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Want to be Featured in a Success Story?

UPDATED on 3/10/19: I have changed a bit of what you will receive from me after chatting with some volunteers! Recently, I have been qu...

Friday, March 8, 2019

Want to be Featured in a Success Story?

UPDATED on 3/10/19: I have changed a bit of what you will receive from me after chatting with some volunteers!

Recently, I have been questioned by a good number of my blog readers whether my natural breast growth regimen really works. It personally worked for me, and I genuinely believe that this works; hence, I take my time to work on the blog posts, answer comments and e-mails, and take photos here and there even though I'm not a photo person (you'll sooner or later realize that I'm terrible at taking selfies...).

I've had some blog readers who have contacted me in the past that they were successful in growing their breasts after following through this regimen. However, upon asking them for further details and confirmations, I never received any photos to confirm their success.

Friday, March 1, 2019

3 Fundamental Factors for Natural Breast Growth

Fundamental Factors for Natural Breast Growth

Through my own natural breast growth journey from 32A to 32D over 4 years in my mid-30s, I came to the conclusion that there are three fundamental factors in growing bigger breasts naturally:

1. nutrition

2. blood circulation

3. hormones

I talk about how you can make changes in your lifestyle to improve these areas of your life in my blog. Lacking any one of them will slow down or even make it impossible for your breasts to grow to their potential, maximum size.

It's also important to realize that natural breast growth takes time and patience. After all, it takes years for the breasts of girls going through puberty, the height of breast growth, to grow!

Changing your diet for a week or two, or massaging your breasts when you remember to will not give you the beautiful breasts you long for.

When your current lifestyle is modified to meet and keep the above criteria at their best, your breasts will start growing.

Everything you do for natural breast growth will help you with your overall health and well-being. Everything you do for your overall health and well-being will also help you to grow bigger breasts naturally.

Have you ever thought about how your daily habits and activities may be affecting these fundamentals?

Updated on 3/1/2019, originally written on 1/28/16

Monday, February 25, 2019

This is How to Grow Your Waist, Not Your Breasts!

Natural Breast Growth, Nutrition, and Weight Loss

If this is your first time visiting my blog, please at least take a glance at my previous post before proceeding to read on. It's important for you to realize that my breasts have grown to 32D *prior* to being pregnant and that you do not dismiss my breast growth as a mere result of pregnancy. Thank you!

For those of you following my blog for a while, you would know that one of the 3 essential "ingredients" for natural breast growth is nutrition. I have tried to tell you on numerous occasions that skipping meals and/or eating junk food in place of real food are two of the biggest offenders if you genuinely want to grow your breasts naturally.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Boobinha Q&A #4: How Long Should I Massage My Breasts for Natural Growth?

Breast massage and natural breast growth

Q: How long should I massage my breasts for natural growth?

I recently have been getting a lot of e-mails about two specific things regarding breast massage. They somehow always come in a set!

1. How long should I massage my breasts?

2. What oil should I use? (Or along the line of "Is so-and-so oil good for breast massage and help them grow?")