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Recently, I have been questioned by a good number of my blog readers whether my natural breast growth regimen really works. It personally...

About Me

Welcome to my blog, Give Me Some Boobs!

breast growth after age 35 yumi kane
This blog was started in October 2015 in my effort to commit myself to the natural breast enhancement regimen that I personally found effective for my own breast growth in the years prior to this.

How many times have you read and heard about how to grow your breasts bigger naturally, but always ended up thinking they all sound fishy? And maybe even tried some without any success?

In this blog, I try to write about various lifestyle changes I have made and you too, can make, to naturally growing bigger breasts. They are based on my findings, reasonings, and personal breast growth experience from 32AA-cup to 32D-cup in the past 4 years (at present, October 2017).

You will also (hopefully) read about how my breasts are growing from time to time, as they are still slowly but steadily growing!!! :)

I was ridiculed for my "flat-chestedness" for most of my teenage years and adult life, and used to get depressed about my almost non-existent breasts. I even envied and obsessed over the girls who had them! As I grew older, I succeeded in other areas of my life which lead me to gain confidence in myself inside and outside. I learned to accept and love my small breasts for what they were.

I "learned" to do that. It never meant I didn't care to have bigger breasts. :)

Back in 2012 at age 33, I started dating my current husband. This brought tremendous changes in my lifestyle as well as a sudden breast growth!

I started wondering why my breasts started growing all of a sudden when they never grew at the time they were supposed to. Why did my grandmother and my aunt have huge breasts when my mom and I didn't? How come there are those "lucky" girls out there who seem to eat anything and everything and still have a pair of nice breasts with a tiny waist?

All the questions I told myself to just let it go years ago flooded my mind.

Now I'm here to answer all these questions based on my personal experiences, which you also probably had at some point in your life! I sincerely hope that this blog may shed some light and give hopes to all the women out there who are concerned about their small breasts as I once did.

With commitment and patience, your breasts will grow sooner or later! Let's go get those nice boobs together! :)

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