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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's Give This a Try!

UPDATE: The following post was originally written and published on 10/25/15. My breasts grew to 32D by March 2017! Today, 3/6/2019, they stand somewhere around 32E/32F if I were to purchase Bradelis NY bras. I use their bras as a consistent measurement comparison as different brands differ in sizes quite a bit. Please note that I have gone through pregnancy and currently still breastfeeding. However, 32D was attained *prior* to pregnancy. I am leaving this blog post untouched except for this update as this was my first ever post that talks about my breast size and how I genuinely felt at the time.


When I was a teenager, I didn't give much thoughts to the size of my boobs because everyone told me that mine will grow sooner or later. I still remember a friend in middle school who had to get a breast reduction because they were too big and causing her some serious back problems. I was pretty optimistic even then, that mine will some day grow, but maybe not that big.

That was over 20 years ago, and let's just say that they have gotten slightly bigger in the past year and a half, but not by much. Like, I'm the only person seeing some increase in my boob mass. I'm still pretty flat there, I can see my belly no problem by slightly tilting my head down. How sad.

I've had no problems getting guys to date and even marry my dream-come-true man despite these "grapies" as I call them, you know, like tiny grapes! But I've had enough shares in my life, being ridiculed by countless individuals, even had some guys tell me how I would be perfect, if only my boobs were a bit bigger, like size B. Ha!

It was tough at times. But I was quite successful in other areas of my life. Grapies or not, I was happy for who and how I am, especially in the past few years.

One of my boyfriends a couple of years ago told me that I should massage my grapies because that was huge in Japan then (and as it still continues to be). I thought how dumb that was because if everyone could get watermelons by just massaging them, then why are there so many women with tiny grapies like mine? I never gave it a second thought until..............

I met my current husband!  Never thought I'd actually care about my boob size for a guy, especially at this age. But he's from a country where men LOVE women, and women there are so beautiful with nice boobs and butts. Something sparked inside me...and that is why I'm here, starting a blog in 2015 past its hype, to write about my journey and dream to someday upgrade to a pair of grapefruits without any surgery or pills or creams...just everything NATURAL!!!!!

As a sneak peak, my grapies have increased to about plumpy plums now as I've tried some things on and off for the past year and a half. I hope to share my experiences with those who find it amusing, and maybe helpful. I also hope that through this blog, I will actually stick to these things I have been trying but never had enough commitment to continue every day! :)

Let's start our journey together, to get us some boobs!!! :D

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