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Friday, May 4, 2018

Boobinha Q&A #3: Yumi, How Long Did It Take You to Increase by One Cup?

Q: Yumi, how long did it take you to increase by one cup?

This was a question posted on my Contact page back in November 2017. Though I have written my response there, I thought I should make a separate post as I'm sure a lot of you may have had the same question in mind but have yet to take a peek there (and also my timeline was quite a bit off in that answer)!

In a large approximation, my breasts have grown to different sizes in the following timeline:

A-cup to B-cup: 1.5 years (Dec 2012-June 2014)*
B-cup to C-cup: 4 months (June 2014-Oct 2014)
C-cup to D-cup: 2.5 years (Oct 2014-March 2017)
D-cup to DD-cup: 6 months due to pregnancy in May 2017 (March 2017-September 2017)
DD-cup to DD+ (not sure what it is exactly now...): less than a month due to pregnancy

It's important to note that how fast or how much your breasts will grow are highly dependent on each individual. It may take you a month to go up by a cup or take some time as it did for me. Don't get discouraged and quit in the middle, because that's one sure way that your boobs will not grow!

* I've been an AA/A-cup my entire life. The start date of December 2012 is when I started dating my now-husband, to whom I give credit to my initial breast growth as that is when my lifestyle drastically changed.

Natural Breast Enhancement before and after 32A
32A: 9/25/13 About 9 months into dating
my now-husband, to whom I give credit

to my initial breast growth!

A-cup to B-cup:

I "consciously" started growing my breasts back in April 2014. It was after I took a leap of faith and massaged my breasts, which gave me an immediate result that made me believe that something was happening to my boobs after the massage.

I ended up buying some new B-cup bras 2 months after this incident, in June 2014. However, it's important to point out that I made many lifestyle changes unconsciously for a year and a half prior to this, as a result of dating my now-husband. I now realize the necessity and give credit to these changes for my breast growth, which I am trying to share with you Boobinhas on this blog.

Some of these changes were: massaging my breasts daily, eating nutritionally-balanced meals, exercising in moderation (I can't stress this enough!), drinking lots of water, drinking a lot less alcohol (I still LOVE drinking beer and wine!), and wearing bras that fit my body.

Natural Breast Enhancement before and after Bradelis NY 32C
32C: 10/30/14 Right after getting
"upgraded" to a small C!

B-cup to C-cup:

Continuation of this self-method helped me to reach a C-cup size after 4 months in October 2014! Read my experience of getting properly fitted to a C-cup here.

I remained at C-cup for a long time after because I got really lazy/lost motivation/slightly burnt out. I completely stopped massaging my breasts. I also went through lots of stressful times, so I frequently did not eat boobs-healthy meals, even skipping them, always sleep-deprived, and drank lots of caffeine and alcohol.

C-cup to D-cup:

I then went back to boobs-friendly lifestyle and vigorously started massaging for a month in February 2017, when I found out I would travel to New York. In March 2017, almost 2 years and 5 months later, I was finally "upgraded" to a new D-cup!!! 

Natural Breast Enhancement before and after Bradelis NY 32D
32D: 3/31/17 Right after being upgraded to a D-cup!
Easy to make a cleavage now!!!
Natural Breast Enhancement before and after Bradelis NY 32D
32D: 3/31/17

Natural Breast Enhancement before and after Wacoal 34DD
34DD-ish: 6/7/18


D-cup and beyond:

I got pregnant in May 2017, and my breasts started growing on their own. Just 4 months later in September 2017, I was fitted for 34D (before was 32D), which is a cup-size equivalent of 32DD. Within 2-3 weeks of that fitting, my bras did not fit my body correctly. But this is all from pregnancy, I'm very sure!!! :)

In this photo, I'm wearing the Wacoal 34DD bra from the past post. It was a little big at the time but now fits perfectly as I continue to breastfeed.

Looking Back:

I felt like it took me forever to grow from A-cup to B-cup as I wasn't aware of how to go about naturally increasing my breast size at the time. Despite my daily effort, it felt pointless and futile at various times, possibly from self-doubt that my boobs will not grow no matter what I did.

One thing I did notice was that it felt easier to grow bigger breasts once I reached a C-cup. Yes, I was there for about 2.5 years, but I practically did nothing for my breast growth during that time. When I started massaging and doing everything else boobs-friendly, they suddenly started growing again to push me into a D-cup only a month later!

It was a long and often a lonely journey, but I can honestly say that in the end, it brought me a different kind of self-confidence that I've never felt. My boobs growth journey is yet to be over as our breasts continue to change throughout our lives. The new challenge awaits me with all the horror stories of sagging and going flat after breastfeeding days are over! But with this experience behind me, I've built up self-assurance that I will continue to do the best I can to keep my beautifully-grown breasts and possibly growing them a little more (hopefully to keep what I've grown during pregnancy)!

Happy boobs-growing, Boobinhas!


  1. Keep continuing update this blog, you just keep me.motivated thank you

    1. I know that the journey of naturally growing bigger breasts can be a long and lonely one, but with persistence, your breasts will grow! And comments like these keep my motivation up to continue this blog, so thank you very much! :)

    2. That is good! Anyway have you try fenugreek? I read on many websites claims that herb can grow breast naturally. And also using fenugreek oil when massaging the breast

    3. I've also read that too. In general, I tend to not believe these claims. In my opinion, if they worked like magic, then everyone can grow their breasts so fast that no one would be visiting my site. :) I'm a believer in leading a healthy lifestyle to prevent/improve everything body-related though, so I'm suspicious of these quick fixes! I also grew my breasts without taking these herbal supplements, so that definitely contributes to my strong stance on the matter. Having said this, I can't completely deny that they *may help* speed up the process, though I wouldn't know that personally.

      A new blog post coming today/tomorrow on your first step to breast growth, so please check it out! Thanks, Angel!

  2. Hey Yumi! Love your progress and your story is inspiring for me as I am just starting out with massaging! What kind of massage do you do and how many in number? the common massage suggested on the net is the rotatory kind with 300 in number. I am not able to do so many as it gets tiresome in a single sitting.

    1. Hi Crystal! This is a great question and actually deserves a separate post, so I will link it back here once I write it!

      I wrote a post over 2 years ago on my personal massage here: http://www.givemesomeboobs.com/2016/02/4-minuet-massage-to-help-grow-breasts-naturally.html

      I plan to make this massage easier to understand in the future.

      I don't recommend you or anyone else to get preoccupied with the numbers. When you start massaging to clear certain numbers, two big problems arise: 1. you don't think about how you/your breasts are feeling during the massage, and 2. you'll burn out faster because it takes away the fun as you're literally just counting in your head over and over! :)

      Massaging is definitely one of the things I recommend in trying to naturally grow bigger breasts. However, nutrition is also very important...without proper eating habits, massaging your breasts will not grow your breasts much. I just wrote a new post yesterday on the first step to my step-by-step instruction on how to go about growing bigger breasts. Please take a look if you're interested!


  3. Thank you! I am following the massage you linked above since a week and its a breezy one to follow unlike the boring repetitive 300 ones.

    1. COOL!!! Did you understand them? Let me know if you don't understand something. I want to make a video sometime but it's a bit difficult and awkward when I'm still breastfeeding... I started massaging again since last night, after I read your comment. :)

  4. Wow! Yes, please do a video! Would love to personally connect with you :) happy breastfeeding your babies ��

    1. Thank you, Crystal! You can always e-mail me to givemesomeboobs at gmail.com! :)