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UPDATED on 11/4/2017 This post was originally written on 12/11/15 when my breasts have just gotten to a small 32C only 2 months prior. C...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Boobs Growth Diary #7: Wardrobe Cleaning After a Natural Breast Growth from 32A to 34DD(ish)!

Natural Breast Enhancement before and after front

In my last Boobs Growth Diary #6, my breasts have finally gotten to 32D by the end of March 2017, 4 years since I first noticed a tiny size increase at age 33 all of a sudden!

However, in the past 6 months or so, my boobs have again grown a cup and a half to a small 34DD/32F (sister-size). The cause of this is what a lot of women experience all naturally...it's my first pregnancy at 38!

I currently own 33 bras (um...I can explain...) excluding sports bras and NuBras, but I only use 3-4 bras on rotation because of pregnancy. As my husband and I wait for the new addition to the family in