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Sunday, March 31, 2019

How I Grew My Breasts Naturally

How I Grew My Breasts Naturally

TLDR: I drastically changed my lifestyle and dietary habits, accompanied by daily breast massage...for a long long time.

Since I will be writing my backstories from the time my breasts were small to realizing that my breasts grew, and to finally what I have done consciously afterward to speed up the growth, this post will be a long one.

If you're the impatient kind, please read the 4 fundamental factors for natural breast growth. In short, these are the areas in my lifestyle and diet that I vastly changed and improved to grow my breasts, in addition to massaging them on a daily basis!


I always felt a little surprised and a bit offended when I got e-mails or comments from readers asking me how I grew my breasts.

What do they mean by, "how did you grow your breasts?" My blog is about how I grew my breasts! It's all in my blog, Boobinhas!!!

But as I cooled down my burning thoughts, my teaching instinct kicked in. If these many people are asking me the same question over and over again, I must not be explaining something well enough.

So today's post will be on how I grew my breasts in my 30s from 32A to 32D all naturally!

The backstory on my small breasts:

Summer 2009, age 29
Left: I don't sit like that anymore, ever!
Right: Surviving by pretty much eating only leaves.
I had a super flat chest for most of my life, despite going through multiple different body shapes and sizes. Therefore, I do not believe that "gaining your weight is the only way to grow your breasts," as when I was the heaviest in my life from loads of extra fat and not muscles, my breasts still remained super flat (but I had a huge beer belly instead!).

My small breasts and I were ridiculed nonstop until I learned to make jokes about my own small chest before anyone did. But in my own time, I searched for "breast augmentation" and did research on breast growth on shared computers without realizing that others can see what I've searched. I would then get laughed at when found and felt even more miserable. In hindsight, I don't know why I hung around with people like that, but that's another story.

Having nonexistent breasts was a serious concern for me, especially in my teen years and most of my 20s. All I could see on the streets were women with breasts...I probably looked at them just as much, if not more, than some boys and men! ...But with glaring, envious eyes.

By the time 30s rolled around, I had gained more confidence in myself inside and out as I was considered quite successful and promising in school, future careers, and my life in general. So my chest size became a negligible issue. I quit making fun of myself, and surprisingly, I never had any more friends who even mentioned about it...maybe the people I hung out changed with my newly-gained confidence in myself.

Then one day, my breasts grew at age 33:

I noticed my breasts getting squished in my A-cup bra. Since I hadn't really thought about my breast size in many years, I accepted this fact as simple as just that: "Oh, look, did they get bigger? I need to get a bigger bra!"

Then a little later, my curious personality took over my entire being, and I could not stop thinking about this sudden growth!

Why did they not grow when they were supposed to, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, they grew way past my puberty? What did I do? Is it possible to grow them even bigger (such is human nature...)?

All the questions from the past flooded my mind as well. Why did my mom and I have small breasts when my grandmother and aunt have huge ones? How come there are lucky individuals with big breasts and tiny waists? And the biggest question of all time...how come Asian women are considered to have small breasts in general, but a lot of Asian-American women (except myself!) actually have booooobs!!!!!

From this sudden, unexpected, and ecstatic surprise, I put aside all my school work (quite literally!) to go back to researching on natural breast growth.

I had an epiphany (!!!):

After much research, examining, and contemplating on the materials for a long time, I realized that my natural breast growth was due to my drastic lifestyle and dietary changes I made as a result of dating my husband.

I concluded that there are 4 fundamental factors for natural breast growth: nutrition, blood circulation, hormones, and perseverance (the last one was recently added on 3/9/2019, though I knew for a long time).

My lifestyle and diet pre- bigger breasts:
Drunk-dancing Yumi, age 27:
pre-bigger boobs, pre-iPhone days
(though always an Android fan)

My entire college years and about 10+ more years of graduate school until I met my husband, when I was 33, went something like the following in various combinations:

1. Party, party, party...showering in yummy drinks until dawn, which were not yummy anymore when I woke up.

2. Lots of fried bar foods and no substantial meals...because fries, chocolates, beers, and wine were what I craved!

3. No sleep...I was juggling between parties and procrastinated assignments, and I was young.

4. Working out like a maniac or leading a completely sedentary life.

Besides these obvious ones, I basically fit into most these 16 possible reasons why our breasts are small.

Unintentional changes made that lead to my breast growth:

In my early 30s, I hit a bit of a rough patch in my life. So I decided to spruce it up by starting something new...social dancing! And this is where I met my husband!

March 2013, age 33
Just started salsa dancing, still at an A-cup!
Between dancing every night for hours and dating my husband, I pretty much stopped drinking. I once ran into a pole while trying to spin drunk, and some other time, my husband ordered an apple cider at a posh bar that I used to frequent on one of our first dates...those 2 incidences completely killed my passion for drinking....

Other tremendous changes I made were:

1. Eating dinner every evening while visiting my husband. (nutrition)

2. Consuming various foods that I used to avoid/hate/didn't care, such as meat, dairy, eggs, beans...and Morning Star veggie burgers, because those were things my husband cooked for me.... (nutrition)

3. Went to bed at an "earlier" time around 1 or 2am (as opposed to 4 or 5am!) to wake up early so I could portray a hard-working, self-motivated doctoral student in my husband's eyes. It worked! (hormones)

4. Dancing salsa for hours in my heels...do you know what this does to your butt??? (blood circulation/hormones)

5. I drank a lot of water because my husband drinks an insane amount of water. (blood circulation)

6. Replenishing my body with real food after hours of dancing, with my husband and the dance peeps. (nutrition)

7. MUCH less stress from increased exercise and food intake, and laughing all night long! (hormones/blood circulation)

8. Great night's sleep as a result of less stress and anxiety! (hormones)

Changes I made consciously after the epiphany:

Summer 2015, age 35
size 32C
1. Ate well-balanced meals high in protein, 2-3 times a day with 1-2 healthy snacks.

2. Drank more water.

3. Slept 7-8 hours on most days.

4. Exercised regularly (mostly dancing and weight training).

5. Massaged breasts almost every day.

Looking back after my natural breast growth:

I was shocked to realize that my breasts never grew as a result of the unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle I was leading for most of my life up to this.

There are various things I have tried and failed through my breast growth journey, but every experience through it was a process of learning about who I am, what I'm capable of achieving, and what one must go through to reach his/her goals.

Many may view those who wish for bigger breasts as superficial and shallow-minded individuals. However, upon the realization that the underdevelopment of one's breasts is often times due to unawareness of self-neglect in disguise, it becomes hardly a shallow or a trivial matter.

This, is how I grew my breasts naturally.

How I Grew My Breasts Naturally
Christmas Day, 2018
age 39


  1. Hello Yumi! Love your blog. Quick question. Did you eat calories to maintain your weight or did you eat in a surplus? J

    1. Hi! Great question! First of all, I definitely ate more calories (though not sure if in surplus) because I was hardly eating anything before! To be honest with you, I've never done calorie-counting in my life. However, when I was trying to grow my breasts faster (after my epiphany that's stated in this post), I loosely did count the *protein* intake.

      When I was younger (pre-boobs), I just stopped eating when I started seeing more chubbiness around my waist or in my face. These days, I always find out the approximate protein to calories ratio besides other nutrition when I pick up a new food item to find out its worth for my health (i.e., Is it a high-protein/nutrition, low-calorie food that I should consume often, or just a food luxury?). Then, I either work out more or lessen some of the food items when I start feeling bloated, but I never skip meals anymore, at least not on purpose.

      My speculation though, to answer your question, is that I was consuming fewer calories than my output (but much higher protein consumption...I aimed between 80-100g per day from natural foods). The reason why I believe this to be true is because currently, I'm still eating pretty much the same way as I did when I was trying to grow my breasts. But recently, I've been getting pretty heavy around the waist. It's partially because I haven't lost the pregnancy chubbiness, but I think it's more from eating lots of empty-calorie food and not exercising. Before, I was working out and dancing vigorously for hours, most days of the week. Now, because I don't have as much free time to do all this because of my baby, I only go workout once a week, do lazy exercises around the house, no dancing.

      I have just recently started cutting down on some food items to combat my belly fat! Still keeping up with the protein intake though. That's how you can lose your belly fat while minimizing the breast shrinkage (this assumes that your breast tissues are already well-developed though).

  2. Hi yumi, maybe you can share on how to choose the right bra as when you are flat chested. I tend to have fat everywhere and if i buy a bigger cup the cup will be empty. And if a smaller cup it will be not comfortable. But when i sit straight, those fat(fat at side of boobs and under armpit) tend to go out of the bra. And maybe you can share on those pressure point to massage breast too. Thanks!

    1. Okay, I will try to do that! Just a quick suggestion for you...is it possible that you have broad shoulders? I am like that...which kind of makes my breasts look smaller than they are without my bra (not much height) even though I have quite a bit of breast "meat."

      In a case like this, choose a bra with a wider underwire which generally comes with bigger cups (you may also need to go down on the band size), but with shallower cups. You will have to look around as not all brands are all the same size. Often times they're different within the same brand as the styles change. As for the fat on the side, besides the fact your bra sounds like it's not fitted correctly for your body, look for bras that have sturdy side-boning.

      So...wider underwire with a bigger size with possibly smaller band size, shallow cups, side-boning.

      Please e-mail me about the pressure point thing.

  3. Hey Yumi, I found your blog in September last year and have been doing your massage techniques and can i just tell you that you change my life (or breast in this matter hahahaha).

    I was a small B-cup and whenever i wear a bra, there's always that annoying extra space where my breast doesn't seem to fill up and it frustrates me so much. When i tried the massage i wasn't expecting anything.. But i've been religiously doing it everyday since September, and my breast have begun to fill up my bra. i no longer have that extra space between my bra and breast. I'm still a B-cup but a fuller B-cup where it finally fills the bra nicely and has that subtle cleavage to it..
    And when i look at myself in the mirror after showering, i noticed my breast have a roundness to it (i dont know how to explain it haha), and a side boob (finally)! When i wear a shirt without bra, it no longer looks and feels flat.

    I am so glad i found your blog. i hope to see even better results and maybe bigger breasts hehe.
    Thanks yumi! Just thought you should know! :)