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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Natural Breast Growth Progress Report #1: Boobinha K from the United States

Natural Breast Growth Success Story

In the Natural Breast Growth Progress Report series, I will share with you the breast growth progress, efforts, and sometimes hardships of those who have committed themselves to work towards modifying and improving their lifestyles and dietary habits for natural breast growth.

The very first Boobinha to report her progress back to all of us is Boobinha K from the United States! Back in early March, I was looking for some volunteers to work with me (more volunteers welcome!). Boobinha K actually had contacted me before this, so I reached out to her to ask if she would be interested in becoming a volunteer. Since then, we have been exchanging e-mails back and forth.

Here is her original message from 1/15/19, before the volunteer program announcement:

Going on 36 this year, I've always been a flat 32AA. It's like my boobs stopped growing soon after budding in puberty. So embarrassing. I wish I knew about proper nutrition and eating enough when I was a teenager.
My Mom cooked nutritious protein rich Asian food, but I severely limited how much I ate due to secret anorexia from fear of getting fat. I absolutely believe I stunted my own breast growth. A vegan year in college also didn't help, nor did several years of low protein hardcore vegetarian diet. 
Fast forward to now, I have better relationship with food. I enjoy plenty of eggs, chicken, beef, or seafood at each meal, along with lots of veggies and fruit, with soups and rice here and there. Eating this way has made my body feel warmer, my hair is thicker, I'm slim, yet I see less ribs poking out.
 I'm starting breast massage as suggested in your blog, hoping this combined with my better eating habits will produce a favorable change in my mini boobs! The pressure point in the middle of my chest is sore since beginning massage. I still need to improve on not skipping meals and sleeping more. I will try! If only to be able to fill out some nice dresses and bathing suits before I get too old!

I reached out to her in March, asking her to join me in this program. She had been working diligently on her own during this time. Here is the message I got back from her in 3/18/19:

.....To answer your growth question, after 2-1/2 months of massage and diet, my breasts feel denser on the inner sides where cleavage is supposed to form. Two weeks before my recent period, my breasts swelled up. Usually they only swell up for a week, then I get my period. This time, it seemed like my hormones were more willing to interact with my breast tissue. I made sure to massage them in this state every night in the shower. As my period ended, they shrunk back down in size, but feel denser, as if those lobes of breast tissue have started growing.
.....I secretly do my massages in the shower and/or when I'm home by myself.....The pressure point in the dent of my sternum no longer hurts when massaged, it just feels good! Like you said, growth takes time, so I'm not measuring constantly, expecting huge changes on the measuring tape. I'd rather go by feel and how my clothes fit.........

Boobinha K is quite a curious, diligent, and proactive being. She does a lot of researching about general health and actively try to modify what she has been lacking. Here is a list of some other recent changes she has made:

-Adding a multivitamin
-Taking at least one nap on days off
-Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, varying them week to week
-Having warm lemon water first thing in the morning
-Snack on fruit if needed to chew something before bed, like apples or a cup of berries

Trying to naturally grow breasts does take a lot of time, patience, and commitment. When you start leading a healthier lifestyle and improving your diet for natural breast growth, you will also begin to notice the differences in your skin/hair/nails, your energy level, and your overall health. Consistently working towards modifying and improving your lifestyle with a positive mindset and attitude as does Boobinha K, it's possible to make changes to your breasts too!

Great job, keep working hard at it, Boobinha K! Looking forward to more updates in the future!

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