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Friday, October 30, 2015

Getting Enough Protein?

I was a vegetarian for many many years because of ethical and environmental reasons. Now I'm not. I'll save that story for some other time.

The main issue today is: PROTEIN.

When I was a vegetarian, I knew I had to be careful about my protein intake. I never actually calculated though. I would have some yogurt here, a bit of cheese there, soy milk in my drinks, and extra beans from Chipotle, the only place I would go for lunch for quite some time!

It's all over the internet how we need some amount of daily protein, but it never occurred to me that maybe my grapies (aka tiny boobs) are super tiny because I lack protein!

The daily average recommendation for men are 56g, and for women 46g. Sometimes you see articles that tell you that you need 0.8g per your weight in kilograms for normal activities (not in pounds, Google it for accurate conversion!), but up to 2g per your weight in kilograms if you're addicted to exercising! That's a lot of protein and food to think about, especially if you're a vegetarian!!!

I realized one day, that the important point here is that these are average recommendations to maintain your health, but not to grow anything. If you're exercising to get more buff and build muscles, you need more proteins to heal and grow them. The same goes for growing my grapies!

If you're eating just enough protein, or worse, less than the recommended daily average, all the protein intake will go to other places in your body just so it can maintain normal bodily functions. And grapies...unless you have a kid on your way, they're not the first places your body recognizes as the most important bodily parts to send your proteins to....

So if you want to grow your boobs, eat lots of protein!!! (Though not in excess...everything in moderation is the way to go.)

Are you a vegetarian/vegan? Whether you are or not, what do you think about this? I would love to hear what others think about the correlation between being a vegetarian/vegan, protein intake, having tiny grapies, etc....


  1. I'm vegetarian. Let me know thr pritien ruch foods. I do work out everyday.. And i doubt whether the protein in take would build my muscles and make me look Manly. How does it help for breast alone.please advise

    1. Some of the protein rich foods for vegetarians are dairy (I especially always talk about Greek/Icelandic yogurt), eggs, legumes, and soy products. If you're from India (from your name?), you can enjoy paneer too. The important thing here is to eat enough and consistently. Eating a protein-rich meal one day and not for the rest of the week will not grow your breasts.

      Women would have to really really really workout like a LOT to build our muscles that will make us look manly! Unless you are training to become a bodybuilder, normal people's workout will not make women look manly. It will nicely tone your body though, so that's a great thing. :)

      To read how it helps for breast growth alone, please search for my old blog post: "Increase Your Growth Hormone to Grow Your Breasts" Growth Hormone peaks during puberty and decreases as we age, but it's one of the most important hormones necessary for natural breast growth. Exercising can help increase this hormone even after puberty.

      Hope this helps! :)

    2. Thank you very Much for your time and answer...

    3. Of course! Let me know how your breast growth journey goes! :)