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Friday, March 1, 2019

4 Fundamental Factors for Natural Breast Growth

Fundamental Factors for Natural Breast Growth

Updated on 3/23/19: I have added the 4th factor.

Through my own natural breast growth journey from 32A to 32D over 4 years in my mid-30s, I came to the conclusion that there are four fundamental factors in growing bigger breasts naturally:

1. nutrition

2. blood circulation

3. hormones

4. perseverance

I talk about how you can make changes in your lifestyle to improve these areas of your life in my blog. Lacking any one of them will slow down or even make it impossible for your breasts to grow to their potential, maximum size.

It's also important to realize that natural breast growth takes time and patience. After all, it takes years for the breasts of girls going through puberty, the height of breast growth, to grow!

Changing your diet for a week or two, or massaging your breasts when you remember to will not give you the beautiful breasts you long for.

When your current lifestyle is modified to meet and keep the above criteria at their best, your breasts will start growing.

Everything you do for natural breast growth will help you with your overall health and well-being. Everything you do for your overall health and well-being will also help you to grow bigger breasts naturally.

Have you ever thought about how your daily habits and activities may be affecting these fundamentals?

Last updated on 3/23/2019, originally written on 1/28/16.


  1. Hi, now i am in 29 running age. Is it possible to enlarge breast size by 1-2 cup qt thie age. Can u tell me that wt kind of massage i can do and food to consume which will be beneficial to enlarge breast size.
    Pls. Help..

    1. Yes, of course! My breasts grew in my mid-30s, so it's totally possible for you too. :) Please search for "4-minute massage" or go to:

      As for food, the most important thing is that you eat a well-balanced meal consistently, from now until forever! Skipping meals frequently or running on sugar all day are two of the biggest offenders if you want to grow breasts naturally.

      You need to consume enough protein each and every day to sustain AND grow your body, which includes your breasts. Some great food items high in protein are meat, dairy, eggs, Greek yogurt, soy products (like tofu/soy milk), and beans. However, it's not just about protein as you need various other vitamins and minerals to be able to break up the protein to be used by your body. So don't forget to eat fresh fruits and veggies as well. :)

  2. Hello!

    I've recently started on my boob-growing journey, and I have a slight issue... my right breast is about half a cup size bigger than my left, and more dense. Is it possible for massage (in addition to nutrition and circulation) to grow one breast more than the other, so they even out?

    Thank you for your amazing blog!

    1. Hi Tiffany! To be honest, unfortunately, I have yet to figure out the reasons or experiment it on myself for the size differences, so I can't answer your question. :(

      My right breast is also about half a cup size bigger than my left. The interesting thing to me was that when my breasts grew, they grew at almost about the same ratio. I actually took photos of my breasts before pregnancy with an intent to see if massaging twice as much on the left would make it a little bigger, but I stopped massaging altogether once I got pregnant and had my baby. I will have to start it soon again though because I think they have sagged a bit, and I want to see if my method will work for un-sagging my breasts. :) So when I do, I will try and see if I can massage more on the left!

      I've read somewhere that most women have different breast size on left and right. In general, the tendency is for the left breast to be slightly bigger because of the beating heart (it didn't explain why that would matter, but that's what I've read). So I've always concluded that my right is bigger from holding a tennis racquet with my right hand, ending up in developing the chest muscles. Do you have anything that could contribute to your right side being bigger (I try to hold my bags on the left as I was predominantly always carrying on the right)? I also noticed the height of my natural waist is a bit different...I have shorter waist on the right than the left, so I suspect that this misalignment may have something to do with it, but again, haven't gotten around to reading up or thinking about it....

  3. Hey M 19 yr old n flat chest will my boobs grow if I eat protein food n massage regularly??? Plz reply

    1. Yes, they will grow if you're on a well-balanced diet rich in protein daily (as it's so easy to consume all carbs/fats meals with barely no protein source these days) and if you massage them almost every day.

      You have to be consistent for a long time. If you're eating good meals only once or twice a week or massage your breasts whenever you feel like, then they will not grow.

      That is actually the most challenging part of natural breast growth. It may seem like it's "only" changing your diet and "only" massaging your breasts, but it is actually quite difficult to be constantly thinking about your food intake and taking the time to massage your breasts every day for months and months. The changes will also be very slight and slow, so it could easily demotivate those who are looking for "quick, instant, and dramatic" changes to their breasts.

      That is why I had to add the 4th fundamental factor of "perseverance." Consistency for a long time...then they will grow for sure.

  4. It's definitely a journey. Seems the only way they grow is when my weight fluctuates!

    1. Hi Hannah! You can improve your diet and massage your breasts to grow your breast tissues. When your breast tissues are developed, you can minimize the growth/shrinkage even through some weight fluctuation.

      One of the biggest complaints I often hear with people trying to lose weight by skipping meals and barely eating is that their breasts will shrink to nothing. This kind of unhealthy weight loss solely by cutting down the intake, and not a thought on the quality of foods being consumed, will definitely make your breasts size change with weight fluctuation!

  5. Is it true? Our breast can really grow by foods.. Nd can I know how long it will take??I'm 20years old really it will increase.. Can I take some medicines for breast development..

    1. Hi! Yes, your breasts (as well as your body) can grow/be shaped by what we eat. I love this question because everyone always talks about how food is so important in weight loss/gain/building, and yet somehow breasts are always omitted and it's only about the genetics. It is not!!! Your breasts are a part of your body too.

      How long it will take will depend on how "unhealthy" you are and how dedicated you are to continuing the daily breast massage. People often ask me, "That's all you have to do?" And my answer is..."Sure, but you'll soon realize that it's not as easy as you think." Trying to eat well and massaging daily is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the actual development is so so so slow which will definitely demotivate you at some point. It took me 4 years to go from A to D cup (with a full year of no activity because of business and burning out).

      So yes, sounds easy, but difficult to stick to it!

      You can take the pills if you want, but I never did, and I personally do not believe that they will help. My blog is about changing your lifestyle as a whole to a healthier one.

      You're 20, they'll grow. I was 33 or 34 when they started growing as a result of all the changes I've mentioned.