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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boobinha Q&A #2: How Long Does It Take to Naturally Grow Bigger Breasts?

Q: How long will it take for me to grow my boobs?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in various forms:
  • Exactly how long does it take for my breasts to grow?
  • Will I be able to grow my boobs to size x in the amount of time y?
  • It's been z weeks, but I can't tell any difference; how much longer should I wait?
The answer to all of the above is a simple one: it depends.

You are asking me questions similar to something like:
  • How can I get accepted into my dream university?
  • Will I be able to get hired by Company G if I major in C?
  • I've been studying for an exam for weeks; how much longer do I need to study to get an A?
What will your answers be to the above questions? .....It depends...right?

I know, I know, it sounds extremely suspicious when my answer is not definitive.

It's like a product advertisement that says "97% of the testers saw the improvements in less than 1 week."

When I read that, I think to myself...if it doesn't work for me, they're just going to shrug it off and say, "Well, we're really sorry, but I guess you're the unlucky 3% of the testers that our product didn't work."

I bet it didn't even work for ANYONE to begin with!

...But I'll still try it anyway....

I understand how you must be feeling about increasing breast size "just" by changing your lifestyle when my answer to how long it takes can only be answered as "it depends."

But first of all, I'm not selling you anything. And secondly, I am the proof that you can grow your breasts naturally way past puberty (in my mid-30s...now late 30s...!), so put all the suspicion and excuses aside and get with the program!

Is your body ready to grow bigger breasts?

I recently wrote back to Boobinha E, telling her that we have to prepare our bodies before our boobs can start growing.

Imagine that your body is like a bed. If you had to sleep on some rough, cold rocks in the chilling rain, we wouldn't be able to get a good night's sleep. But if we have a good mattress, freshly washed sheets, and fluffy and comfy covers, we're going to sleep well for sure.

To get a good sleep, you need to prepare a comfortable sleeping environment. Just like sleep, for your body to start growing bigger breasts, you need to prepare your body for a good boobs growth environment.

If you haven't read my post on 16 possible reasons why your breasts are small, I highly recommend you to take a peek at it. Even if you've read it, I still recommend you to refresh your memory. The more those things apply to you, a lot more work you have ahead of you to prepare your body for breast growth.

Do you have the grit to grow your breasts naturally?

In psychology, grit is a positive personality trait of an individual that combines passion and perseverance to work towards one's long-term goal (correct me if I'm wrong, psychology majors!).

Throughout my breast-growth journey for the past few years, which is yet to be over, I have faced boredom/doubt/business on numerous occasions that made me want to quit.

I need to think about what I eat at every single meal. I have to massage my breasts on a daily basis. I measure and measure my boobs every day, only to find out they didn't even grow at all.

Then ask questions like, did I drink enough water throughout the day? Am I exercising enough? Can I drink another glass of wine? How is my sleep at night?

So much more!

We are all trying to slowly transform our bodies into our own ideal ones. It is not something that happens overnight, or something that accidentally happens because you tried a breast massage for a week or two.

How long it takes to grow bigger breasts is not even a question, because a true natural breast enhancement requires us to PERSISTENTLY WORK FOR IT, FOREVER! (If you want to not only grow bigger breasts but to maintain their beauty afterwards.)

You will be a true winner of yourself when you have grown your breasts all naturally, and by that time, you wouldn't want to let go of the healthy lifestyle you have gotten accustomed to.

How YOU can help to better answer the question

Now that you know the vague answer to one of the most frequently asked questions, it's your turn to challenge yourself to grow bigger breasts!

It took me 2 years to grow my breasts from A-cup to C-cup (and still working on growing bigger ones!). I sometimes think I could have done better had I been a little more diligent.

Because how long it takes to grow bigger boobs depends on various factors and on each individual, you can help me by tracking your own breast growth.

How long did it take you to grow a little bit of fat underneath your nipples? How long till you passed my 3-finger test? (By the way, now I'm challenging myself for a 4-finger test!) How long did it take you to feel full inside the bra you currently own?

All of these answers contributed by you Boobinhas will help me to answer the question better for the future visitors at Give Me Some Boobs!

I look forward to hearing from you on your achievements through your own breast-growth journey! Any development will be an exciting one, and it already makes me feel happy to imagine big smiles on your faces from the changes you'll see in your beautiful breasts soon. :)


  1. Hello Yumi,
    I have just found your blog and im.so excited as I want to grow my boobs too. I am in my mid 30's as well. I have always been a 34A but after my first child, I dropped at 32A, and since I have stopped breastfeeding my second child I am completely flat, don't dare to even measure but must be a 30AA if that might exist. I have lately heard of fat transfer which brought light to my desperate, situation as I want to implants neither and I was therefore looking for a way to build fat as I am too skinny. But then I came across natural ways to enlarge my breasts, mainly fenugreek and fenugreek oil massages, haven't tried yet but wondering if it will last for only the time of usage. So now I'm so happy and excited to read blog and that you are more about lifestyle than temporary treatments to renew every 3 months. I can't wait to start reading your posts!

    1. Hi Vero! Thank you for your message! I'm happy you found my blog too. :) I'm currently breastfeeding my first child at 38. My breasts have changed in various ways from before and during breastfeeding, and even in this past 5 months or so, they changed so drastically month by month! I will write more on my thoughts on this later on in this blog.

      On a quick note...did you know that we use approximately 500 extra calories per day by breastfeeding? This is why a lot of women who are breastfeeding lose weights fast. Are you eating well on a daily basis, or are you skipping meals, especially since you're busy with 2 kids? Make sure to eat nutritionally balanced meals rich in protein. That is the most essential thing for my natural breast growth regimen! :)

  2. Hi Yumi,
    Congratulations on your baby! I can't wait that you share about your own journey.
    I didn't know about the 500 calories! Although I felt breastfeeding was burning all my energy, I was so much exhausted! While I was there, I skipped my almost vegetarian diet to make sure my milk would be rich enough and I was eating more than I felt like it but obviously that was not enough. Now, I understand why I had no more milk after 3 months, I always felt guilty that I had missed something like I did not feed them often enough. But I now believe maybe I just ran out of energy. Anyway, truth is indeed, I did lose my pregnancy extra weight quite quickly (3 and 5 months respectively) needless to say without exercising at all. Eversince, I stopped breastfeeding, I came back to my almost meat free diet (once or twice a week), I read your post about being a vegetarian and I am not proud to say that yes I am more about not eating than eating well. I don't skip meals but I don't exercise neither. I am aware I need to change my routine. Oh and many thanks for your comments, they motivate me!

    1. Hi Vero! There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian while trying to grow bigger breasts naturally! The only thing you have to make sure is to eat good sources of protein like tofu, beans, and yogurt. When I used to be a vegetarian, all I cared about was eating foods that didn't contain meat. This pretty much meant I ate lots of carbs but no protein, which is the essential nutrient for natural breast growth!

      Breastfeeding has been rewarding but very difficult. I can also see what people mean by "sagging" after breastfeeding! OMG! When you say you're 30AA, is it because they're flat now so there's not much measurement differences between the top and under bust? Don't forget to massage your breasts...I think this is extremely important for moms after they're done breastfeeding (or during like me right now)!

    2. p.s. I forgot...don't forget to exercise! As we age (as you and I are both in our 30s...late for me!), the secretion of growth hormone, which is much needed for natural breast growth, decreases. You can boost this up in 2 ways...one way is by exercising, and the other way by sleeping! :)

  3. Hi yumi and Vero

    I heard about circular massages for boob growth at a Meetup group for woman. We were taught how to make a special oil which helps to stimulate the glands during the massage. The oil is made up of: 100ml grapeseed oil as a base, 30 drops each of clary sage, fennel, and geranium essential oil. I was a bit skeptical at first as to whether it would work, but since many of the women there had stories of it working, I decided to give it go. I was told that it takes 3 months of twice a day, morning and evening, massage before you start to see a significant result. For the first month or so I didnt really notice much change. But its been 6 weeks for me so far, and I see a small, but definite change already! My usually flat AA size boobs are a bit rounder and fuller. They've also become quite tender as they're growing! Im excited to share this journey with other women.

    1. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience and the "recipe" for the special oil! I also believe that breast massage is extremely important in natural breast growth! I will include this special oil recipe for the other Boobinhas in the future post. :)