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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Yumi's Pantry #1: Protein Drink for Natural Breast Growth

Natural Breast Enhancement Foods Protein

In the Yumi's Pantry series, I talk about natural breast enhancement foods and recipes I personally found helpful for growing and maintaining beautiful breasts. The occasional healthy snacks and junk foods are also a must to keep me happy during my breast growth journey!

I often get lazy with preparing meals solely for myself. Though I've never been on any restrictive diet by conscious choice, I used to have a horrible eating habit of skipping multiple meals a day throughout most of my adulthood. My breasts started growing only after meeting my now-husband who would nag me day in and day out to eat proper meals.

For the very first post of Yumi's Pantry series, I wanted to share with you my version of a completely natural "protein drink." I have been semi-religiously drinking this since I realized the importance of consuming proper nutrients for true natural breast enhancement while trying to dodge my husband's pestering question on what I ate that day. Nutrition is one of 3 fundamental factors for growing breasts naturally.

natural breast enhancement foods protein drink******************************
Good for breasts growth because: great sources of protein, phytoestrogen, and vitamin C (needed for protein metabolism)

This recipe is: Vegetarian

Difficulty: super easy


-3/4 cup of Greek yogurt
-1/2 cup of soy milk
-3/4 cup of grapefruit juice

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Serve.

*I use an approximate ratio of 3:2:3, but feel free to adjust to your taste. I always use organic Greek yogurt, EdenSoy Organic Soymilk, and Evolution organic grapefruit juice (best grapefruit juice ever!!!).

I found this recipe over a decade ago in some magazine. The original recipe asked for the use of regular yogurt, and the above measurements are of my own as I only remembered the ingredients.

From this drink, I get approximately 25g of protein. This is a considerable amount based on my minimum daily protein requirement of 39g per day, according to this online protein calculator.

It's important to point out that, according to Harvard Health, this amount is "the minimum amount you need to keep from getting sick — not the specific amount you are supposed to eat every day." If I'm active and want to grow any parts of my body, including breasts, I need to consume more than this. I try to aim at least twice the minimum at around 78g per day (since I'm currently breastfeeding, I try to consume a little more than this amount).

I use these base ingredients, Greek yogurt + soy milk, with a variety of juices and fruits. You may find that some fruits taste better than the others. For example, I did not like this drink with orange/tangerine juices but enjoy it with bananas and strawberries for a change.

The type of yogurt (Greek/Icelandic/Bulgarian/regular/whole milk/low-fat/etc), as well as different brands of soy milk and juices you use, will change the nutritional value of this drink. Greek and Icelandic yogurts tend to have a lot more protein compared to the others.

Make sure to read and understand the nutrition labels on each food item to know how much protein/carbohydrates/fats/etc you are consuming! Without this knowledge, it's too easy to consume very little of the necessary nutrients for growing breasts, but a lot of unnecessary sugar and fat that will contribute to thickening your waist and thighs!

How did you like this drink? Did you try it with a different fruit or juices? What was your favorite combination? I'd love to hear from you and try some of them!


  1. Hi! First of all sincerely thank you, Yumi, for sharing your experience! (Even if I might not experience the growth like you, these are solid advices for a overall healthy lifestyle, so I can't really go wrong with that LOL��). For this drink do you have any reccomend for a substitute for grapefruit? It's not commonly sold where I live. Can I leave it out and use vitamin C pill instead?
    Another question I have is that what do you think about exercise? Since I'm really skinny (no curves in both b-parts at all ��) so I recently decide to go to the gym. Do you think I can do chest and arm excercise? Because boobs all in all is fat and doing gym is kind of burning fat? And if I don't do those exercise I'm afraid that it will make the upper body underdeveloped in comparison to the lower (I hope that makes sense �� ) I read somewhere on your blog you did mention doing gyms so I think maybe you could have some advices on this. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Natalie! Interesting...! Which country are you from? I wouldn't drink this with just Greek yogurt and soy milk because I personally don't find it pleasant to drink (but if you don't mind the taste and sourness, you totally can!). Don't use the Vitamin C pill! Eat real fruits or at least drink juices! Other favorites of mine are with strawberries (fresh/frozen) and banana combo, or banana/pineapple juice/coconut milk combo instead of the grapefruit juice. Can you get those ingredients at your country?

      Exercising is a must for my natural breast enhancement regimen!!! Chest and arm exercises are great, but why would you limit yourself to only that? Try to do total body exercises. Your breasts are not made up of just fats, and the point of my blog is to grow those other parts of the breasts so that when you do in fact burn fats around your body, the breast size difference is kept to the minimum. Exercising is so important because it produces a hormone called human growth hormone, which plays a crucial role in breast development (as well as other physical developments). It peaks during puberty and keeps declining as we age, and the only 2 ways to produce more of it are to exercise and to sleep. So definitely do exercise...total body exercises...go get your curves!!!

  2. Also, it would be awesome if you could share some nutritionally-balanced recipes you love (hopefully easy to made and with food that could be easily found in an Asian market - I'm living in an Asian country, so sometimes there're ingredients I can't really buy). Thanks a lot!

    1. Yes, I will keep doing that in this Yumi's Pantry series in the future! If you know how to cook, how about you send me some recipes you enjoy from your country to givemesomeboobs at gmail.com? I would love to try making some and even posting reviews/results of my cooking in the series! I enjoy various foods from different countries. But even if you don't send me, I'll get to sharing some recipes. :)

  3. Hi Yumi,

    I just found your blog today and will surely bookmark this as it seems to be updated. Thank youbfor sharing your secrets to naturally grow your boobs. I'm a mother with two kids and is just starting this journey to naturally grow mine.

    1. Hi Cherie! It's not quite up-to-date as I'd like...having a 7-months-old and lots of personal stuff going on this past month, I have not been able to put any time into this blog. But I hope to continue to make an effort! My breasts have definitely changed after having my first child and breastfeeding! Breast growth journey seems never-ending...! ;)

  4. Dear Yumi,

    How many grams of protein are you consuming to grow breasts?

    1. I used to try to count the protein intake for every single food item I ate to consume the *minimum* of 46g per day.

      Since I used to skip a lot of meals and go through the days eating a lot of junk food and meals super high in carbs, it felt very challenging to reach this amount on a daily basis in the beginning. However, through more conscious eating and learning what kinds of foods are rich in protein, it got much easier.

      Now I never count this, but I can tell when my lousy eating habits creep back in...it's so easy to go back to your bad, old habits!!! Then I tell myself...it's okay to have rest days, but from tomorrow, I need to start eating better again... :)

  5. hi yumi!

    though this is kinda unrelated to this blog post, i was wondering how long do you massage your breasts for and what kind of oil did you use?

    1. Hi! I don't massage my breasts with a mindset to complete certain time lengths or the sets of maneuvers. However, I have come up with a set of massages I felt comfortable with performing and continuing for the long term. You can find this under "4-minute massage". Don't forget that the important reason to massage your breasts is to improve blood circulation in the bust area. If you massage for 200 times, it's not going to (in my opinion) grow your breasts any faster than doing it well and carefully for 20 times.

      I use various kinds of oils. I don't use one over the other with the belief that a particular oil will help grow your breasts. I personally like scent-free and organic oils, so I try different ones I can find on Amazon anywhere between $5-15. So far I've tried Argan, Jojoba, Apricot, and Olive oils to name a few. Again, the important thing here is the oil is to help your hands glide over your skin smoothly while you are massaging. You should pick something that you enjoy using so that massaging becomes a fun activity rather than a chore!

      On a side note, I like oils over lotions because they tend to stay smoothly gliding over my skin for the duration of my massage. But if there's a particular lotion that makes you happy while you massage, then use that instead! If you use lotion, I found it nicer to use when you add a couple drops of oil to it. :)

  6. hi Yumi! Your posts are so inspiring. I am a skinny woman wanting to grow my breasts. My BMI is only 16, which is lower than the normal which is 18. Aside from massaging my breasts, I wanna increase my protein intake.. my question is, does eating a lot of eggs a day hamper breasts your breasts from growing? An egg contains 6-7 grams protein and I’m planning to eat 6 eggs in a day to have a high protein intake. Do you think this can help in growing my breasts? Looking forward for your reply. Thanks Yumi! Merry Christmas in advance ������

    1. Hi Raemy! Is your BMI low because you're an athlete or because you are not eating enough food for your body? If it's the latter (most women who come to this website are the latter!), then you do need to start eating better.

      Eggs are great for breast growth as well as for your overall well-being. Having said this though, I don't recommend only eating eggs as a main/only source of protein. I'm not a nutritionist, but 6 eggs a day sounds like a little too much to me!!! A quick Google search also shows that 1-3 eggs a day can have health benefits, but above that is not recommended, especially if you're having it every single day (I personally eat 2 eggs when I do have them!).

      How about eating other sources of protein like Greek yogurt, beef/chicken/pork, chickpeas/lentils/other legumes on top of a couple of eggs?

      Merry Christmas to you too. :)