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Friday, January 27, 2017

Shape Your Breasts!

Women hate wearing the underwire bras.

They poke your ribs, they are too tight, your skin feels pinched, etc...

If you wore one that actually fit you well, these bras would feel very comfy and well-supported, even for those with small breasts! (So go get your boobs fitted!)

Looking great in a bra:

I got a proper bra-fitting done by Bradelis NY back in October 2014 for the first time.

The lady who helped me was in her late 40s and had gorgeous breasts. She said her secret to her shapely breasts is that she has been wearing Bradelis NY bras herself for the last 20 years!!!

I bought 2 beautiful bras after hearing her story and falling in love with how great my boobs looked in them:

 I got a real cleavage out of almost nonexistent boobs for the first time!

My Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria never gave me a cleavage as a no-boobs individual like they supposedly do for those super models. But with the Bradelis NY bras, my boobs actually looked like they do on the models from their website!!! ...Yes, with a cleavage!

This experience made me realize that a bra is not just a piece of cloth to cover your boobs, and you can't toss on whatever you find on a sale rack (I most certainly did that prior to this experience!). They are like a pair of jeans. You need to go out on a quest to find one that fits you well, and also makes your girls look amazing!

Shaping your breasts with a bra:

I must confess that I was a bit skeptical when the Bradelis NY lady told me that her boobs "semi-permanently stay in the half-spherical figure" when she takes off her bra. After all, with or without a bra made no difference to how my naked boobs looked at the time: flat and flat.

I started wearing my cleavage-giving bras religiously (this is still about back in October 2014). Whether it be true what she said or not, I just loved how my boobs looked in them. The amount of time I wore my bras increased by at least twice as long.

At first, the only thing I saw at the end of the day were the half-circle markings from the underwires. My husband even commented on how the bra must be too tight on me. Surprisingly, and on the contrary, my breasts felt so comfortable and supported inside those bras that I never felt any tightness!

After wearing the new bras for a month or so, I felt that the very little meat I had on my boobs got collected towards the center of my body, rather than spreading out towards my underarms!!!

I carried out an experiment of not wearing a bra for an entire weekend...and surely enough, my boobs looked flat and flat again with the little meat I had on my boobs spreading out towards my underarms.....

As my breasts started to get bigger (thanks to nutrition and massage and other boobs-growing techniques you all know by now!), I realized that it's not that I didn't have any meat. I actually did.

When I mentioned this to my husband, he pointed out that I actually do have boob meat, they're just...spread out to wherever they wish to.... In all honesty, he said that.

Right there and then, I understood the true and most important function of a bra: to collect all the spread out "boobs" into its rightful place and semi-permanently keeping them there!

Believing in the impossible:

Around the same time I was skeptically but religiously wearing my Bradelis NY bras in hopes to achieve that semi-permanent, half-spherical breasts, I happened to run in to a story about Cathie Jung*.

*Okay, go to a room by yourself and hold your breath when you click on the link!

If you don't want to click on the link, it's okay, I'll tell you. She holds the Guiness World Record for the tiniest waist...at 15in (38.1cm)! That's like almost half the size of my waist!

Believe me, I totally thought this was impossible. That is not possible, it's just not!

So now you may be wondering why I'm bringing up about the tiniest waist person, when we're trying to talk about the breast size and shape on this blog?

When I went to her personal website out of curiosity, I found many interesting comments written by Cathie on how she made it to the "impossible" waist size. Her answers made me believe that I could also use her techniques for shaping my own breasts!

She says (from her FAQ page):
  • to reduce the waist size slowly (shape your boobs slowly!)
  • to have a well-fitted custom made corset (get your boobs fitted!)
  • that removing her corset for up to two weeks expanded her waist by a few inches but was able to maintain her general physique (don't let the boobs meat spread out to your underarms!)
She emphasizes the first two points a couple of times, and the last point backs up the Bradelis NY lady's statement on how her breasts keep their beautiful shapes semi-permanently.

Bringing it all together:

Having small breasts never gave me a real purpose to wearing a bra except on the rare occasions when I wanted them to look great wearing certain kinds of clothing. There simply wasn't anything there to even "support".

But wearing a well-fitted underwired bra is a basic and crucial requirement to growing and shaping our breasts, whatever your current breast size is. If they're small now, you can start to make shapely ways for your future growing breasts. If your breasts are bigger enough to fill up bra cups, then you can start collecting the boobie meat that has spread out towards your underarms.

After my own breast growth, I can not emphasize the importance of a well-fitted bra enough. Bras are not just a piece of cloth to cover your nipples, they're your platinum tickets to the beautiful breasts!

So as I say this one more time (but certainly will not be the last), go get your breasts properly fitted, and wear a bra that actually fits you well!

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