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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Challenge Yourself to Grow Bigger Breasts Naturally! (with Me!)

In my post on 2-year anniversary at naturally growing bigger breasts, I mentioned at the end that I have something fun planned for some of you. I never followed up with it, and I ran out of excuses on why in my last post!

So here it is...finally...ta-da!

I'm looking for some of you Boobinhas to challenge and commit yourselves along with me to growing bigger boobs naturally.

What this means:

  • you will fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle, habits, boob size, etc. (made by me)
  • you will take photos of your boobs (no need to send them to me, it is for your record)
  • I will check up on you from time to time on your breast growth progress
  • you will get personal advice from me on how you can improve yourself on growing bigger breasts

How to enter:
  • please go to the Contact page at the top, enter your name (nickname, whatever you want me to call you) along with your e-mail address
  • write "Boobinha Challenge" in the message body along with any questions, concerns, or comments, if you have any
  • press Submit!
  • enter by Tuesday, 10/4/2016

Since I do have a daytime job along with a dancing hobby that takes up most of my free time, I can only choose 3 lucky (!) challengers to start this boobs-growing journey with me at this time.

After the closing date, I will randomly pick 3 names, and you will be notified along with the questionnaire to fill out.

Super excited about this girls! Looking forward to hearing from you all! :)

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