cm/28.7in (+4cm/1.57in)

butt (fullest part): 84.5cm/33.3in ---> 89.5cm/35in (+5cm/1.97in)

weight: ??? (probably around 98lbs/44.5kg) ---> 103.6lbs/47kg (+5.6lbs/2.54kg)

Unfortunately, I don't have the measurements for my natural waist and thighs from 3 years ago. :(

My top bust grew by 15% while the rest of my body (including my weight) only gained at most by 5.9%, which was in my butt. I actually have been trying to get more muscles there...I want a bigger butt too!!!

I certainly feel that I could've done better and more, especially this past year. I flaked out on breast massage for most of the year due to some lame excuse of being "busy." I honestly think that I could've gotten to the current D-cup at an earlier time, possibly even reaching DD-cup by now had I continued my diligent work.

But you know what? This is the exact truth about natural breast enhancement. If you want to grow your boobs naturally, you need to consciously work for it with persistence. There just isn't any shortcut!

Okay Boobinhas, until next time...happy boobs-growing! :)

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