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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Drink Water Properly to Help with Your Breast Growth

It's everywhere nowadays that you need to "drink more water." In fact, on my trip to Los Angeles in June, that was exactly what I said to my girlfriends after the horrific revelation on how little water they drank.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know right away that hydration is a key to our breast growth, as it helps our blood to move throughout our bodies smoothly. Good blood circulation is one of the 3 fundamental factors for natural breast growth.

The typical answers I get when I confront the dehydrated individuals, who are unaware of their situations are:

-I rarely feel thirsty.
-I can't drink that much liquid.
-I don't want to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

If you rarely feel thirsty, you have inadvertently turned off your thirst mechanism, ironically, by not drinking enough water!

Secondly, Boobinhas, if you're able to drink a glass or two of martini, a can of Coke, or whatever your choice of drink, you CAN drink that much liquid.

Last but not least, if you're having to run to the bathroom immediately after drinking water, then you're simply not drinking water properly!

So how DO you drink water properly?

When you gulp down a glass or two of water to drink "more water", you will end up rushing to the bathroom, and your body will not retain the water you just drank.

Instead, imagine your entire body slowly soaking with dripping water at all times.

Drink a little, frequently.

Here are some effective tips to help you drink more water:

  • Keep a glass or bottle of water with you at all times (easy access will help you!)
  • Sip a little bit of water every 20 minutes or so, even if you're not feeling thirsty
  • Drink an extra sip after you've quenched your thirst
  • Sip on water during meals; take a few bites, take a single sip
  • Add a squeeze of lemon if you don't like plain water, or drink some carbonated water (not sweetened)
  • Room temperature recommended

Once you get in the habit of drinking water frequently, you will start to notice that your mouth is dry and you feel thirsty more often than you ever thought possible!

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