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Friday, April 15, 2016

Get Your Boobs Fitted! (A Special Note for Those in the Boston Area)

When was the last time you got fitted for your bra?

Last month? A couple of years ago? Maybe NEVER???

Ideally, you should get your breasts fitted every 6 months. They can change in shapes and sizes with every lifestyle change you make for better or worse, as with weight gain/loss you experience.

Did you also know that over 80% of the women are wearing the wrong-sized bra?

The tendency is for the women to wear bigger band sizes and smaller cup sizes (i.e. wearing 36B instead of 32D).

Do you remember my friend who has a pair of really nice breasts on her small frame?

When we got to talking about bra sizes, she told us that she's wearing 36B. I was like...WHAT???

She and I are about the same height, and we're pretty much built similarly. There is NO way she is a 36 band when I'm 32! And definitely not a B-cup. I'm a B-cup...32B (70C)!

I did not tell her this at the time, but I'm fairly certain that she is actually a 32D!!!

Wearing the correct size will give you comfort as well as shape and support your breasts.

Just because you think your breasts are tiny, don't assume that you're an A/AA-cup. Get them fitted properly.

One of my first bra-fitting experience was in October 2014 when I visited New York for the first time in my life for my brother's wedding. I went to Bradelis NY because I have heard so much about their bra-fitting procedures and amazing results.

I will talk more about Bradelis NY bras some other time, but let me just say that it really was amazing, and I can no longer wear just any bra or size, for that matter. My boobs look really nice in them! :)

So obviously, if you're in New York, do pay them a visit. I think they have lots of stores in Japan and Taiwan as well, so if you're ever visiting those countries, do pay them a visit.

The Special Note for Those in the Boston Area:

Bradelis NY pop-up shop is coming to your area May 14th and 15th! Don't feel obligated to buy anything, but I highly recommend you to go get your boobs fitted! :) (And the fitting is FREE!)

And for those of us not in the convenient reach of their professional help, stay tuned because I believe they had pop-up shops in Texas somewhere, Chicago, and San Francisco in the recent past.

You can even write to ask them to come to your town...that's what it said in the e-mail I received.

Not within any reach of Bradelis? It's not the end of the world.

(I'm sure you noticed their online shop...refrain from buying one without properly getting fit by them in person...that will totally ruin the point of this post!)

Just do your part and get your boobs fitted!

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