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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Single Lifestyle Change for Natural Breast Growth

There are so many lifestyle changes you can make to help grow your breasts to their maximum size.

Not only will these changes grow your breasts, but they can also improve your overall health as well as getting beautiful skin.

But what if your daily habits are so far from being ideal for breast growth, and you can't make sudden drastic changes?

Maybe you're too busy. Maybe you're too stressed.

It can be too overwhelming to change everything all at once. (Though eventually, you do want to change all of that!)

If you had to make only one consistent change, that would be your eating habits.

Our bodies are made up of all the foods we consume. We need good nutrition, not only for the basic bodily functions but also for growing and rejuvenating as we age.

If you have small boobs, chances are, you're not eating enough.

What I mean by that is you're just plain not eating enough food, consuming enough calories, whatever you want to call it.


If you have small boobs but lots of fat around your waist and your body overall, you're probably consuming too many empty calories and not enough nutrition.


When I first realized my breast growth around age 33, I've had a major life change: I started dating my now-husband.

My eating habits drastically changed because of him.

I used to be a BAD vegetarian (only cared about not eating meat and not caring to eat enough protein of any other kind), I avoided dairy products because I didn't like them, skipped a lot of meals, and ate lots of junk food to "just get by".

I was a no-boobs, waist-chubby gal.

I naturally started eating more food as we went out on lunch/dinner dates and cooked together to spend more time with each other. I also started eating more nutritionally-balanced meals including some meat and lots of cheese (more protein)!!!

I didn't do anything else consciously to grow my breasts. It wasn't even on my life agenda at the time to try to grow my breasts bigger!

If you have to make one and only lifestyle change to start growing your breasts today:

Eat more and of nutritionally-balanced meals.

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